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Hello everyone!

I just want to start by saying all that I have learnt are from my past life memories as I have lived many lifetimes in my own personal History and with the Guidance of a very selected few Higher Dimensional Beings who have helped me throughout my Awakening Process. My special friends have helped me to unveil my lost memories allowing me to see the various past lives I have previously lived in my Souls Journey before arriving here to 3D Earth, therefore revealing to me some of the abilities I once had. I can guarantee none of my Divine Friends are anyone who you've been all praying to or been asking guidance from. But I had to venture off in my Astral Body in order to see this truth first hand and travel beyond the veils of illusion and darkness from the 3D Universe.

So before you start meditating there are a few purification exercises you can find online if needed be or you can simply surround your body inside and out with Pure Divine Loving White LIght Energy. Be careful as there are negative beings watching you and will try to fool you with their version of white light energy but they cannot handle Unconditional Love for the life of it and will reveal themselves everytime and run off back into their darkness like the little cowards they truly are. I would also suggest that you ground yourselves during this process of purification.

Next you need to unblock all of your 7 Chakras until the blockages are no longer there as you will feel tightness in those areas. Just let it all go and don't fight it no matter what your brain is trying to tell you. Remember the Brain makes a great Servent but a lousy Master. So listen to your body and just be in the HERE AND NOW and let go of all memories and emotions associated with your Blocked Chakras. As you unblock them they will slowly start to spin and start humming in their own frequencies if you are sensitive to frequencies. Enjoy the moment and do not allow your brain to try and analyse the sensations and emotions you are feeling.

For example my Heart chakra was really blocked at one time and the tightness I felt, well I thought I was going to have a heart attack lol but that is how blocked it was. So instead of panicking I just simply let it all go including memories and emotions attached to that blockage and soon the pain disappeared and I finally felt free from those memories and emotions which was preventing me from moving on my spiritual journey. The past serves you no good when you hang on to memories and emotions that has been detrimental to your life in this incarnation. Life is surely not easy here on 3D Earth for anyone. Sometimes I can hear the cries and feel the various pains of the Citizens of 3D Earth and it saddens me tremendously so I have been learning to transmute those cries and sufferings also.

There are videos online like on YouTube in which you could use to help clear your Chakras. But only choose sites that you completely trust in and listen and absorb their frequencies. You will know the teinted ones from the good ones. Listen to your body. I could suggest a few but I'm not sure if I am allowed to promote their sites or channels here on InnerQuest. Another way is to do them naturally using mantras, the old fashion way which works perfectly.

Now focus on these Chakras and see the secondary ones attached to your main Chakras as they will help clear your Aura. Now visualize all of the Chakras below you going into the Earth and all of those above you going all the way up to your HIGHER SELF to help you in unlocking the Fifth Dimension or the Dimension you previously came from. Then send that loving Energy from your Higher Self down through your body into the Earth and then send this Energy back up through your body to your Higher Self. Do this a few times or many depending on how you feel remember to listen to your body and to your soul. In time as you really listen you will begin to feel and see memories of where you truly came from. So Unblock all of these additional Chakras too until they begin spinning and you will see real Spiritual Beings appear to you from your True Home World. Again send them Unconditional Love and if they are truly there to assist you, they will stay. All negative entities will leave your circle because they cannot handle True Unconditional Love no matter what or how powerful they believe themselves to be.

Some may have been born in the Third dimension like most Aboriginals who are the Original Inhabitants to the 3D Earth or from other 3D Worlds. I had a hard time accepting this truth but nevertheless they are Aboriginals who do not want to ascend to the Fifth Dimension whatsoever and just want their World back. Many have adapted to the 3D Earth Energies for thousands of years and this is their Home. You have to respect their courage for wanting to stay here in the third dimension. Mind you there are some Worlds within the 3D Universe that are not too bad. Some have fourth and fifth dimensional awareness but refuse to leave the third dimension.

