"Self sabotage" is behavior wherein one consciously makes decisions that will make things more difficult for themselves either immediately or in the future.

Procrastination is an example, as is doing things you will like in the moment but have negative repercussions such as eating/drinking/doing something you shouldn't, skipping out on appointments or obligations, etc. "Intentional resistance" is [I believe] a non existent phrase that comes to mind.

Such as someone wanting financial abundance, receiving a check in the mail, then throwing it away instead of cashing it? Would the LOA just serve up another check, or...?

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I asked before about 'self sabotage' but didn't get beneficial answers; I hope I can now with your question. But you set it much righter 'Procrastination', I am studying applying practicing so much good, but procrastinating its coming. And I am so much good in my 'Self sabotage' :( Hope to get practical solutions with you

(17 Mar '12, 08:02) r0la
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Hi Snow and rOla,

The LOA is the manager of vibration. And as such it will always bring the essence of your thoughts and beliefs to you. Over time, you'll see a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs in your world. There’s nothing for you to do and nothing you can do about the LOA, it's a Universal law that just IS and is always working.

By observing what's manifesting in your world and by recognizing the reflections you're getting, the LOA can be used as an indicator of your thoughts and beliefs. It's not that self-sabotage interferes with the LOA, it's that the LOA is responding to your thoughts, so if the nature of your thoughts are sabotaging what you really want, then the LOA has to respond. So you have to unravel your thinking process.

I always prefer going to the root of any perceived challenge. That way, I'm able to change things from the ground up, rather than dealing with the superficial surface layers, skimming the surface as it were. Self-sabotage is to do with your mind and how you think. So your mind is the place to start when looking into the idea of self-sabotage.

There are endless ideas, methods and suggestions regarding self-sabotage and what one should or shouldn't do or what one must do to, somehow, overcome it or change it. And if any particular method or solution enters your awareness and resonates with you, then it will assist you in some way; that's why you brought it to you.

My preferred method is: knowing that your own mind is the root cause of self-sabotage and in order for your mind to re-program itself, it's necessary to observe the functioning of it. We cannot observe our mind from within our mind, we need to be looking at it from a higher perspective in order to really see it...

Start by simply observing your thoughts without placing judgment upon them. Remember that all judgment comes from within your mind, so if you're judging then you're not observing. The beauty of the action of simply observing your mind is that you don't have to spend years digging for problems and then applying solutions, because as you observe without judgment, you automatically become more consciously aware.

And once you are more consciously aware, while you may still see evidence of self-sabotage, you'll refrain from placing judgment upon it and upon yourself and then, over time, it will dissipate from your experience.

Caveat: it's important not to judge yourself for thinking judgmental thoughts, when observing your mind and being aware of your own judgment, automatic forgiveness of self is extremely helpful.

Remember: any judgment is still judgment; whereas, awareness of your judgment is conscious awareness and the more aware you are the more aware you'll become. Conscious awareness is a higher state of being, a higher perspective in which self-sabotage is minimal or non-existent :)

There is only one step which leads to all other steps and that step is awareness of consciousness.
That’s why I maintain that awareness is the key to understanding.


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Hi Eddie. Yes you are right, my mind works against its own beliefs I have been scanning why I am not there yet, and I was sure it is me who is standing in the way of its showing for just simply sabotaging my thoughts with my another thoughts. And I knew it because I am manifesting many things in many ways, still working on a thing I really want and scare at same time and my mind is working on both sides of Yes I want it and No can I handle it

(19 Mar '12, 14:15) r0la

And enough is enough. I really want it, 'Self-sabotage' ohhhhhhh sometimes I feel like I am solid wood :( But it is good suggestion to reprogram my mind, mostly I do not fight my thoughts I faced them, and because I know how my mind work I assured it needs a reprogram of maintaining supportive thoughts towards certain manifestation. As I am on crossroads is there more suggestions, methods with more details? or some links. So much thanks.

(19 Mar '12, 14:38) r0la

Hi rOla, be wary of making your awareness of the action of your mind more difficult than it actually is. Because that again is unconscious (for lack of a better word) action of your ego-self. If you're doing whatever excites you and you notice persistent negative of contrary thoughts, realize that you must have some kind of a belief going on. Once you've identified what it is, you can thank it, release it and replace it with a new preferred belief.

(19 Mar '12, 22:46) Eddie

Thank you Eddie :)

(20 Mar '12, 03:23) r0la
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Nothing interferes with LOA. I believe you ment "does this interfere with my attempts to create the reality I desire?". Self sabotage is a result, through LOA, of beliefs. With the example of the person who wants to eat less food and finds himself eating more - then there is a belief or expectation there of self sabotage. The belief may rely on "evidence" such as "I always screw these things up" or "I'm a person who doesn't follow up with his promises", and LOA brings more thoughts to it, and eventually projects it into physical reality in the form of behaviour. Behaviour is a result of thought.

Regarding procrastination - again, this means that there are beliefs that are in conflict with the desire. And it is manifested, again, in the form of behaviour ("laziness", some would call it). It is actually NOT a good idea to start forcing action in this state, that would be effort from out of the vortex. But instead of addressing the cause (vibration that is not in alignment with the vibration of the desire), people tend to beat themselves up, to start looking for motivation sources, get all kinds of Anthony Robbins super ultra mega revolutionary special delux edition "Destroy your Procrastination forever"... When the solution is just to start appreciating and let the universe guide them to the right path.


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Well done Benjamin.

(18 Mar '12, 08:33) Paulina 1

Hi Snow, Yes it does interfere with personal LOA as you will self sabotage your dreams and desires.

