Shortly after my Father's death, I was lying in bed, thinking about him. Suddenly, I felt a "whoosh" and he passed through my body! I felt "essence of Dad" for a brief time. I felt as though he was seated right next to me, and then got up, and walked through me.

It was an uncanny experience. But was it real? I think so, because it was like getting a great hug from him in real life.

That's the best I can explain it. What do you think? Can people from the other side visit us?

I should add that my father and I were very close.

Blessings, Jai

asked 21 Feb '10, 13:27

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Thank you all for your great answers! It will be hard to pick "the best"! Love, Jai

(21 Feb '10, 21:26) Jaianniah

I wish I had felt you this way my angel.

(19 Apr, 17:32) Wade Casaldi
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It,s about as real as it gets Jai. Yes I believe that you can be visited by another Spirit. They just like to check in on us from time to time and to let us know that We are doing great. I bet your dad checks in on you a lot, he wants to see you well.

It is an amazing feeling when you experience another Spirit,it can put a huge smile on your face and leaves you with a wonderful sense of peace.

Love and Light


answered 21 Feb '10, 13:52

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Thanks< Roy. I KNOW it was him! I could, for a second, smell his distinctive Vitalis smell! Love and Light to you, Jai

(21 Feb '10, 16:06) Jaianniah

Hi Jai, yes I believe that is so, most definitely, but that is my opinion of course and not everyone feels this way. When my mother left the planet, 3 people came for her although I could not identify them. When I was little my Nana used to make her own hand moisturiser. I had forgotten all about the distinctive smell of it until maybe 25/30 years later when I was lying in bed late one evening reading a book and smelt that smell. I had completely forgotten about it up until that point.


answered 21 Feb '10, 16:50

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Yes, I really believe they can visit us, and do. There are many books on the subject and even websites, that feature thousands, if not tens-of-thousands, of personal stories about visits from loved ones on the other side. So many of us have had this "for-sure" experience, and I know I have had it myself more than once. Isn't it a comfort? And these visits often seem to feature a distinctive fragrance that the person had; I like to think that this is to give us a sort of confirmation.


answered 21 Feb '10, 18:04

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LeeAnn 1

Yes, people from the afterlife visit us all the time, only we are not open to allowing ourselves to know this! I am an intuitive and someone who sees, feels and hears spirits or those who have crossed over. I have had many of my own personal experiences as well as doing readings for others who have needed just one more visit with their loved ones.

Basically, we are all energy and energy cannot be destroyed, but it changes form. Spirits are just another form or higher vibration of energy which is why some people can see them and others have not learned how to.

When my mother died, I remember seeing her body and knowing deep, deep down that she was no longer my mother. What made her my mother had passed out of the body and just the shell was left. That was what cinched it for me!

Today, I am blessed with the ability to speak with her and others so I never feel alone!


answered 21 Feb '10, 21:23

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Awaken to Spirit

Lovely answer! Jai

(21 Feb '10, 21:25) Jaianniah

Dear Awaken... what a wonderful gift you have. Just last week on this site I was telling members that it was a gift I wished I had. I do hope you stick around here and share your insigts with us.

(22 Feb '10, 00:03) Inactive User ♦♦

Yes, they visit us.

I had two such experience.

The first was 12 years ago, some month after my mother gone. I was sleeping and I dreamed her face bringing nearer within a cloud. She told me: "Help my son, he need you. Told him, that he remains entirely". Then she disappear. I woke worrying. in the early morning I called my brother to ask how he is. He answered he suffered a road accident , being in a buss, one month ago, have had many fractures with displacement of both feet, have operated two times, but the evolution is very unsurely. He don't told me for don't be worry, it don't helps nobody. I told him the message from mother. He was very surprised and excited and I also. His evolution turned to better and he "remained entirely".

