Are there any thoughts or techniques that you use to increase your Love? Unconditional Love. It is said that Love is God in motion. It is said that Love heals all.

Thank You

asked 24 Feb '11, 11:48

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Thanks for asking this question, I have been wondering about this for quite some time too.

(24 Feb '11, 14:37) Nikki777

"It is said that Love is God in motion." Love is all there is..

(23 Jun '13, 23:37) ele

It is also said "idle hands are the devil's playthings". Sounds like messages to enjoy life and pursue your dreams and fill your time positively and happily as well as you can given your current experience.

We all seem to focus too much on fearing our differences rather than embracing and appreciating our similarities. At least this is an area I have to work on personally.. Maybe I'm the only one. =P

(24 Jun '13, 02:23) Snow
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We increase our capacity to love by giving it away. "Love" is an action verb. The more we try to see the good in others- the more we try to forgive what others do to us- the more we try to see the "up" side of life- the more we will find love.

Read I Corinthians 13 for a good description of love; it tells us that love is patient and kind. Love does not seek its own; rather, it is an outward giving of oneself to the world.

It really is quite simple.

But it is not easy to love all the time- but we have to try.

Blessings, Jaianniah


answered 24 Feb '11, 14:24

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I love the simplicity of your answer... the more we try to see the good in others, the more we see the up side of life....the more we will find love.

Thanks! :)

(24 Feb '11, 14:38) Nikki777

It took me a long time to figure this is not "easy"- but what I said, I have found to be true. You are quite welcome! Blessings again, Jai

(24 Feb '11, 17:34) Jaianniah

Nice answer Jai :)

(25 Feb '11, 02:42) Michaela

Love is also a state of being or beingness ..

(23 Jun '13, 22:46) ele

@ele- Yes! Not only a state of being, but of living, of doing, too!

(24 Jun '13, 06:26) Jaianniah
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The opposite of LOVE is hate. Remove hate and you increase your capacity for LOVE.

Do not use the word hate.

Eliminate the the feeling of hate and you increase the room for JOY.



answered 25 Feb '11, 06:05

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wow, so, so, sooo true.

(05 Sep '11, 10:41) Nikulas

@Nikulas Thanks That was a well said answer if I do say so myself :D

(06 Sep '11, 09:58) ursixx

The opposite of love is apathy..

(23 Jun '13, 22:24) ele

To say the same awesome thing in another way, the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. In any normal relationship you will have disagreements and fights, ups and downs, that's normal and part of the human experience.

If you try to remove any feelings of negativity from yourself in any aspect of life you'll find your senses of positivity begin to dull as well. You shouldn't hide from Yin nor Yang, instead route them towards outlets which are beneficial and least hazardous as possible.

(23 Jun '13, 23:26) Snow

Awesome @Snow We should never suppress our negative emotions - we need to feel them & release them by letting them go otherwise blockages are created.

(23 Jun '13, 23:34) ele

This is confusing - I thought everything was either Love or Fear?

(24 Jun '13, 13:54) Catherine

@Catherine that was my response to @Wade (look below) You are right - All emotions are either fear or love based.. The opposite of hate is apathy or indifference not hate..

(24 Jun '13, 15:43) ele
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Love is an action, it is caring and compassionate, love is not a feeling or emotion. Love is an action, when my friends need my help and I am busy but I drop what I am doing to help my friends that is love. When I see my friends hurting and I comfort them, that is love. It is not love to say I love you, poor you, well I have to go now.

Love is being hurt and praying for the one that hurt you, it is forgiving and asking for strength to forgive those that hurt you. It is concern and care coupled with action to make the situation a better situation than it was. Love does not go around telling others of your friends problems and saying "poor (friend) he suffers so much, this is terrible." That is passive caring or worry it makes you feel better but accomplishes nothing for the person and in fact may even make it worse! But it is finding out your friend is very sick and going into prayer and getting others to pray and to keep the words positive about this friend and his condition. Not a bit of it pity, but full action to resolve this because you love that person enough to motivate you to help him even if he is a stranger or an enemy! That is love.

Jesus loved humanity so much he died for us to be saved, that was an action of expression, "I Love You" just doesn't cut it, real love is action and expression.


answered 25 Feb '11, 06:28

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Wade Casaldi


Up vote; but there are only two types of emotions fear based & loved based..

(23 Jun '13, 22:45) ele

ele, towards and/or away could be either fear or love based. as fear is relinquished, though, one has more capacity to love.

(30 Jun '13, 19:46) fred



answered 28 Feb '11, 21:40

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The Traveller

Love this answer! This is a first - a one word answer from @The Traveller

(23 Jun '13, 22:26) ele
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