This happens because somehow the subconscious mind has accepted a harmful command and is programed to ensure we dont get what we want but insead self sabotage ourselves just when we thought this time our dream will become reality.

There are many reasons for this and because they are subconscious we are not aware that we are the ones preventing ourselves from reaching our goals.

Subconscious programing is like Hypnosis and can happen when we are under stress and arn't paying atention or are ill or were unconscious for any reason while others were talking. In other words our conscious guardian mind was bypassed and a comand or belief was impragnated within our subconscious mind which become law.

Here is a small example of how this can happen: John had a motocycle accident and was unconscious for a brief period of time. The woman who caused the accident got to him first and tried to help before the peramedics got to him. She was a nervous wreck and kept crying "Oh my God what have I done, what have I done. How could I have been so stupid.

Needles to say even years after that accident whenever John tried to get ahead and things didnt work and they didnt work often he would repeat the words "O my god what have I done, how could I have been so stupid." over and over over again. John was self sabotaging himself because a subconscious comand was accepted during the time he was unconscious and now it was creating hell in Johns life.

Here is another example: Mary was worried for everytime she had employement it would only be for a while. Someone else would allway get the promotion and she would lose out. She couldnt understand why she couldnt keep a job for she tried so hard and worked so hard but still she considered herself somehow inadequate.

Mary went to a therapist and discovered what caused her problem of not being able to keep employement for more than a few months at a time.

Mary had an overpowering and agresive mother and as a child her mother would tell her repeatedly that she would never amount to anything or have anything worthwile because she was too timid. This being done repeatedly lodged itself into Marys subconscious and the rest is history as they say.

Situations in our lives that have allowed unhealthy commands to impregnate themselves into our subconscious mind are very powerfull and can sabotage not only our dreams and desires but also the normal everyday life.

This is a lot more common than most people think so please all parents give your children only loving and positive words for if they are within earshot especialy whan otherwise occupied with their toys or games their ears can and do still hear and life crippling commands can impragnate their young minds.

This happens to us grownups as well.


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Paulina 1

Yes I would say so too, it says in The Law of Attraction Turbo Charged that we do often even! What happens as the moment we are to take inspired action we second guess it and miss out on the reward.

You want a new job and are working to manifest it. You get invited to a barbeque and you turn it down because you need to spend the time searching for jobs on the net and news paper. Little did you know that had you gone to the barbeque you would have made a new friend that has a cousin looking for someone to fill a position for your dream job!

In my book Universal Mind there was a guy that wrote in his manifesting journal that he would get $500 to fix his van up. He was going through a supermarket and was offered to buy a raffle ticket. He turned it down, the guy behind him bought it and won guess how much money??? That is right $500 the guy behind him won and was excited saying I won $500 wow!

It reminds me of the joke of the man waiting for God to save him. A man in dingy comes floating by to save him, he turns it down. later as the flood raises higher a big boat comes along to save him he turns it down. He is waiting for God to save him. Finely a guy comes with a helicopter to get him and he again says "No thank you God will save me." He drowns and meets Jesus and says, "What happened? I thought you would save me!" Jesus says, "Look here, I have sent you a guy on a dingy at the very start, then I tried again and sent you a big boat, I did not give up on you and even sent you a Helicopter! What more did you want from me the coast guard?"

Another way of Self Sabotage is how we make our intentions.

A women wrote in her manifesting journal (Same book Universal Mind) that, "Her husband was regaining his love and feeling of passion." She forgot two words though, "For Her." She lost him to another women, he did regain his love and passion, that did come to be.


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We can not get it wrong. Even that so-called sabotage might be the crack of least resistance and in time the wanted will come if it's a core intention.

In the meantime we might feel negative feelings due to the sabotage and that is where we have to get a grip and try to feel better even through our going backwards or slowing down our good by some uninspired action.

Still I believe as long as I'm focused on my intentions and feeling good then my life will be better than I can imagine, even with those side trips I took:)


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everything you do is your choice and your responsibility. Don't do what you hate. make wise choice. should you resist your own self(by hidding stuff from your self or telling lie)? example : drinking you like to drink ok no problem drink. but does it affect you in what way? do you like it? how many should you drink before you do not like it anny more? are you still in controll meaning you do not get agressive or hide the truth from your self or try to forget? you can do annything you like you have free will but if it is counter productive for you i do not think you will like it.(self sabotage, counter productive you drink and get in a fight or arguement with someone but the next day you do not remember and wounder why this person do not talk to you like they used to?) so make wise choice experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

lol. I think you more than slightly missed the point.

To help you understand better, it would be like someone wanting to manifest skinniness overeating and saying "I'll just eat less later", then the later time rolls around and they think to themselves "Damn! Now I have to be hungry because of my past self. Damn you past self!" Or spending extra on their weekly budget, knowing it will limit their opportunities later.

(17 Mar '12, 09:00) Snow

did i miss the point snow. or did you. you go from one extreme to the other. and i tell you to seek balence and harmony in truth for your self. your free will affect you and every one around you. look around you do you think that building ,car, road grow in nature? if i give you 3 choice; 1: put building every where so that we can make money. 2:make building only has needed and preserve nature. 3: not make building because it destroy nature. what choice did you pick that is not in the extreme?

(17 Mar '12, 14:32) white tiger

do you know the result of those choice? if i tell you that the choice in the extreme have bring bigger problems and have self sabotage them self. you will ask why? choice 1: building to much building he did not have enuff client to fill those building and loss money. destroying nature he made pollution and lack of food. choice3: not building to preserve nature when the cold or extreme heat came there was not enufff shelter and people died.

(17 Mar '12, 14:57) white tiger
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