I have noticed this to a degree here...I have been reading, "For Women Only", by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn, and a new world of thinking has opened up for me...I highly recommend also "For Men Only". Both books go into the differences in how men and women think and relate to each other.

Here on IQ, I think that there is a general difference that is noticeable between the men and women. I think that the men are much less emotional in their answers, and also, tend not to get personal.

The women use examples from life, which can sometimes drive a man crazy (Get to the point, Lady!).

What do you think? I think our differences make the site more interesting...but I have noticed that women tend to answer my questions more than men.

Blessings, Jai

asked 22 Aug '11, 17:57

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It depends on the particular belief system of each individual, it will vary from person to person and its all about the persons beliefs.

Generally speaking, as there are differences in masculine and feminine, it shouldn't be a big shock that there will be varying differences of communication that come out considering that masculine and feminine have different frequencies. However these differences are about as different as a variety of unique colours, and not value based different.

Depending on the individual, some people will be able to "hear" a feminine message easier and with less resistance at times and then there are times when a more yang based masculine message will be appropriate for the individual.

There are differences. HOWEVER it makes no difference on the effect the individual will gain from the message, unless they choose through their beliefs that a message is less significant just because it came from a male/female.


answered 01 Oct '17, 10:48

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Yes I see the differences like when I answered a question that asked if "love can be hurried" and I used us (Wade and Jai) as an example to show that yes love can be hurried. Then you posted how love can't be hurried and used us as an example. Obviously men do see things differently than women but the funny thing is we both feel the other should know these simple things and are clueless. So yes I highly recommend both books as well. Also yes it does seem to make a difference in the postings.


answered 22 Aug '11, 18:56

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Wade Casaldi

edited 22 Aug '11, 19:37

Men are more left brain thinkers (analytical) while women are more right brain thinkers (emotional). It stands to reason that they understand as well as answer diferently and thank goodness for that. Viva la diferance, for it is good to get answeres from both sides of the human perspective.


answered 23 Aug '11, 12:52

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Paulina 1

the mind is androgynous and in time so will we(humankind) be again,
but for now we grow in character of either a male or female gender,
making choices and viewing what is happening through sexual impulses,
as our consciousness expands we will leave matter behind for spirit


answered 23 Aug '11, 23:56

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it is possible i have seen some people say i was using harsh word. but even wade became emotionnal one time so some men can also let them self get emotionnal. yes some people have a tendency to get emotion take over logic. but once they get over their emotion and let the logic take over they some time see the logic behind it and that it was not harsh or it was not kicking someone when he is down. and yes sometime some women have problem getting to the point. but some other have found a way to get to the point and get many other point discover along the way and they are interesting to listen to and sometime some details are good to include. yes wade often they are clueless but it makes life interesting more things to experience and enjoy.

so experience and enjoy.


answered 23 Aug '11, 02:36

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white tiger

Some of the people with usernames that are not gender specific, I can't tell if they are a man or a woman. Sometimes I think someone is a man and then I think they are a woman. Some tell in their question or answer, but otherwise, some are hard to tell.


answered 30 Aug '11, 03:26

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Fairy Princess

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