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I decided these are important lessons that can lead to in depth meaningful discusion that can free a lot of people. So here I would like to present the first ten lessons, I wont go into what the book says about these, I will just put each and my thoughts on these. This is like in the movie the Matrix, you are getting ready to step out of the Matrix, if you like this check out the book, there are also videos on YouTube of the lessons by Carol Howe.

1) Nothing I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place) means anything.

This is a very important exercise, these exercises remind me of my old God Consciousness Experiements I used to post in my yahoo group by the same name.

Look at everything everywhere and say this means nothing, one thing at a time look at each and say this means nothing, that means nothing.

We are working on unattaching from the world, if I am attached things must be a certian way or I'm not happy, when not attached I can be happy reguardless of anything around me or not.

2) I have given everything I see around me all the meaning it has to me.

This realization that we attach meaning where there is no meaning means that we attach conditions for our happiness based on the condition and meaning we add to the things around us.

3) I do not understand anything I see in this room or out this window around me.

The need to understand something is a value based judgement, can you be without understanding and still be happy? If you were not told what everything is and what it is supposed to mean and you were a being seeing it for the first time you might deduce an entierly different purpose for things. That is okay nothing has any inharient meaning or purpose but the one created and atributed to it.

4) These thoughts do not mean anything. They are just like the things I see in this room (on the street from this window, in this place).

We place too much value on our thoughts and the way things should be, could be or would be, I should have said this or that, why did I act this way or that way, I messed this up or I know I probably have cancer or am going to get sick, why didn't I do this or say that years ago.

All these are just garbage, they mean absolutly nothing, likewise we can say the same for good thoughts. All thoughts mean nothing nothing has to be any different than it is and nothing means anything including our thoughts.

5) I am never upset for the reason I believe

I can get upset saying that person didn't respect me, I deserve respect. Why do you believe you deserve respect, I earned it. So you believe respect must be earned and if you fail to earn it then you believe you don't deserve respect, well yes I guess so. Then you believe your happiness is tied to if you have done enough to gain respect and earn it that you must be paid this or you will be upset instead of happy? See the upset isn't because of lack of respect but because of the belief that without the respect of others you value yourself less. There is always a surface belief we think is the reason we are upset but that is not the reason we feel so hurt, there is a distant attachment to some belief that we are not worthy unless. The truth is those beliefs too are worthless, meaningless, if we remove the meaning and value we put on these things we tell ourselves they lose power over us and set us free. So whether anger or fear what ever upset isn't because of the present thought that it is believed to be the problem.

6) I am upset because I see something that isn't there.

This is the folly of believing the reason for your upset is what you think it is instead of something else. Then we can say this person hurt my feelings, this person made me feel like this, this situation caused me to feel like this. This causes fights because each believes their own story of the problem of the other hurting them and each belives it is the fault of the other. In actuallity it doesn't matter, it is a passing moment through time. I just was looking through some of my posts and replies here, I came across one that at the time I was upset over and when I see it now there is no emotion attached, no indignant feeling of how things should be or are supposed to be so looking now I see no reason I should have got upset. I saw something that wasn't there.

7) I see only the past

This goes with everything we were talking about, I believe I am upset in the present but it is some past thing that was said that I latched on to to determin my worth. As they say pushing his/her buttons. That is what is like a wound we keep for life unless we give up seeing any value in those buttons and declair like all other thought this is meaningless.

8) My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts

Every moment that goes by is the past,so whether distant past or very close past our minds are occupied with this past thought, any regret or even any reflecting on victories is robing us of experiencing right now.

9) I see nothing as it is now

If everything now that I see and experience is judged by a past value of how it should be I can't enjoy it now as it is, I am only enjoying it as it is supposed to be or not enjoying it because it doesn't fit with how it is supposed to be. This is why we throw out all meaning and understanding of everything so we can not taint the present experience as it is now, until then nothing in the present is as it seems to be now. I remember seeing a video game on a television commerical and when I got the game being very happy and enjoying it just like the commerical! But once that wears off you try to go back to that game years later and realize it sucked. Why did I ever like this? Why, because you were experiencing the past anticipation of something exciting and great, you weren't experiencing the game as was in the present but as you believed it to be from watching the commerical. The commerical made you feel like you are cool because you own this game, your friends love you because you have this game, this is the best. But when you are really in the present to see it as it really is with no past to judge it by you feel like what dd I ever see in this?

10) My thoughts do not mean anything

Any thoughts you think do not asign a value to that, if things end up different you can't be happy. Let thoughts be entertaining and teaching but meaningless as we do not assign meaning to our thoughts this will prevent them from in the future determining why you are not satisfied or disapointed, angry or hurt because one thought is as meaningless as any other thoughts. The attachment of meaning sets a rule that must be like that meaning attached or the result is hurt, anger, disapointment, but it could be joy but it would be a false joy associated with meeting the predetermined requierments set by the meaning you asigned to the thought you had.

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