I've noticed over the past few years that I've become an Extreme Attractor.

Extreme Attractor? What's that? you ask.

Well, you know those guys who wear their baseball caps the wrong way around and the leap off cliff edges?

Or the ones who do crazy snowboarding jumps just for the thrill of it? (still wearing those wrongly positioned baseball caps).

Yeah, those Extreme Sports people...I think there is a reality creation equivalent called Extreme Attracting.

In this particular "sport", you put yourself in virtually-impossible-to-get-out-of life situations and then apply the Law of Attraction and watch how everything comes back into balance in the most amazing ways.

I've noticed myself doing this over the past few years as my confidence and faith in the universal laws has grown and I think I'm doing the equivalent of the Extreme Sports people...Extreme Attracting.

And, as my belief and faith has grown in my ability to get out of any situation, I've noticed I have a tendency to make the situations even more extreme, presumably just for the thrill of bringing it all back into balance through the application of Universal Law.

If you extend this idea to all of us living on Planet Earth right now, are we not all Extreme Attractors?...we've incarnated on a planet that, on the surface, is full of chaos, conflict and confusion - and, at some level, we are enjoying the thrill of watching it all come back into balance.

Do you think there is any validity in this idea?

asked 19 Nov '09, 12:26

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Well, I think the question is fascinating and thought provoking and deserves a vote.

(20 Nov '09, 07:24) John

Any more examples extreme stingray?

(15 Jun '12, 02:11) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Not sure what kind of examples you are looking for but, looking back at this question a few years later, I notice that several months after writing it, I was drawn to investigate the teachings of The Pleiadian Collective who basically say what I've said in the above question :) Is Earth a giant extra-terrestrial 'experiment'?

(15 Jun '12, 08:51) Stingray

@Grace - Thanks for posting the correct (non-broken) link :)

(18 Jun '12, 12:24) Stingray

Got your back, @Stingray. ;)

(18 Jun '12, 12:57) Grace
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This reminds me of something, getting yourself in serious situations so that you have to manifest things. It is like you are purposely putting your self in harms way to solve and not be harmed. Testing your faith like jumping off a building and as you fall have faith angels will catch you or something like that. I suppose it is an extreme way to wake up actually a sort of fly or die mind set thing. It seems valid as the greatest times of awakening for me was in my dreams but during the most drastic times of do something now or die situations. You are doing the same thing on this plane instead of the dream plane.


answered 20 Nov '09, 11:25

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

Very interesting observation, Wade. It does feel like a "fly or die" thing at times. And everytime, I have gained enormously from "flying back to freedom". My manifestational spreadsheet ( http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1614/how-do-you-remove-all-doubt-so-that-manifestation-can-occur/1642#1642 ) is a direct result of needing to find a way to fly reliably out of those situations. Necessity is the mother of invention - and all that stuff. :) Thought-provoking insight, thanks.

(20 Nov '09, 15:57) Stingray

Undoubtedly some of the things we believe on this board do put us somewhere on the outside of the bell curve.

In your case I think it is a personality trait. That said, I can understand how, if you had better control over your life, you might be willing to take greater "risks."

But is it really a risk if you know what the outcome is going to be?


answered 19 Nov '09, 14:48

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edited 20 Nov '09, 19:45

That is wonderful to know Stingray, that you feel that you have become an extreme attractor. It is really wonderful, but I feel this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey ahead. If you can share your experiences with people (in their language of understanding) they can also join you in the journey and you never know some of them even may take less time in attracting things. Life is really wonderful this way. Every one of us is an extreme attractor just that we do not realize that and we realize things unknowingly. It is good that you have realized your potential. Everyone of us will realize whenever we wish to (!). Everyone has attracted the present and we keep on attracting the future... :) Blessings and Abundance to all...


answered 19 Nov '09, 19:17

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I wish it were true that I've realized my potential. But potential is always changing and so is my realization so I'm a long way from getting there :) There is nothing special about me at all other than a willingness to give these subjects and techniques a serious trial until I'm sure that they work, or don't work.

