I was thinking of Area 51 in Nevada, and thinking of how it our government has denied that it has anything to do with aliens. It is treated like it is not even part of the U.S.A. What if it isn't?

I started thinking of all the U. S. Embassies around the world, and how those places in other countries are considered United States property. What if Area 51 is not U.S. property, but some kind of world or space embassy that is not the United States at all. If it is a real embassy, albeit alien, we would have no idea what goes on inside! Who would know what goes on inside? They would have the right to levels of clearance, and those guys that keep you out only know that is what they are paid for. They might even believe those trying to get in are crazy people that believe a lot of silly stuff because they have no idea what is past their level of clearence. Maybe area 51 does not exist offically because it is not U.S. property at all but an embassy in the U.S.A. that the U.S.A. is in cooperation with.

Do you think Area 51 could be an embassy that is not U.S. property, and what are your thoughts on this if it is so?

asked 18 Dec '23, 23:50

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi- It's wonderful to see you posting again!♡♡♡

(30 Dec '23, 20:56) Jaianniah

thoughts vs veracity,
galactic federations,
center hub of star gates
likened to 'men in black'


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