Now I would suggest you work with the transmutting Violet Flame to help heal your body and Past lives Karma but it isn't necessary as what I am about to show you is even more powerful than the 3D Universal 7 Sacred Flames. But if you find comfort in these Sacred Flames then by all means do them and experiment with them as I have. They can only bring positive energies into your lives and to your physical and spiritual Bodies.

Btw when you do decrees of any sort don't speak them out loud so that your neighbors can hear them, keep your intentions to yourself and just be in the moment, in the HERE AND NOW. There are some charlatans who try to win you over on social media by making these decrees so annoyingly loud with endless repetitions that it completely defies the purpose of doing them. They either don't know what they are doing or are intentionally causing you to not truly see the true power of these Sacred Flames. Keep your intentions or decrees to a minimum if you have to use them. I personnaly think decrees are useless and distracting. I would suggest if you were to use the Sacred Violet Flame to keep silent and just absorb these Sacred Flames within every cell of your body as if you are sitting in a Violet Flame bonfire. Let it Transmute all of the negative energies from every cell within your body and let it flow in all directions outside of your body doubling your body size in all directions. You can fill your whole house with this Beautiful Violet Flame and everyone in that house will feel it transmute their negative energies too. Keep your intentions with these Sacred Flames in your mind. When you get a little stronger you can transmute the whole city you live in and witness the transformation every single day you do this simple little exercise minimum of 20 min/day. As Bruce Lee would say: "Use no limitations as your limitation."

The Violet Flame was a gift given to me in my early 20's before the internet was created worldwide and I have done many wondrous things with it personnally and for my city. Violence and crime used to run rampant in my city and now it has been minimized dramatically.

Now here is the Sacred Light Energy introduced to me a few years ago that changed everything for me on a personal level and helped me to unveil the memories of my past lives and the illusion we all been living perputuated by those who created these false illusions.

The Golden Light Energy is without question the most powerful Healing Energy I had received from my Golden Light friends in the Higher Dimensions a few years ago. Of course there were no instruction manual that came with it, as always lol but just by invoking this Beautiful Golden Light Energy into your whole being and into your lives it will unlock anything you so desire spiritually. It will help you to truly awakened to your True Self and unlock other hidden abilities that lies dormant within your essence. One thing you must understand is the Soul Body is a lot more powerful then anyone has been informing you. It is indestructible and holds all of the secrets of your past lives including any abilities you may have learnt through the various lives you have lived before. We are all individuals with special abilities learnt from previous lives. Trust in the Golden Light Energy and trust in yourselves. Once you get use to using this Powerful Golden Healing Light Energy then you can share it with the city you reside in and eventually share it with the whole World. If we all did this then this World will be purged of all negativity. The more people who do this the more powerful the effects will be onto this World including all non believers as I once was.

It is simply the way of the Universe and the Universe Loves You. Together we can either change this World once and for all or at the very least change the way we have been living. We can make those who resides in the Higher Realms and Dimensions all Proud of US by taking a few moments everyday, every other day or when you have time to do these little excersises to enrich all of your lives and the lives of others in your lives. It will make you a better person by far and prepare you for the next step in your own Personal Evolution. You do not have to be a Spiritual person the enjoy the benefits of everything I had just shared with you. Even if you are a non believer or a mean narcissistic person it will eventually Heal your old stubborn ways and make you to be the VERY BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.


