Every now and then just before I wake up, I experience Remote Viewing, I feel like I wake up but I am not in my bed, I am someplace else, but not only someplace else, I see someplace else but I know I am not there because I have no body, no eyes, nothing. But I am seeing very clearly seeing someplace I had never been before. It feels like I am looking through a camera there that is wired directly into my mind, but there is no camera either, it is sight without needing any method to see.

I look all around and I see this place and other people walking like if I were God looking in on people, it is just seeing but without being there in some form.

One time I thought I was at a mall or someplace like that, it was very busy with lots of people I looked down and saw all this and I looked up and saw other levels like it was a two story mall. It was amazing because if I were there I would only see where my head could turn, but since I had no head it looked more like an opening of vision to me.

As I think on it, this opening of vision was more vivid than anything I ever see fully awake, it seems to not only be sight but experience, experience not like the five senses but like the place itself, so kind of a sixth sense of feeling while seeing.

Another time I seemed to wake up in Paris I saw the Eiffel tower in the background. I saw the streets and the people very clearly, the streets seemed to be brick, the tower was way back in the background. I saw many old buildings. Maybe I was in another time even I couldn't tell.

I don't know how this happens, it just does every now and then, it might be because I know I am really consciousness, not this body or brain, and that consciousness is everywhere.

There are other times I think I wake up and open my eyes and I am looking around but noticing that my body is not moving with me, then I realized my eyes are still closed.

I just remembered another one, this one I was looking around the room and decided to pick an object like a clock or something I wanted to go into like infinently small, every time I did I would be back where I started, no matter how many times I did. When I woke up I realized that was like going into a never ending fractle, like maybe everything we think is real is a fractle that goes infinently small as well as infinently large. That one blew my mind.

Have you had similar experiences, and if so what can you elaborate on about your experiences you've had with remote-viewing?

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I just noticed this question that you posted Years ago. Decided to answer it now in 2024.
Believe it or not, I have experienced almost all the experiences you have mentioned above in some form or other. But the most profound point you made is the one about constant repetition like a fractal.

I experienced exactly this many times but the clearest moment was when I was very sick in my childhood around the age of 10 or 11 in bed with high fever.

Every time I tried to sleep I went into the lucid state and kept repeating everything into an endless loop.

But I decided to explore this loop, still in my childhood, and discovered that the reset happened when I had reached the end of the limits of that particular moment like there was an invisible cube containing each moment of existence and as I reached the limit of the experience, my mind immediately erased the memory of the motion and placed me back at the starting point.

This continued infinitely and I never got tired of the repetition because my mind was erasing the memory of the previous moment. But I was meant to explore this phenomenon. Even as I experimented with it, I knew there was a realization waiting to be understood.

I understood something unconsciously but couldn't put it into consciousness as I didn't possess the intellectual familiarity to unravel it.

I came to me years later as the following. Each moment is like a container with a short width to it. like a word has a meaning and that meaning has a width to it. or a conversation has a certain width to it.

Each moment is in a state of happening. It can be dressed up in various props like situations and participants of our choice.

Each moment is a virtual bubble universe. or the proverbial frames in a film.

In physical reality we are jumping through these bubbles of virtual containers each with its limits, some small, some quite wide.

Great intensity narrows the container, and quiet suspension widens the container.

To step into a container you have to imagine yourself within it, or you have to imagine the activity within that container happening to you.

It is like an experiential GPS location or coordinate point.

to experience a container, you have to imagine it happening to you and the circumstantial stepping stone in-between bubble universe containers line up seamlessly letting you step through each happening moment, each being a separate container, until you reach the one that you imagined happening to you.

In the lucid state inside dream reality, you are allowed to notice the existence of these invisible limits.

As you understand this concept you can see how this fits into the concept of remote viewing.

It is also the mechanics of the law of attraction.


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The Traveller

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