After reading delterjoes quote:

from channeling but I think some of what is channeled from anyone is interpreted through their own mental filters, so if there is no word or definition for a particular thing it is almost impossible to express said thing. that is just my opinion on channeling in general I'm sure just like any sport, or art in life there are those that know their filters better than others.

From this answer.

Made me wonder who chooses who? The channeler choose the source or visa versa?
And if a source could choose wouldn't it be more advantageous to choose someone who is well educated ? Someone that would have a larger capacity (mental filters) to be a resource for very complex information.

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As for who, I believe in & am open to all possibilities. I think it could be both; but for the most part it is the channeler.

As for a larger mental capacity . . . hmm . . Who is to say the greatest inventors, scientists, explorers, artists, musicians & writers were not also channeling source energy? It's not my personal belief, but who knows if the authors of the bible were channelers or channeled too. Perhaps it was an attempt by an malevolent alien nation with a sadistic sense of humor to civilize the inhabitants of earth by constructing some type of law & order - we were barbarians after all who evolved from apes or came from another planet or as some believe "created".

For the most part I agree with blu & his unique perspective also resonates with me. (look at his 1st edit). The most important factor whether one channels or connects to source energy or your higher consciousness is vibration. I think this is the main reason Rob @Treb is successful. His vibrates love & light. Can't you just feel it? It's LOA - Rob's vibrations sure attract me to him.

I also think you can easily connect with source or the universe when your vibration is emotionally charged whether or not you vibrate in a state of love or joy. Remember, you always create in the state of vibration you are in; why couldn't you channel also. You may or may not connect with source or you may connect with a being who resides in your own consciousness. Never underestimate the power of fear; which allows you to connect w/o being in deep mediation or an altered state. I know I would not be alive today ( many times over) if I could not transmit to another human soul's (or to an angel's or channel my higher) consciousness w/o ANY verbal communication on my part.

Should be noted, sometime I say universe & I mean the universe & other times I mean my higher consciousness. Thinking along the lines of what blu said - Caroline Myss, medical intuitive & author stated there is a very very fine line between someone in a spiritual crisis & someone who has schizophrenia (or is developing it). To sum up, I'm open to all possibilities as well as dwelling in possibilities..

ETA I like the co-creator idea suggested by @Gumnaam also.


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@ele-Rob vibrates love and light, yes absolutely agree ... that is one of the reasons of his "powers" ... hope and love are indispensable to obtain the honors of "mother nature". The difference between schizophrenia and spiritual crisis is that the schizophrenic is bombarded with so many synchronicities, symbols etc. that the physical brain is overloaded, and loses contact with reality, a spiritual crisis is less dramatic, the person is conscious of what is happening and maintains control- blu

(12 Jan '13, 04:09) blubird two

@Blu TY for bringing this to my attention. I planned on crediting Caroline Myss, author, medical intuitive & teacher. It was a direct quote. She was explaining why classes on anatomy as well as classical mysticism were necessary when she trained to be a medical intuitive under Dr. Norm Shealy in regards to initial diagnosis. She adheres to standard medical guidelines & acts as a consultant to physicians & psychiatrists. She does not treat. Yes, I'm also very well acquainted with schizophrenia.

(13 Jan '13, 02:16) ele

@ele-yes schizophrenia is a general name that covers a whole range of complex phenomena and symptoms ... my mother was frequently hospitalized, diagnostic "paranoid schizophrenia" ...

(13 Jan '13, 05:43) blubird two

@ursixx What? You don't like nicknames? What's wrong with Uri? BTW, I knew no one would challenge it - haha.

(14 Jan '13, 05:45) ele

@ele nuthin wrong with Uri ,just kinda fond of ursixx ;) so is my friend Google just ask her

(14 Jan '13, 11:24) ursixx

@ursixx Yes, Mr Google sometimes friend sometimes foe - I know all too well & wish others knew what we know. I should have spent my time here more wisely & deleted everything I possibly could before Simon changed the rules & went back to the observation deck for good. I have a very, very public persona in real life; at least my hats do. What's that song? Everyone knows your name? Perhaps honest is NOT always best; perhaps I should learn to lie.

(15 Jan '13, 04:28) ele

lol @ele love the edit :P

(15 Jan '13, 05:00) ursixx
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Mutual agreement between the channel & the channeled entity. Everyone has freewill to choose & co-creation is by mutual agreement.