(19 Nov '09, 23:20) Stingray

Interesting observations, Stingray. I think there's some truth to the idea, but where I'm hesitant to accept it whole-heartedly is with regard to those who have no awareness of the concept of the law of attraction and reality creation, or those who don't believe the concepts at all.

I think we "know" at some level what we need for our spiritual growth based upon where we are on the journey. I can sense your excitement in your "extreme" approach toward life's situations. I don't think everyone is ready to "make the situations even more extreme," though. We all have to work at our own pace.

I understand, however, that your premise is that our incarnation in this chaotic, conflicted world suggests that a conscious decision was made a priori to take on this "extreme" challenge. Presuming that to be true, your assessment makes perfect sense.


answered 19 Nov '09, 20:45

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Sorry, Stingray but I do not like living on the edge. Having things work out with out twisting myself into a pretzel is just fine for me. I an always asking for or knowing I am receiving guidance. That's thrilling enough for me. Have fun. Blessings


answered 15 Jun '12, 20:31

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@Stingray, I hope you find a level of comfort soon. Because, many of us count on your wisdom, and experience. Your not the only wisdom but it's great to have you aboard.

(17 Jun '12, 13:12) Tom

I prayed for the gift of healing, then I got in several accidents. I have since been studying health and healing in an unofficial capacity. It seems that right after learning a new healing modality, I become sick or my pain flairs up, as if to provide me the opportunity to use what I have learned to heal myself.

I also noticed that if I pray to be an overcomer, I am provided opportunities to overcome. So I pray for what I want instead of the tools to overcome what I don't want.

So I guess it boils down to understanding what we really want so that we can attract that instead of ways to overcome the obstacles that keep us from what we really want or opportunities to overcome.

So yes, we are extreme attractors. If we don't like what we are attracting, we need only change our focus from fixing to not needing fixed in the first place.


answered 16 Jun '12, 09:30

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Fairy Princess

Great answer Fairy Princess.

(16 Jun '12, 09:58) Paulina 1

Thank you Paulina 1.

(16 Jun '12, 10:21) Fairy Princess

Hi Stingray, What you call Extreme attracting is simply normal and natural opposite sides of the same. What goes up must come down and the higher it goes the harder it falls. I would sugest you read Dr. John Demartini for he knows all about this. The secret is to find a happy medium and that is where harmony rules.

Hope this explains and helps.


answered 16 Jun '12, 10:01

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Paulina 1

Well Stingray you are now in a STAGE that you should be aware of. It's just a begining one and I should warn you, that it's very addictive. If you would like to know more about what I'm saying contact my e-mail wildlife12@o2.pl


answered 19 Nov '09, 23:25

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Hi Wildlife, please can you confirm you have the right to distribute this book? Otherwise, please could you remove the link - we don't want to get the website in trouble for copyright violations. Thanks.

(20 Nov '09, 01:08) Barry Allen ♦♦

All done, Barry :-)

(20 Nov '09, 01:59) wildlife

Thanks, Wildlife :)

(20 Nov '09, 06:48) Barry Allen ♦♦

No need for an email - looks like an interesting book, thanks

(20 Nov '09, 07:13) Stingray

Hi I just came across this discussion. I'm curious about this book that is being referred to but there's no mention of the title or what this is all about. Can someone share more? I am interested to know more and improve my manifestation skills. Thanks!

(07 Apr '10, 07:34) Pat W

The book that I'm refering too here is a book by Almine and you can find many of her products here http://spiritualjourneys.com/store.php

Also if you want to listen to Almine you can check out this Youtube show here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyFRjfDhZbk

Also for more information about spirituality and so forth you can download my book for free from http://www.warriorinyou.com/products.htm

(07 Apr '10, 08:41) wildlife
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