When men ask women a question they say that even between women they don't understand themselves sometimes! As for many men they don't ask question about women for them women are there to be used! What if you don't want to tell women lies to be with them?
Will there be a women wiser then most of them to see the difference? But since in general men and women play the stupid game to not be truthful to try to get what they want!
What are the chances if you are not playing that stupid game?

asked 30 May '11, 03:22

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Refuse to play!! You will have more quality (acting) people in your life.

When you understand yourself you will understand woman and men and dogs and birds :)


answered 30 May '11, 04:01

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i understand people but sometime i do not understand why they do stupid things or stuff that will not work in the long term! usely i see women 3 year later complaining about the bf or husband but they do not want to change annything! so in those time i say to my self i made the right choice! other wise i would be stuck with a women that blame bf or husband but does not want to do annything to change the situation!

(31 May '11, 02:39) white tiger

Ha ha me to. Feel lucky you know what you want.

(31 May '11, 03:28) you

Like Micheal says Don't play the game. Tell the truth and expect the truth.
If you want people (males or females) to be truthful with you be truthful with yourself .If you are not playing the game then the odds are the people you meet will not be playing the game either and if they are you or they will lose interest in any long term interactions .


answered 30 May '11, 15:16

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When you bring presence as opposed to pretense to any relationship, the relationship will begin to transform. Most of the time we wear a mask in our interactions with others and so the relationship can never be real... it becomes merely two egos playing that stupid game.

If you really want to understand anyone, begin by understanding yourself and being aware of how present you are in your interactions with others. If you are playing that stupid game you will attract partners who are also playing that stupid game, but if you are being authentic and fully present you will attract someone in alignment with that.


answered 30 May '11, 18:02

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i am fully present but i am the quiet type so i do not talk to say lie or stupid things all the time! if i say to a women i like something about her its is real! it is not to score! even if many women see it this way!

(31 May '11, 02:30) white tiger

Good relationships have absolutely nothing to do with game-playing. I must always be myself-- and this is where people get tripped up. They think that they must be more than what they are to attract the opposite sex, and this causes problems. Always be yourself!!! Then, when you do find someone wonderful, as I have, you will know that the love they have for you is not based on an illusion, but rather, on absolutely, rock-bottom pure honesty!

Women are NOT a separate species, Tiger! They are just people like you! I do not like this separateness of the sexes stuff that so many people like to sell. Both men and women are capable of honesty as well as playing games.

Blessings and Love to You, Shadow Tiger...Jai


answered 30 May '11, 18:21

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edited 30 May '11, 19:33

well jai i am always authetic but it is not working so good! but i prefer being alone then being with illusion! sometime you are better alone then to get stuck with people full of problem that hide it!

(30 May '11, 20:48) white tiger

Like it or not, men are men and women are women. Despite what you may have been hearing, men and women are different, in materially significant ways. Many of these differences are deeply ingrained in our genes. Those differences have a profound effect on the way men and women interact with each other.

If you want the chance to relate to women in more "honest" terms, it pays to understand the emotional makeup of a woman, and play into that a bit. Gaining that understanding helps you communicate with them better, because it improves your ability to relate with them (and them to you). They will appreciate you for taking the time to understand them in this way.

For example, knowing a little bit about body language can go a long way towards understanding where a woman is coming from, and whether or not they're interested in you. Women who are showing interest will lean into you, look at your eyes, touch their hair, and so forth. In turn, your posture should be open and friendly, not closed.

If all this seems a bit manipulative, consider that the males who fail at this game do not care enough to learn at least a little bit about the game and how it works; women will reject these men out of hand because they come off as inept; they fail because they don't express even the smallest bit of interest in knowing them "as a woman."

When your relationship gets deeper and "more meaningful," knowledge about the way a woman ticks will help you decipher those times when a woman is communicating as an equal partner to you, and when a woman is communicating entirely from a woman's perspective. In other words, it will help you understand her better.

Do you really want to succeed at this? Pick up a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Everything you really need to know about this subject is in that book.


answered 31 May '11, 00:35

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well from my point of view men or women that play those games are not true to them self and other and eventually the relation will crumble!so no the game does not interest me i prefer being true with my self and other! then telling lie every 5 minutes to trick the other person and seing value where there is very little! yes i could do the same but i ma not interested the in the less in doing that!

(31 May '11, 02:18) white tiger

You don't have to tell lies. You just have to understand human nature. Failing to do that is a lie. People who say, "I don't want to play the game" just don't understand the nature of the game; people don't like to do things they are not good at. How can you judge a game if you don't even understand what "the game" is all about?

(31 May '11, 02:21) Vesuvius

But don't kid yourself. You say "I would rather be true to myself," implying that you have no interest in the game, and yet you asked the question, and we are having this conversation. Abraham calls that "conflicted thought."

(31 May '11, 02:22) Vesuvius

well vesuvius for me the game is telling lie to get them! i know about body posture! i know about psycology! i am not kiding my self i try to understand women better! for me it is not a question of failing at the game it is question of being honest and not playing game in the first place!example i go somewhere i observe and analyse people i talk with people that talk with me! but why should i play the game and tell lie to women like most of the men do! and why should i tell women that men lie to them? if they go for the lie it is there choice and it is to late anny way!

(31 May '11, 03:58) white tiger

in 3 year they will start to wake up anny way! i made the choice to be my self and not play the game! in that way i am what women want!(women always say they want honest men that is him self with good value etc.) but they go for the lie so maybe they can't detect lie or they don't know what they want! if a women don't know she wants me and she go for the lie it is her choice not mine! she will be stuck with that problem and so will the guy telling lie!

(31 May '11, 04:06) white tiger

@white tiger It is a great book "How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie" have read 3 times through out my life. Gave my copy to my son and it made a difference in his life! great advise Vesuvius

(02 Jun '11, 06:30) ursixx

well vesuvius i could say the same thing to you how can you judge that i do not understand the game?

(03 Nov '11, 20:55) white tiger
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You have to first respect yourself to respect a women, and if you can be true to yourself, then there would no need for you to play the stupid game!


answered 01 Jun '11, 07:07

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Inactive User ♦♦

a few observations,
it is not human nature to play games, but a cultural development by certain individuals who play games,
a lack of developed individuality may leave one vulnerable (fearful) of just being who they are.
to want to understand someone is admirable as long as there is no selfish intent,
we most likely had been of the opposite sex in one of our previous incarnations, destined this time around to learn more of who we are


answered 01 Jun '11, 11:15

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@ fred "it is not human nature to play games" Mind games you mean?

(02 Jun '11, 06:31) ursixx
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