How to regenerate a youthful, beautiful body?

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To regenerate a youthful beautiful body is very simple:

Feed your body nutritious food only and work it Feed your mind positive thoughts only and work it (don't allow thought pollution) Feed your soul by connecting it daily to all that is, whether through meditation, inspiration....

Now, lie in bed, close your eyes and imagine you are in a womb and there's this umbilical cord from heaven that is regenerating you. You are energy. There is this regenerating light above your head, inhale on it, and as you exhale visualize how you're bringing it down through the top of your head unto you. slowly, while working with the breath, inhaling on the light and exhaling as you sweep it inside of the different parts of your body. Know that this is regenerating you and be grateful for it. Visualize how your skin and body are regenerating and the perfect you.

Do this exercise for 5 minutes daily, increasing it to 15 minutes by the end of the week and going all the way to 30 minutes by the end of the month.

Thanks and Blessings, namaste


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I have done some visualizations regarding health and regeneration but I really like your image and I'm going to start using this image. Thanks.

(19 Sep '10, 21:09) I Think Therefore I Am

Nice visual daniele:)

(19 Sep '10, 23:40) Michaela

This sounds good. I have heard of people using a light to heal themselves as well, daniele.

(07 Feb '11, 04:17) flowingwater

Thank you @I Think Therefore I Am and thank you @Michaela! @flowingwater, you're quite right, I am one of those that use the light to heal myself, used it recently to heal my tooth :) and yes it works! namaste

(10 Feb '11, 08:47) daniele
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Hello friends ,

There is a series of Stretching exercises that some monks do to help the body energy flows to open , rejuvenate and work correctly(this stretching exercises actually if one of the "rituals" practices of the myth of the Fountain of Youth, another thing if you want true results stop eating meat or fish and more fruit and vegetables you will notice your body actually going into our true origin(if you practice meditation) and practice Meditation...chakras first with Mindfullness exercises , then Raising your Kundalini and dont forget the stretches and actually doing some sport.

You will notice tremendous changes....



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Is't raising the Kundalini dangerous if you don't do it correctly Yathnos?

(09 Nov '09, 07:37) flowingwater

breathe right, eat right, think right and take care of your body.


answered 19 Sep '10, 23:45

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Mind. What you see in the mirror is what you get. What Reality are you Creating?



answered 08 Oct '09, 07:29

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I recommend Yoga asanas: like paschimottasana, bhujangasana (it's from Hatha Yoga). By doing them you keep the body strong and young.


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One of the mystery schools (Rosicrucian) teaches that some of the past masters were able to slow and then reverse aging, and that these people walk amongst us without our even knowing that they are hundreds of years old. Can anyone elaborate? Interesting subject!


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LeeAnn 1

Sounds intriguing. Why not ask this as a question by itself?

(08 Oct '09, 20:30) Barry Allen ♦♦

Very Interesting and I believe there are an lot of people walking this earth who are ageless in the terms of their youthful body but very ancient in terms of their real physical age. Well at least it makes you ponder the thought. Thanks LeeAnn.

(09 Nov '09, 07:34) flowingwater

Positive Thoughts definitely first and foremost.

Healthy Food prioritizing high protein.

Correct Number of calories per day to keep you at the ideal weight you desire. (for example at 5' 7", you need 1500 calories per day to weigh 135).

An exercise program that works for you. A minimum of 3-4 days/week. Get the endorphins working to keep you happy and keep weight in check at the same time.

Lots of Water.

Vitamins based on your needs. Omega 3 and vitamin D highly recommended.

Adequate Sleep.


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Having been studying anti aging for the last three months through reading various books on the subject its very clear that free radical damage is a primary reason why the DNA copying process is affected. Reducing your exposure to things that cause Free radicals and taking an array of anti oxidants is a good place to start.


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when a new baby comes to this world. When you think of something that has not been thought before; e.g. inventing something that will make your world beautiful or ugly.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!!! so true, adjust your personality and people will see you differently, younger or older! you cant turn back the clock cookie, sorry for that!


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Sardines are one answer :) Dr. Benjamin Frank wrote The No Aging Diet back in the 70's, and sardines were at the top of his list of dietary recommendations. I believe Dr. Perricone's work is partly based on Dr. Frank's. He correctly thought that people would be more receptive to eating lots of salmon, which is also very beneficial.
This writer advises having two tins of sardines per week, which seems do-able enough:


answered 28 Mar '16, 21:33

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