One very important word of advice to everyone:

When using these energies stop giving credit where it is not due. It is YOUR DIVINE INTENTIONS that is within your Heart that will create a better World, a better life for all of us and that is the POWER, and the SECRET behind these Divine Sacred Energies. It is your loving energies that will free you and all others from the darkness and oppresion of this 3D World. When doing decrees it is not God's energies that makes this transformation possible but your OWN INDIVIDUAL DIVINE INTENTIONS and DIVINE LOVING ENERGIES that will help change this planet once and for all. After All, You are All the Gods and Goddesses of your own individual body, you are the Gods and Goddesses of your own individual mind, you are the Goddesses and Gods of your own Beautiful Heart. So shine on my spiritual Goddesses and Gods and together let's help change the Worlds energetic system and end all of this negative energy we see running rampant all accross the World in the Here and Now. Believe in yourself once and for all and witness the miracles starting to emerge in your own lives and the lives of those around you. Let's all be the Saviors of our own Planet and for Future Generations to come. After all aren't we all created in Gods/Goddesses image. Then let's act like Gods and Goddesses and stop being a slave to our own emotions and hardships we all had to endure throughout our Awakening Process in this incarnation. I truly believe in ALL OF YOU!


Have fun and remember I'm watching you! Just playing! lol

Peace, Love n Light


The Golden Light Energy will help you to remember "Who You Really Are" not who you think you are. The Soul never forgets its true identity you just need a simple tool to help you to remember your True Self. The Golden Light is that tool. Not only will it help you to remember your true identity but you will also see the truth in a different perspective. You will begin to see the truth for what it really is, as citizens from around the World has been for the last 5 weeks or so. As a bonus you will also discover some abilities you have picked up throughout all of your past lives. Then you will remember how to use them like you use to, not only to help yourself but to help others too. This is what you have been training for, sacrificing for, suffering throughout this whole life for.

This is what the "Awakening Process" is all about!!!

There are a little over 140,000 Starseeds on this Planet right now in different age groups, from different cultures. scattered all around the World, each possessing their own Unique Hidden Abilities in which the World could really benefit from as long as your intentions are Pure and Loving. The Golden Light can help you all fine tune all of your abilities and help you to remember who you truly are day by day. I would suggest working with this Light Energy daily for at least 20 min./day (the more the better for you). Trust me it's going to be a lot to process in the beginning and you must control your emotions at all cost (I didn't do so well with my emotions but I am also still learning). When you discover some of your hidden abilities you must have your emotions under control at all times as you could easily harm others or yourself. Some will adapt quicker than others but that is to be expected as we are all different and Unique individuals. Some may not even have any abilities but can help in their own newly discovered individual ways. All help is welcomed as we are at a turning point in Earth's History. If you are a real and true Starseed you will know exactly what I am talking about. Now is the time to take a stand!!! Now is a time for Action!!!

My Lightworker friends: You can continue what you are doing by helping keeping the balance and guidance for those who want a little more adventure and light into their lives so let the Golden Light work wonders for you. Don't wait for your Alien friends, or your Archangels, or your Guides to come to your rescue as this is not their fight, it is our fight and soon, you will eventually discover their real Truths in due time when you are ready to accept it and handle it. Some may be pure enough to see beyond these various 3D realms into the Fifth Dimension and possible higher and if that is the case then by all means work with these tools I have shared with you in this forum or share with others what you have been individually taught or come to discover on your own. Most already knows about these techniques but to truly use them in a Divine and Sacred way is a whole different story all together. Action speaks a lot louder than mere words. That is the motto I use and apply everyday into my own life.


Once you get familiar with each Light frequency independently try combining the 3 light frequencies and infusing them together with the Violet Flame in it's center, the Golden Light surrounding the Violet Flame and the White Light surrounding the Golden Light. With a little practice you will begin to reactivate the remaining dormant DNA within each and everyone of you and help crystallize our cells for higher dimensional awareness/living and for awakening our hidden abilities. What happens next is up to you! Enjoy the transformational process as it will awaken the real truth to your own individual existence. Once transformed you will assist us into bringing World Peace once and for all. Try it for at least 1 week, meditating no less then 20 min per day and you will notice big changes happening not only to your lives but to the lives of others in your circle and outside of your circle. Combining these 3 light frequencies together as one will change your lives forever, guaranteed.

