I have been told that truth is subjective.

I have been told, by other sources, that truth exists.

I have been told, by other sources, that truth is fabricated according to the individual.

I have been told, by others, that truth is important.

I have been told, by many others, that truth is irrelevant to our existence.

I have been told, truth is irrelevant to our existence; yet important for our sanity.

I have been told, the word "truth" must first be defined for a quality answer.

I have been told, that there is a difference between "truth", and "Truth" with a capital T.

I have been told, that every human thinks they know the truth, when in fact, they don't.

I have been told, that everybody has a bias towards always wishing to be knowing of "the truth."

I have been told, that truth is a subjective value, not actually 'a thing' in itself.

I have been told, that one should strive for truth.

I have been told, that pure science is about discovering 'truth.'

I have been told, the fight for truth is important.

I have been told, the desire for truth is noble.

Does truth even exist?

asked 27 Feb '21, 23:17

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Hi @Nikulas ... Does truth exist? many years ago I asked the question here on Inward Quest "How many truths are there: 7 billion or zero? you may find it useful :)

(02 Mar '21, 02:07) jaz

Hi @Nikulas this definition of truth definitely resonates with me ... 'the reason things are true is because someone thought about them long enough that they trained them into their manifestation till it manifested ... that's all truth is, truth that you call evidence, all it is, is somebody maintaining a vibration until there is a manifestation around it Abraham Hicks'

(01 May '21, 04:23) jaz

..."and I've been told (read) that truth " is something that does not harm. It also has to be true for all.

(10 Oct '21, 14:01) ele

this seems as a question for
science, that wants to dictate
what is, what does it measure
on this postulate

(30 Nov '21, 16:36) fred

Please check out this link:https://www.inwardquest.com/questions/3079/what-is-a-universal-truth-how-does-one-define-a-universal-truth. There is some good info there about truth. Thanks! Jaianniah

(28 Jun, 13:39) Jaianniah
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truth is what you belive in. what you belive in is your truth.

every person has different set of belife therefore different truth.

we all live in the same univers so we influence each others belifs systems whether we want to or not, so some beliefs are meutual to all people/cultures/gruops/families, coupls...

truth is overrated. you can wake up tommorow and decide to change your beliefs and be a different person. but it is equally important for the same reason.

if something happened in your reality then its already happened in an action way. why did it happen? that is open for interpretation to creat a good story. how your going to handle this? also open. depends on your truth.


answered 01 Mar '21, 08:51

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I think we often confuse beliefs with truths.

(02 Jul, 11:50) ele

I started asking a similar question over 40 yrs ago after developing an affinity for the "truth seeker" characters I'd read about in fantasy and science fiction novels. My personal search for truth began like everyone else with the idea that truth could likely be found by sifting through the multitudinous beliefs found in religious and philosophical texts. That was a mistake, a rabbit hole leading to an infinite maze containing far more questions than answers. If there was any revelation to be gleaned from this massive waste of time, it was the realization that Truth (the universal variety) and beliefs are not to be conflated with one another. A belief is a created idea and its continued existence is dependent on the believer or believers. Truth, on the other hand, doesn't give a shit whether we believe it or not. Truth is what it is, what it always has been, what it always will be. If you want to find "the truth", try going back before human beings first walked the earth, before the first beliefs were created. If it wasn't truth then, it isn't truth now. I understand that this is a simplistic answer to your question. At some point, if there is an interest, I could delve deeper into the subject of belief and its relation to truth.


answered 12 Oct '21, 17:11

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edited 12 Oct '21, 19:13

I love your answer! Awesome!♡♡♡

(28 Jun, 13:41) Jaianniah

Truth is what I feel. As a child on earth, that my literal soul decided would be a thing to do, to imagine, to pop out from itself as easy as the cartoons we have all drawn.... As a child, I felt energy beings around me. They touched me. I felt their hands. I heard someone loudly speaking to me in my head. I heard someone speak to me from across the room. Once I was looking out the front door at the super hot day it was. I wished for a cooler day. Then I looked around to the living room and there was a window hanging in the air with raindrops dripping within it. Then this window disappeared. Once I felt my body speed up real fast, like it was going to take off. But I willed it to stop. I wish I had never stopped it. Once a voice in my head told me to go talk to a man walking down the street. I thought no. Then this voice said "GO TALK TO THAT MAN", so I did. He had the book LIVING THE INFINTE WAY by Joel Goldsmith in his apartment. I immediately saw it and wanted to read it. He gave it to me. I was attracted to Seth books. I picked up the book HEALERS AND THE HEALING PROCESS by Meek. I was only interested in the part where the energy beings speaking from another dimension spoke. I read the book PSYCHIC HEALERS by St. Clair. There was a story in this book about a Korean priest. He had stepped on a wooden stake out in the jungle. A war time wooden stake meant to hurt. This priest took out this stake from his foot and leg and then leaned over with 2 fingers and touched just above the wound. The person with this priest saw this huge wound heal up in around 2 minutes. Wow. I get goosebumps again just thinking about this. I wanted to heal myself that fast. So I practiced. I told myself that I was perfect, a perfect set of patterns of light that COULD heal myself with my own thoughts. The healing of myself became faster and faster until it was immediate. Once my 5 year old son had his ear screamed at by another little boy. My son could not stop crying, so this church day care called me to pick him up. I wished/prayed/imagined that his pain go away. Within a few minutes I felt a small bit of energy leave my abdomen and then go his way. This is when his pain stopped. I have felt energy beings fly through me and walk into me and then say something. I would love to be flying with them full time now. These words also answer the question: are there aliens and where are they? This is truth to me.


