I was just reading that Rhonda Byrne is in a lot of hot water, people suing her right and left over the movie The Secret! This seems so odd because if The Secret is correct she attracted this herself and should have known better and not attracted it if she really believed what she was promoting.

Here is the full article to read.

It does not say any of the other speakers were burnt except Jerry and Esther Hicks but when you look at the bigger picture they were at least paid, the others as I read were not even paid. I am just trying to understand how this could happen, I think it was greed over compassion and love. What do you suppose it could be that so much to end up with all these lawsuits.

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks Barry, yes that is better title for those who do not know who she is by name. :-)

(11 Mar '12, 15:30) Wade Casaldi

I find it interesting that some of these events seem to be happening close to around the same time (Rhonda Bryne getting sued, Jerry Hicks passing away,etc) - seems to be a way to help or encourage people distinguish the "teachers" from the "teachings"

(11 Mar '12, 22:51) kakaboo

@kakaboo I like that observation! Yes as I have said before when asked about something about Abraham/Hicks that it is the message that is the most important. The good thing is The Secret was mostly Abraham's words and still is. It is just said by others now.

(11 Mar '12, 23:08) Wade Casaldi

Kakaboo, I completely agree with you! And as Niculaus added in his post, James Ray can be added to this list. It is the message that is important, not the messenger. The messengers are flawed and human like the rest of us.

(12 Mar '12, 11:53) LeeAnn 1

"Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?"

(16 Dec '12, 13:19) mastermind2
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She's a sharp business woman who struck gold with her marketing strategy. I'm not surprised, Wade; not everyone practices what they preach (even me; ha-ha). I'm thinkin' a few of speakers probably regret doing the movie, too. Maybe, you're just a little naive, Wade. You always see the good in everyone & like me, you think everyone always tells the truth. lol!

I thought the Secret; lacked substance; but was a quick read & expressed the point simply. I bought several copies to give away. I did not purchase the Power; read the libraries copy. I do plan on buying her new book, which just came out, the Magic.

Speaking of good buys on self help books . . . I'd rather stay right here & read Stingray. So far it's free & by far, some of the best self help, I've ever read. That goes for the rest of IQ, also. You too, Wade. Thanks!


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Thanks Ele this is the closest for what I was looking for so far. Yes I just really wanted a "what went wrong" answer. This seems to fit very well. Yes I find it interesting that she seems very good at getting things done. (a lesson I need work on) lol. But it seems she fell short on other lessons she yet needs to learn. When it comes down to it we all have our lessons that we need to learn. We're all progressing, some have harsh lessons to learn from. We need be thankful for the progress gain

(13 Mar '12, 11:13) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi I think Rhonda should have stuck to what she does best & that is, being a damn good business woman; as well as a producer. Personally, had I been her, I would have hired someone to play her role. Everyone else depicted in the dvd were very sincere, personal motivators & teachers. It's been years since I saw the movie & you have 2? lol! I do subscribe to her weekly teachings FWIW.

(13 Mar '12, 21:04) ele

@Wade Casaldi -- thanks, Wade....

(13 Mar '12, 21:57) ele
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Well, this is quite depressing, I think the secret can be, for some people, almost a religion so if they cant believe in this then what can they believe in?!

But it does sound like, yet again, greed takes over. When will people learn.

I have a tatoo which is a quote from 'The Power', I hope this isnt something im going to have to pay for to cover up!


answered 11 Mar '12, 16:21

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Red Shoes


Your faith, whether you qualify it as a religion or not, is yours. I don't think Christians cover up their cross tattoos every time a minister is caught committing a crime.

These people aren't pioneers nor the originators of these style of beliefs. They have been around for millenia (at least). They are just people 'spreading the word' so to speak.

