I was just doing a focus block on a very minor topic (in the frequency it occurs) that has been consistent in my life for a few years now.

I was feeling very good when I started and was working through it for a few statements, feeling what I thought was a release of resistance. Then all of a sudden a statement shot through my head on the topic that made me angry. I'm not sure if it was really 'relieving'. I enjoy the feeling. I have never felt anger that intensely concerning the topic though.

Just so everyone can see, I'll post the few statements I had (with name changed):

alt text

This actually leads me to a few questions:

1) Perhaps I should not do focus blocks when I'm feeling good? (I'm not so sure I would be able to get that many done though, if that were the case!)

2) It seems to me like it's gone backwards...the first statements I definitely believe and they offered relief, from some point. Then it's like all of a sudden I 'snapped' into a 'worse' than normal feeling I have when the situation occurs.

Is it actually possible to feel genuine relief about a subject from a good feeling place...and then snap into the 'trained vibration' where that earlier feeling of relief just vanishes?

Perhaps I should spend time before starting focusing more specifically on the situation that causes the feeling before starting with the focus block. (Although that brings me to the dilemma of 1))

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Nice question, Liam - and I'll give you a detailed answer within the next few days along with a strategy for applying Focus Blocks more effectively in your case. Just a bit busy at the moment so bear with me :)

(29 Jul '10, 18:13) Stingray

Cool. I look forward to your answer, Stingray. :)

(30 Jul '10, 00:33) Liam
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Thanks for your question, Liam. It gives me a great opportunity to expand upon the original Focus Blocks ideas in a way that might be helpful to those who wish to take the concept a bit further.

Abraham's Vortex is such a beautifully-crafted analogy for alignment with your Inner Being / Higher Self that I'm going to answer your query from that perspective. That idea of the Vortex simply makes explaining vibrational ideas so much simpler.

When you in the Vortex, whatever you do is the right thing to do. You have the golden touch when you are in Vortex. It's the place where you are in perfect alignment with all you want. It is a place of maximum allowing of everything you seek in life. You are invincible when you live life from the perspective of your Vortex.

The full Focus Blocks method which I personally use (Manifesting Experiment 2 is really the first part of it) is actually a systematic method for getting you into the Vortex.

From your description, it sounds like, through diligent application of the ideas presented so far, you are managing to access your Vortex quite consistently.

So it's probably a good time to present the full detailed overview strategy for using Focus Blocks which I've only hinted at before.

I didn't want to (and still don't want to) confuse newcomers to these ideas too much by explaining how the method morphs as you move up the vibrational scale towards your Vortex. One of my main purposes with explaining these ideas is to plant some seeds and to get people to try them and experience immediate results that cause them to investigate these ideas further...so the simpler, the better.

So to avoid over-complicating those original ideas, I'm not going to directly link this answer from Manifesting Experiment 2. Anyone who has the desire to find more information should be able to find this answer reasonably easily anyway.

The diagram below presents the full Focus Blocks strategy.

alt text

Briefly summing up this diagram:

  • Use Focus Blocks exclusively when you are outside of your Vortex and you want to bring yourself into proximity of it.

  • As you are on the verge of the Vortex, switch to using a mixture of Focus Blocks and Positive Aspects lists. (Though sometimes your intuitive feeling may want you to use Positive Aspects lists alone at this point.)

  • As you feel the relief and sensation of moving into the Vortex, you can now move to using Positive Aspects alone (topped off with Rampages of Appreciation) to stabilize and familiarize yourself with that feeling of being in the Vortex.

Below is a diagram I've used several times before but we can now look at it from a different perspective...

alt text

The Manifestation Zone referred to in the diagram above is actually The Vortex.

Once you reach Hopefulness on the vibrational scale, the Vortex will be on the verge of drawing you in...exactly in the same way that a magnet does to a metal ball when you bring it within a certain distance.

alt text

You can use any subject (or combination of subjects) you want to get yourself into the region of the Vortex and then allow yourself to be drawn into it.

In other words, any subject can be used to draw anything you want in life to you (even if unrelated)...the subject simply serves as an excuse for you to enter your Vortex

This is an enormously powerful concept to internalize. Many people think that to get what they want, they have to battle the vibration of what they want into a better-feeling place. This is still true but, as the previous paragraph points out, there is an easier way especially when the subject is not moving vibrationally for some reason, or is actually making you feel worse despite your best efforts.

So if a vibrational topic is not improving for you, simply find some other subject (it doesn't matter what) to get yourself into the Vortex then go back and look at the original vibrational topic and you will often find that it will move easily into a better-feeling place if it hasn't already.

But remember that there is no point cleaning-up vibrational topics that are rarely activated, because those vibrations don't affect you if you are not consciously focused upon them. That's why I only recommend cleaning up topics that are currently causing you to feel bad by carrying a notebook around and making note of them.

Now coming back to your question, you mentioned you were feeling very good when you started...that sounds like you were in your Vortex. When you are in the Vortex, if it seems right to you (remember you can do no wrong when in the Vortex) look back at that subject of your friend and see if it is now easy to move that vibrational topic to a better place.

But if you encounter any resistance at all, like you did, it's an indication that now is not the right time to deal with the subject. Instead, just enjoy your life from the perspective of the Vortex and when the natural launching of a new desire causes you to be ejected from the Vortex again, you can then revisit the topic of your friend as an excuse to draw yourself back into it again.

As mentioned earlier, when in the Vortex, it is better to stay focused on Positive Aspects rather than Focus Blocks.