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I’ve purified myself and chakras like you said and I believe It was successful to a minimum. With that I went to find my true self in the astrales with the help of the golden light. During this balance of grounding, ascending and unconditional love . My body seemed to be rejecting something I’m not sure of what. My eyes got more and more tight, constantly contracting(while closed). It was hard to maintain focus but I kept going.As my eyes continued to contracting my body began shaking. Is this normal part of the process?


answered 01 Dec '22, 19:27

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Zakariya seeker of knowledge


Hello! The shaking of the body is quite normal and means that your meditation has interrupted or broken up your normal everyday thought patterns. It's the fascia that surrounds your muscles that is reacting to the stimuli. A simple breathing exercise will help subdue this physical reaction. Breath in slowly for 3 seconds hold for 3 sec then release for 3 sec and then hold for 3 sec and repeat a few times until your body relaxes. Sometimes the energy you are taking in can be a little overwhelming

(01 Dec '22, 20:23) Moonbeam

in the beginning as it is a very powerful Light Energy. It took me a few days for my body to get used to this Golden Light Energy. After the 4th day my body was completely used to this energy pattern and then things began to reveal itself to me in an unexpected way. You also may be experiencing blockages in 1 or more of your Chakras which would explain the eye twitching or you may be fighting with what you are about to experience. Just let it be and you will begin to see your inner world reveal

(01 Dec '22, 20:40) Moonbeam

itself to you. Then follow your visions inwards and you will soon begin to see your inner truths. It can be very overwhelming for some and for others exactly what they needed to see. As far as the purification process goes their are numerous techniques one could use before the cleansing of the chakras. The purification process is to release all unwanted negative energies within your body then proceed on purifying each and every chakra one by one to really experience the Golden Light as intended.

(01 Dec '22, 20:51) Moonbeam

One word of caution is to take in as much Light Energy as your body can handle in the beginning and nothing more. Take it slow over a few days and listen to your body. Everyone is different so the effects can vary from one individual to another. When you do receive visions or meet individuals from higher realms the combined Light energies will always protect you no matter what. These sacred Light Energies will slowly change the cells within your body over time and awakened your dormant DNA.

(01 Dec '22, 21:25) Moonbeam

You are amazing, now I’m adapting but I must admit what I am seeing is not what I expected, before this when I went into meditation I would go within with questions & answers would be presented I could easily distinguished,now I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is real,for me or even good in general. Is this normal?Your knowledge is a gift for us all. ☮️☯️

(04 Dec '22, 11:55) Zakariya seeker of knowledge

One thing I do know is that every person's experience is different and since this is all new to me also my experience with these 3 sacred lights does lift the veil of illusion which in turn allows me to see a different perspective of truth to which was unknown to me before. I still question what I see at times because it does not conform to religious beliefs and being someone who use to be atheist I am not pulled in one direction or another as I try to remain neutral at all times. I do question

(05 Dec '22, 16:04) Moonbeam

some experiences I have seen but usely on those days I may not have been at my best because in most cases when I do meditate I am thoroughly protected from negative energies who are trying to deceive me. Love is also a powerful tool to use as protection when powerful negative energies or beings try to invade and try to deceive me and they usely dissappear as quickly as they appeared. Maybe you should consult a pro in meditation practices for better advice.

(05 Dec '22, 16:22) Moonbeam

I personnally question and investigate everything thoroughly before I accept something as truth especially from outside sources like Higher Dimensional Beings or advanced Alien races. But you can differentiate who are helpful and who are not just by feeling their own energy signatures. Be careful as these Sacred Light Energies are very powerful and some individuals may not be ready to discover their own personal Truths. I cannot emphasize enough about the purification process before meditation.

(05 Dec '22, 16:53) Moonbeam
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how to rise above the veil of darkness of the 3D earth? ... change your mindset in other words change your set of beliefs ...


answered 05 Oct '22, 05:51

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I understand what you are saying and I do agree completely as I was never a conspirator before with the alien thingy but when you see it with your own eyes it is hard to dismiss and having the ability to astral travel at will I just had to investigate it for myself. You would be shocked into what is really going on here on this Planet. When they revealed themselves to me at my home while I was watching TV it threw me for a loop. They insisted that I quit trying to change the energy of the Earth.