If you find that your pastor at a Church isn't good, do you give up on God or do you find a new Church? [metaphor, for non Biblical types]

(11 Mar '12, 20:54) Snow

I will try to answer this thread by giving hope and having a little thought experiment...bear with me

Much of the science behind the law of attraction is based on Quantum Physics. Recently, I have discovered the theory that a new universe is created from our universe with each supernova. These universes are essentially the same as ours (laws, people, events what have you) except for tiny glitches here and there (your blond version perhaps or whatever applies). These universes are also hypothesized as the outcome of certain choices each of us make. So if your choice A is compatible with my choice F, a version of you and me with these choices will exist in a universe that holds the opportunity for these choices to unfold and germinate. It is estimated that there are 30 supernovae each second in the known universe. That's 30 +- times per second to make a choice in everything we engage ourselves in.

In her book "The Power", Rhonda Byrne said (paraphrasing here) that each event in our lives prompts us to choose the positive, the magnificent, the creative over the destructive, the negative, the ugly. According to the Tripura Rahasya, a yogi annihilates time and space in a second with the force of his will. Aren't we all yogi's by using the filter of love, optimism and creativity to see life? This same book also said, "Sensory evidence does not lead anywhere. It will certainly never lead to liberation." Sounds like the message of the Secret, well it is.

It is next to impossible to know exactly what each Jew thought of while they were held in consecration camps during WWII. By virtue of holding on to optimism, I dare not hypothesize what thoughts led some of them to gas chambers. We do know of stories of the survivors and how they held on to the thought of life and following their dreams. Stephen Cohen described in his book 7 habits of highly effective people that these survivors saw themselves separate from all the negative things that went on outside of them. They saw a tranquil, peaceful place at the center of their being amidst the turbulence that was their current state of existence: the Vortex of Abraham Hicks. I brought this painful part of humanity's history to show that the law of attraction saved these individuals back then. Their thoughts kept them going.

As for the lawsuits, rivalries, unpaid fees, imprisonment, what have you: the trials of our teachers need not be our reality. These circumstances are beyond doubt the transmission of an important message from the universe: the thoughts that drew these experiences to their lives is sticky so lets keep our noses from getting stuck with all these negativities by making a choice. We have a choice to see the hope that their teachings gives us in our lives. We have a choice to be grateful having known these teachings in our lives. We have a choice of remembering Jerry Hicks' dynamism. We have a choice of seeing Rhonda's leadership and sense of direction. We have a choice of seeing James Arthur Ray as the guy who said, "Your present is not who you are. It's who you were", thus opening up the flow of creation of our future. We have a choice in not nit-picking the details of their teaching: it only leads to confusion. Besides, the devil is indeed in the details: the minute you look for them, you know you're in a negative frequency...you know this, you feel this. We have a choice to make a healthier, more positive choice. We have a choice to choose our reality and we do it 30 times per second.

May the power of life, light and love bring everything you ask for in life...that is my intention for you and for all of creation.


answered 16 Mar '13, 10:00

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Lakshimisiddhi Saraswati

@Lakshimisiddhi saraswati- i loved ur name..and the answer too. thank u for sharing..-love,light n blessings ur wayy..:)))

(17 Mar '13, 06:13) supergirl

@Lakshimisiddhi Saraswati - focusing on the good, the positive, is great, thank you.

(18 Mar '13, 12:10) figure8shape

Hey I'd just thought I'd chip in some other info here,

James Arthur Ray, when I watched the secret 2 years ago, was my absolute favourite. He was so damn charismatic and had this charm to what he said!

And what a gloomy few days I had when I discoevered, this seeming role model I had, has ended up in prison due to some scandal involving his responsibility for killing a few people unintentionally at a meditation retreat...


answered 12 Mar '12, 06:38

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I hadn't thought of it but you know that is true. The same could be said for him and his power for attracting. I wonder if his books are on sale at the bargan basement deal prices. We might get some good books, CDs or DVDs cheap simply because no one else wants them because they judge the man and not the material.