So to answer your question, the most effective time to use Focus Blocks is when you are outside the Vortex and looking for things to clean up to help draw you back in.

I know it can seem odd that the subjects in your life are really just excuses to enable you to experience the sensation of moving back into the Vortex...but that's really what they are for. :)

As I've mentioned before on this site, the poem Ithaca expresses this idea beautifully and is worth contemplating until you get it :).


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I think a few of us were eagerly anticipating this answer - it lived up to my expectations.Thanks for clarifying things even further :)

(31 Jul '10, 12:44) Michaela

Thank you, Michaela. You're welcome :)

(01 Aug '10, 07:00) Stingray

@Stingray: In other words, any subject can be used to draw anything you want in life to you (even if unrelated)...the subject simply serves as an excuse for you to enter your Vortex This concept blew my mind! As well as the rest of the answer... Brilliant!

(02 Aug '10, 14:57) BridgetJones09

Thanks Stingray, the post clarified a bit for me. I'm reworking my spreadsheet to match the elaboration you gave. I'm happy to have played a part in this one. :)

(03 Aug '10, 07:24) Liam

@Stingray- Just to ask a question about the idea that "if a subject dosnt seem to be moving vibrationally, get into the vortex then go back to that subject and it should move up better." Again, just for info, not to personalise, would you perhaps advice that I get into the vortex first, then go and do a focus block(s) for subjects I have alot of concern about (girlfriend), or would you advice to skip that and go directly to ME 4?

(23 Feb '12, 08:34) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Getting into the vortex and then revisiting uncomfortable subjects is perfectly valid and if you feel inspired to try it, then try it :) What I often find is that when I'm in the vortex, I really don't want to look at those uncomfortable subjects because I'm feeling too good :) So my usual approach is just to let life naturally knock me out of the Vortex then use those subjects (by Focus Block-ing them) as stepping-stones back into the Vortex. Double Whammy :)

(23 Feb '12, 09:51) Stingray

@Stingray- ok thanks alot, makes sense :)

(23 Feb '12, 19:02) Nikulas

Hi Stingray, if I am out and about (so not near my laptop) or with other people and realise that I am out of the vortex, what are the quickest ways to get back in?

(18 Oct '14, 10:10) cod2

@cod2 - "if I am out and about (so not near my laptop) or with other people and realise that I am out of the vortex, what are the quickest ways to get back in?" - I wouldn't try. It's too difficult to do consistently. What I would do is neutralize any negative emotion with (Faster) EFT and then make a note of what issue threw me out. Then, at the start of the next vibrational session, add that issue into the Focus Blocks system, or if it feels important enough tackle it fully then.

(18 Oct '14, 11:21) Stingray

@Stingray Hi. So do you choose to remain outside the Vortex until the next vibrational session, or is it more arbitrary play-by-ear sort of thing? Are you happy enough being out of the Vortex? If/when you do encounter resistance (inside or outside the Vortex), do you employ any deliberate techniques to deal with it, such as trying to work with your thoughts in your head (as you would in a Focus Wheel) to offer a better perspective or think anything at all that feels better? Thanks

(21 Oct '14, 05:38) einsof

@einsof - If you are taking the time daily to do Vortex alignments then you naturally start to default to feeling good (or, at the very least, neutral) about most things. Even if something knocks you significantly out of the Vortex, you tend to spring back fairly easily and effortlessly within a short amount of time. Upfront preparation negates the need to do difficult out-of-the-Vortex vibrational juggling. "The more you sweat in Peace, the less you bleed in War" as the saying goes :)

(21 Oct '14, 07:42) Stingray

@einsof - The most I would personally do if you are seriously "drowning" in bad-feeling (perhaps because good feelings are not yet habitual) would be to do whatever it takes to neutralize the bad feeling (if you can) and then just limp through to the next time you can be quiet and alone and "clear" the vibrational causes. There will already be alot of momentum behind a strong bad feeling and trying to stand in front of a fast-moving object (bullet, train, car) doesn't usually end well :)

(21 Oct '14, 07:46) Stingray

In my very short time of playing with this vortex business, I'd like to echo what @Stingray says there. Once I am habituated in starting the day from a good-feeling place, I tend to be there all day, and can come back to it fairly easily if I get knocked out.

(21 Oct '14, 09:42) cod2

Hi @Stingray, over the last few days in my vortex alignment practice, I am noticing a strange thing. Suppose during the day I feel bad about something. I make a note of it and add a focus block for it to the spreadsheet, to be dealt with later. Next morning when I wake up, most of the days I am finding that I am already feeling good, so I go straight to positive aspects and ROA. As a result, those new focus blocks are just sitting there untouched. It feels like I am cheating because...

(11 Nov '14, 01:59) cod2

@Stingray - ... I am not working on those issues. What should I do? Thanks.

(11 Nov '14, 02:01) cod2

@cod2 - Could you ask this as a new question? There's more to say here than I can fit into a comment or two. And it might be useful to others in a similar situation.

(11 Nov '14, 06:35) Stingray

Abraham talks about Focus Wheel vortex entry, similar to FB->PA->ROA: https://youtu.be/4wVDSkWm51w?t=383

(04 Aug '23, 13:48) WeRadiateBeauty

"Abraham talks about Focus Wheel vortex entry, similar to FB->PA->ROA" - Yes, that does seem to be validation for the approach from the Big A.

(07 Aug '23, 14:37) Stingray
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