(05 Oct '22, 22:56) Moonbeam

I usually don't bother with Earth matters but with all of the chaos happening on our Planet within the last few years I got fed up and decided to try and change the energies of the Planet 5 weeks ago on my own. That is when things got really interesting to say the least. One of my friends suggested that maybe I should just opt out and focus on my own Journey instead. I thought I was doing some good but protests of all sorts started happening all around the World as people starting rising up and

(05 Oct '22, 23:04) Moonbeam

starting fighting for their Human rights. Maybe it was just a coincidence or maybe I was actually lifting the veil to show people that there are other choices that they could not see before because of fear, brainwashing and so on. But I will take your advice and change my mindset and see if everything just balances out on its own. I will focus on my own Journey instead and focus on fine tuning my other abilities. I guess this World is still not ready for change. Thank you for your comment.

(05 Oct '22, 23:17) Moonbeam

I was simply trying to help the other True Starseeds to fully Awakened quicker and assisting me into eventually bringing on World Peace. The old outdated ways of some cultures has to change and catch up with the times and Nations needs to stop starting needless wars. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi said "This is not the era of War".

(05 Oct '22, 23:44) Moonbeam

@Moonbeam - "I thought I was doing some good but protests of all sorts started happening all around the World as people starting rising up" - Anger is a positive step up from powerlessness, not a step down. See Why are people mean to each other?

(06 Oct '22, 01:48) Stingray

Stingray - Thanks for explaining to me human consciousness and behaviour. Interesting read, truly appreciated. I just thought I could try and change the energies around the World in a more peaceful manner without all of the senseles violence and killings. But I guess if you have been oppressed for so long it is only natural for people to react they way they do. I get it! I'm also afraid that these oppressors may escalate things even further like the sudden change in the Ukrainian war. Did you

(06 Oct '22, 02:04) Moonbeam

like it when the Russians were leaving their equipment behind and walking away to help the Ukrainians and to silently protest Putin's war. Nice touch eh! I didn't think it would work but apparently it did. I hope I don't get into trouble because of my actions. It was just light energy besides nobody wants war anymore. Those days are gone! It's time for Peace Worldwide! I was only trying to help Ukraine the only way I knew how. There's just so much unrest everywhere on this Planet, it saddens me.

(06 Oct '22, 02:14) Moonbeam

@jaz - I meditated on what you have said and realized that I may have got caught up in the 3rd dimensional energies which allowed me to see and experience what I did. I also realize that having higher dimensional awareness I am able to see deeper truths within our World but as my Higher Self had warned me 2 years ago to not dwell in these lower negative energies as it reveals itself to me but to instead let it all go and continue my path at all cost so that I can discover more of who I truly am.

(06 Oct '22, 06:12) Moonbeam

I guess I allowed myself to get emotional after all as I felt sorrow for all Global citizens. So much craziness going on in the world and I just wanted to help out a bit but I guess I allowed myself to immerse into this distraction and in the process I am stalling my progression where I could be more of a help to Humanity than what I am doing now by losing all focus on my primary goals. Man this Journey is hard at times. Now I wish I could delete my other posts. Live and learn I guess.

(06 Oct '22, 06:49) Moonbeam

I did exactly what I warned others not to do. I got emotional lol. I feel so foolish now. Thanks @jaz for opening my eyes once again.

Peace, Love n Light

(06 Oct '22, 06:51) Moonbeam
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that, my friend, you had
figured out before jumping
down here, but forgot to
start walking the path


answered 11 Jan '23, 19:06

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Thankyou @Moonbeam.

Today I was cleaning a fridge.

I used standard chemicals.

I friend came and gave me some teatree oil.

The fridge smelled better.


answered 11 Dec '22, 01:24

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