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@Gumnaam : Any first hand experience? P.S. Welcome to IQ

(11 Jan '13, 09:32) ursixx

@Gumnaam- welcome to the "world" of IQ ... mutual agreement? hmm interesting ... so the question is " what is an entity?" :)

(11 Jan '13, 10:17) blubird two

Darryl Anka channels his future self (in a sense) & according to him it's an agreement he made before his birth. Bashar has answered many questions related to channeling.

/ˈentitē/ Noun A thing with distinct and independent existence. Existence; being: "entity and nonentity". Synonyms being - existence - essence

(12 Jan '13, 05:00) Gumnaam

@Gumnaam- thanks for the info :)

(12 Jan '13, 06:44) blubird two

@Gumnaam- "mutual agreement" of a kind, yes i agree ... between the channel and the channeled entity, not so sure ... it all depends on what is meant by channel and channeled entity ...

(13 Jan '13, 05:07) blubird two In the beginning of this film Darryl Anka tells about a memory coming back (about 2 minutes into the video) @Gumnaam :D

(14 Jan '13, 01:26) ursixx

@ursixx- yes interesting well designed video of what i would name a "mediums meeting", let's remember that Darryl Anka is also a visual and special effects cinema artist ... on the subject of mediums here is a short explanation have fun :)

(14 Jan '13, 04:12) blubird two
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Hello ursixx

For me channeling is a result of expansion of consciousness, so from this point of view it seems to me that source energy and it's information content is always available to everyone, though not everyone has expanded their consciousness enough to reach it ... this is of course a very simplified explication. What's more, a lot of personal interpretation is involved, for example deleterjoe talks of lion-like beings from another magnitude, are they "real" in their dimension or are they a kind of symbolic representation of the human emotions, courage and strength.

So what is an entity? ... my feeling is that all aspects of ourselves that are not integrated into our personality risk to be projected and can be perceived as being on the "outside" of us ... an entity by definition is out there somewhere "exterior" to us ... an agglomeration of non integrated parts can easily be perceived in a symbolic form as a being or entity ... just as some children "see" fairies ... have fun blu

Update 12 jan 2013;

All living things have individuality, identity and a secret name, that is why there can be so many different entities ... the entity as a symbol, stays in constant relation with the object that it represents, it provides an individual gateway into the unknown, a kind of selective energy shield ... it is a personalized energy projection, a gateway that allows the channeler to receive information from source.


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blubird two

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I love how your mind works.

(11 Jan '13, 05:05) ele

@blubird two: I understand what you mean about channeling source. But what about the channelings of entities other than source?

(11 Jan '13, 05:21) ursixx

@ursixx- i've edited my answer to explain how i feel about entities :)

(11 Jan '13, 11:14) blubird two

@blubird two: so would Treb be a symbolic represtation of ... love and light? and Bashar would be ...I don't know the words to describe Bashars symbolic value ... higher common sense ? And in those cases .Who chooses who?

(11 Jan '13, 19:18) ursixx

@ursixx- Treb, love and light,certainly ... Bashar, higher common sense?, i prefer to think of him as having a deep knowledge of how energy flows ... i suppose it all boils down to that famous phrase "ask and you will be given" :)

(12 Jan '13, 03:55) blubird two

@blubird two Very interesting answer - a new way of looking at it - new to me anyway.

(13 Jan '13, 12:58) Catherine
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Sorry I missed this one. Well for the truth of the matter, it is a choice, but it is not who picks who, it is more about both of us being aligned with who we are, and then being similar vibration with each other. Most every channeler connects to one entity, is actually only connecting to another portion of their oversoul. I know this is not as simple as this, but it kinda is lol. I know Treb said he chose me for reasons, and I had chose him for reasons, but it is more about lack of resistance than anything I think. Love u guys, and hope this helped.



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TReb Bor yit-NE

Hey rob .thanks for the clarification. .. Hope you had a great summer too!

(07 Aug '13, 12:33) ursixx

I believe the channeled "seeks" the information that they are looking for while the source sends said information, though we can only describe information in terms or words we know how to express here. it would be as though I would assume you to know what the word unten means and the specifics behind it. it means a single digit number above nine. does it have meaning before you knew about it? Yes, but only after using other words to describe the word and its meaning does it now hold meaning for you. now your filter needs one less step in understanding a single digit number greater than nine. I hope that clarifies it a bit better, I am unsure if it does, until of course you validate so.


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