The more I am learning and opening my eyes into the interesting vast field of knowledge presented by Bashar and similar souls regarding consciousness, the laws of universe, our realities and relation to the main source/universe/God, the existence of many other civilisations, the 7 densities, etc... The more I am learning about our reality, the smaller the role of traditional religion (sorry if this term isn't a suitable one) like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in this whole wide picture.

Furthermore, their role keeps seeming more negative than positive in light of the new understanding I am receiving.

I personally have been a Muslim for 30 years, the role of religion in life has been deeply seated in my psyche (not necessarily in a negative way as the sentence may suggest) that I kind of feel strange or even guilty that the layers that have been carefully fixed in my mind regarding the role and meaning of religion are starting to get loose and peel off.

Has anyone been there? thnx

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Hi @Kamal :) until the age of 19 I was a practicing Roman Catholic ... nowadays I believe that all traditional religions are valid, they all tend towards the same direction, a wider universal picture as you say. Much of their teachings are perfectly aligned with the law of attraction.

In short all religions are valuable, they're a means of getting somewhere rather than an end in themselves, they teach us that we're much more than just physical beings ... have a great day


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@Kamal- I am also a muslim from Pakisan.I think dimensions , densities have been discussed in Islamic sufi teaching though the terminology is different.


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There is law of attraction in religions. Like verse 14:7 in the Quran which says:(but this not a word by word translation pls) If you are thankful in anything you will attract its kind manifold. And if you are unappreciative of anything you attract great disaster upon yourself.

Like the verse thats say: He who is stingy, thinks that he is rich and he doesn't need anything from anybody, he will soon find himself miserable. And if you give to the needy the universe/God will return its kind to you manifold.

Infact all the universal laws are contained in the religions I suppose.

The law of karma is also there. If u do an atom's work of good deed u will reap it, and if u do an atom's work of bad deeds u ll reap it here and now also.


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so what type of work is the
world doing now for what we
are reaping

(04 Aug '21, 16:18) fred

This is because religion needs to be renewed to remain vital. How can teachings of 2000 years ago be relevant to modern life - spiritual teachings yes but not social teachings? The traditional religions have lost their power to transform and are in the winter times of their cycle. Search to find a Faith that is fresh, renewed, in its springtime and for modern times.


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yes, believe it is a loss
of naïve innocence to
at all costs follow
traditional precepts

for living one time around


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Quoting Alan Watts ~

"Real religion is the transformation of anxiety into laughter."

Does that answer your question?

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