The second experience was very recently. Two month ago got the husband of a friend, who remained solely with a familial bussiness. One week ago, reading a book, I felt tired my eyes. I leaved the book, closed the eyee and taked a breath exercise. Suddenly, the husband of my friend appeared looking me from a TV ecran and says: "Please, tell to my wife to be very careful with XY, it could be a grave problem". But who is XY? asked I. "My wife knows", was the answer and he disappeared, together with the TV. I called at once my friend and told her the story. At sure, she was very excited. Within sobbing she says: I have so much problems and he ask from me to care other woman? He ever told me how nice is XY"! "But who is XY?" asked I. "My accountant" was the answer... and I only than was shocked. I suggested my friend to verify immediately her bank account and, if it's OK, than could be jealous, but i don't just believe that a spirit returnes on our existential plane for a romantic adventure. Following day, my friend called me: Yes, there, in the bank account she finded the "nice woman"'s to care problem.

Now, I have an ask: Why the gone spirit appeals to other individual than the interested? Is this not enough opened for the contact?


answered 22 Feb '10, 02:36

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For communication to take place there has to be an overlapping of energies to some extent.. and/or an openness ?? That is how is has been explained to me. One of my work colleagues dropped dead just over a year ago. We had a common interest in art, but we saw each other only very occasionally. One night I felt someone poking me quite hard above the right breast.. I 'woke' to see my colleague. The same thing happened to another of his work mates. It turned out to the first anniversary of his death. He knew I believed in survival after death ?? It was nice to see him again :)

(22 Feb '10, 02:50) Inactive User ♦♦

Gleam, maybe if they appeared directly to the person they have a message for, the person would be afraid. Maybe it's easier if they hear the idea from you. Perhaps spirits come to you because you are gifted at approaching the others gently and they are accepting more of the message? Your comments were interesting to think about.

(22 Feb '10, 03:09) LeeAnn 1

Yes - I agree with all the above - what you experienced was most probably real. My dad visited me too... he gave me the biggest kiss on the cheek ever. I can still feel it when I think of it.

I just love hearing of these experiences!

Love rules OK


answered 22 Feb '10, 00:01

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Inactive User ♦♦

Yes, spirits can visit us. My grandmother has visted me several times but not often many years apart. My grandfather has visted me in dreams. Some people are can see spirits who they know nothing about or have no experience with this can be good and scary because it can catch you off guard. I had someone who is dead now who said that he was born with a veil over his face and he could see spirits and said when you past a spot and it is real cold or hot that is where a spirit is.

I can tell you one time I was at work and I was in a hurry doing my duties and all of a certain I stopped because it felt like I was about to run into someone but when I looked I could see no one but I knew someone was there. That has only happen once but it was strange.

I have not seen ghosts or spirits but I have dreamed of them, smelled them, or heard them and most of the time it would be my grandmother sending me a message that she was watching over me.


answered 02 Mar '10, 08:58

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Yes, for sure. My loveable cat visits sometimes. Also, Angels come to help me whenever I ask them to! I think I must have had a memory of them somewhere deep in my being because I didn't even believe in Angels before it started happening. The first time I called for help, I didn't specifically ask for angels to come,I just cried for help when I was in a fearful place. I didn't even recognise them as angels because they are not like anything on earth, and also because they don't feel like they are separate beings or apart from me. I only recognise them by the effect they have on my feelings, and the way they lead me to the right thoughts or understandings. Sometimes they tell me things I didn't know before. Those who haven't know angels cannot know the healing power they have. They make me realise things in one minute that no human ever could in a lifetime of unconditional love an devotion, like how precious I am. I love them so much! but they love me more :-D .

I hope you all get to have relationships with the angels, there's nothing like it!


answered 24 Oct '11, 03:11

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Jai - found this while I was looking for something else... I think this might cheer you up a great deal and hasten your healing process. This should keep you going a long life time.

With Love


answered 01 Mar '10, 06:28

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Inactive User ♦♦

Very interesting and cool website, I can't wait to read more of the articles!

(01 Mar '10, 18:55) LeeAnn 1

yes they can. but often human do not see them or realize it. expeience and enjoy.


answered 24 Oct '11, 03:31

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white tiger

Yes, i think that the people we were closest to visit us most ... when i first started experiencing this kind of phenomenon in 1977 i was freaked out ... later i became used to it, now i rather like it and contact these spirits voluntarily.


answered 24 Oct '11, 08:56

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blubird two

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