Hey, I got into a little trouble with law of attraction. Long story short, I learned by experimenting, not by reading any books, so I kind of went off the hook, because when it started to work, I couldn't help myself than to think I'm some kind of an angel.

3 weeks into my new life and I had no doubts, I had it tested all kinds of ways. I manifested everything, random animals, money, sex. Everything! So naturally I wanted to share it with my mother, who always have had negativity in her life, she was always whining about things and this was the first time when I knew I can help her.

So I shared it to her in a evelated emotional state, like, I was so enthusiastic that it probably scared her and long story short, I ended up in the mental hospital against my will. Since than I have struggled to get back on the track. First reason being for few years I doubted myself at everything, because I thought what if these people are right and I'm delusional. But than time to time, small things happened again and I just knew that I didn't dream it.

Now I'm at the point in my life where I have been frustrated for so long and I have been pushing this confidence and belief in the manifestation somewhere deep down just for other people to not see it, because I think I'm a little afraid or very afraid of someone doing something similar what my mother did. I don't know anyone who would think and who would believe in this miracle as strong as I do, but I'm keeping myself silent, I'm acting like all the "normal" people and I'm getting nowhere, I'm just hurting myself day after day.

I tried reading few books about the topic, but there is nothing new, all of that I experienced and went trough and I know it works, I don't need someone to tell me it works, because I know it so well. And still, I'm trying to do everything, like "normal" people. Am I traumatized badly? Am I done? What is this force working against me?

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Hi there! First of all, I'm sorry you had to go through hospitalisation against your will, I've been there too and I know it's dehumanising, to say the least. What with the random animals and feelings of being an angel? that is the part that sounds a bit off the track and probably a red flag for manic behaviour/hallucinations. Was there empirical proof of what you manifested to show your mum the ''facts''? There's no chance the universe is against you, you're too precious. What I suggest could have happened is that you now live in fear because you paid a big price for spreading your truth to the wrong person so yes, you have trauma. Luckily trauma can be healed too! And it's normally a tough and extensive process but completely achievable. Once you regain your self-confidence you will be in a better shape to manifest the good things you deserve. Acting normal will definitely exhaust your soul and hurt you. You have to be who you feel you are, and if you feel threatened by the people around you, move away to a place where you fit in better. Nobody should live hiding their real self. After one year of hard work on self-esteem, I only came to fully, wholeheartedly understand and FEEL the importance of embracing who you are LAST SUNDAY!! Everything happens at the perfect time, don't lose hope and work on strengthening your self-love! If I were you I would try to recall the emotions you experienced through your golden weeks of manifestation. I'm now learning that manifestation is way more effective when the right emotion accompanies the thought. Maybe you don't need convincing but would benefit from learning manifesting strategies and techniques from more experienced people. I know the marketing around the law of attraction is overwhelming but I think you've come to the right place. Wish you the best.


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