answered 05 Dec '21, 08:29

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Now I know what you were referring too.

(05 Feb, 18:05) ele

I define "truth" as something pure. I define "pure" as something that is just in the way it is, and it is only in that way.

As such, in my experience and strict philosophical research, there is only one truth. And that is that "I exist". Everything else in this world, or in your dreams, you can doubt. Everything.

For, how can we ever be sure that that what we see or feel is that some thing in it's purest essence? Or that it is even really there in the first place?

On the other hand, you can never doubt your own existence. For, if you were to doubt it, it would just be a confirmation that you actually truly exist. Because, if you were not to exist, how could you have had doubted your existence in the first place?

Notice that in acknowledging your existence you are just acknowledging just that. That you exist. You can never even know what is that "you" that exists.

You can just know that you exist. The only truth.


answered 28 Feb '21, 05:33

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Hmmm...So if a woman kills a man, and you witness it, and someone were to say "explain the truth of what you saw." Is that up to interpretation?

(28 Feb '21, 05:42) Nikulas


Ah, so you're more interested in the "everyday" truth (taking the existence of the external world and things in it and the way it functions, in general, as granted)? I misinterpreted your question.

In that case, if you were the only person to see it, with the assumption that you have good hearing and sight, and you are really saying only what you saw, without additional analysis, you would be telling the truth. I would say.


answered 28 Feb '21, 06:08

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edited 01 Mar '21, 12:43

Bless you Marin. "With the assumption that you have good hearing and sight". I ask, who decides the assumption is accurate? Me? Or an authority figure or culture?

Good, honest, pure men and women whom have psychosis and styles of schizophrenia believe they are accurate all the time.

Psychopathic folk are of the notion only their truth exists, and nothing to contrary.

Marin, please, I am not being argumentative. This is a post that will be read by many, so I place my opinion under thus.

(01 Mar '21, 00:25) Nikulas

After some thinking, I actually think this is too complex a subject to be satisfactorily analyzed here on the forum. There is just too much stuff that needs to be taken into account and addressed. I mean, hundreds of books and articles were written on the subject of truth and knowing. I recommend exploring the philosophical field of epistemology, if you are that interested. Good luck.

(01 Mar '21, 10:53) Marin

Anyone reading my second answer to this question (this one, which was actually a mistake. I wanted to write it as a comment under my first answer) - I abandon it. Please, disregard it, for it is too simplistic, and in some regards even wrong.

I stand by my first answer, though. That is my position on truth, in it's purest form. Anything else, I am not fit to answer at this point, for I think it would require substantial analysis for it to be at all serious.

(01 Mar '21, 11:01) Marin
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truth exits, as you do,
multidimensional as
you are, if known not just read
about, yet few see it


answered 12 Apr '21, 12:38

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I have no idea what you are saying.

(15 Apr '21, 01:07) Nikulas

perhaps then, truth is that which the LIE covers up

(07 Jul '21, 08:38) fred

Never underestimate the value of truth.

(08 Feb, 11:39) ele

Split energy.

(25 Jun, 12:33) ele

the riddle of the one and
the many

(30 Jun, 17:38) fred

Would the opposite of truth be an untruth? It is said, if you don't line up with your story, you will have split-energy.

(01 Jul, 10:38) ele

Yes @fred it's about vibration. As a child, my father knew if I went to sleep with a smile on my face, I would wake happy.

(01 Jul, 10:45) ele

my story seems to see deceit as opposite of
truth and prevailing

(01 Jul, 11:49) fred


My comment wasn't about you. I was attempting to explain my split-energy comment. You mentioned lies in your first comment.

(02 Jul, 11:42) ele
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My experience with "truth" is that its primary purpose is as a handhold in the construct of living this life.

Or if you will "truth" gives you something to hold on to, to believe in and sometimes to live or die for.

It's primary value is to the person that believes in that "truth", ... pure entertainment for the rest of us.


answered 02 Nov '21, 01:37

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Audrey Reese Johnson

audrey, truth as well as, absolutes
exist, when nothing to hide
easier to see how it
fits together, fred

(02 Nov '21, 17:52) fred

What is truth?

A difficult question; but I have solved it for myself by saying that it is what "the voice within" tells you.

~ Mahatma Gandhi


The body never lies...

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 05 Feb, 18:03

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