(12 Mar '12, 10:28) Wade Casaldi

I know for a fact in my own life experiences that the teachings of the law of attraction is a very real, very powerful energy that we all possess through our subconscious mind. I thank Rhonda for bringing it to the light of our collective consciousness. Rhonda is an individual just like the rest of us. And just like the rest of us, guiding ourselves to do the right thing and make the right choices to have a more awesome experience is a daily effort. I am praying for her. And that all the teachers involved are properly and fairly compensated. But like the teachings say, our subconscious mind only gives us what we're thinking about and acting on. It doesn't matter who you are.


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Melissa Lewis

When I watched the movie, I was disappointed. It kept talking about all this work you have to do. There was something missing that I can't put my finger on without watching it again. Apparently, they didn't fully grasp the concept because their vibration was such, or they had the limiting beliefs that kept them at a level where they felt it necessary to use people and make promises they weren't going to keep.


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Fairy Princess

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No, remember the Bob Doyal / Joe Vitale section on Inspired Action? Joe Vitale says, "You need to take action." Bob Doyal says "But you can't be working at it like, I could try this or that." It shows a girl sad circling ads for a dating service. Then Joe comes back and says "It needs to be inspired action not just any action." Then Bob says, "When you get that feeling go for it, go out to the beach live life." Joe comes in and says "What ever you feel go for it, if you get a nuge. Do it!"

(11 Mar '12, 20:14) Wade Casaldi

The scene cuts to girl on the beach being invited to play volly ball and she meets the perfect guy for her.

Can you tell I watched The Secret? lol

I have the original and extended I. prefer the original myself with Esther Hicks.

(11 Mar '12, 20:16) Wade Casaldi

Well there was something missing. I never saw the original extended version. Maybe they are different? Anyway it was missing something and that is why they attracted a mess for themselves.

(11 Mar '12, 23:47) Fairy Princess

Yes they did not put much into that portion kind of like if you blinked you missed it! lol But there have been follow up movies that filled the missing gaps well. Beyond The Secret, The Missing Secret, Leap, The Meta Secret, Beyond Belief, Behind The Secret. Etc... :-)

(11 Mar '12, 23:53) Wade Casaldi

The original version has Esther Hicks talking with her Abraham voice coming through the entire film. She is the main speaker actually in the original.

(11 Mar '12, 23:55) Wade Casaldi

@ Wade Casaldi- Were those other movies by the same Rhonda Byrne?

(12 Mar '12, 08:41) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess no but they were made in the same style with many of the same speakers. Come to othink of it I haven't seen anything from Rhonda Byne since "The Secret."

(12 Mar '12, 09:42) Wade Casaldi

I am confused as to why you mentioned those other videos that are not by Rhonda Byrne?

(12 Mar '12, 12:21) Fairy Princess

Just because they are very good and take up the slack I suppose. Like that lastest movie I am watching it Beyond Belief, that is excellect! I believe each movie the people that make them learn from the other movies what works and doesn't. They all seem influenced by eachother. By the way The Secret Behind The Secret is Esther Hicks and Abraham all the way.

(12 Mar '12, 12:28) Wade Casaldi
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Rhonda Byrne has gone on to publish two more books. "The Power" and "The magic" I haven't read them yet. Seems she goes on to elaborate more on the principles to "The Secret"


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I didn't know that. Thanks RPuls. Now I understand Red Shoes Answer about The Power tatoo. :-)

(12 Mar '12, 10:24) Wade Casaldi

Hi, Ease off poor Rhonda!!

I have to thank The Secret for bringing the LOA to the 'masses'. The book had to focus on money, as that is what so many people want more of. I prefer the Abraham teachings of Hicks, however the first time being introduced to Esther and the 'Abraham voice' could freak you out if you are not open minded to this sort of channelling.

The other thing I have to thank the Secret for is that it is a great intro in a group workshop to establish where people are on their open mindedness of the LOA.

As for Rhonda's other work, I have read and really enjoyed The Magic. It really focussed on the act of gratitude and that is something that anyone can benefit from.

I believe if LOA is a concept/message that humanity can benefit from understanding, many different messengers will be involved in bringing it to the mass awareness. Some will be more authentic than others!!

much love, Lindsay


answered 17 Mar '13, 20:38

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