where does one begin on this journey? i have the books and tapes but yet i am confused as to how to incorporate this into my existance

asked 10 Aug '10, 19:58

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joe 10

you could start reading the book =)

(10 Aug '10, 20:18) Back2Basics

Yo, are people really still using tapes?

(11 Aug '10, 02:23) Eddie

Yes Eddie, people still use tapes. Infact I actually bought a Walkman last week(not many around though)

(12 Aug '10, 06:57) evelyn
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As Back2Basics suggests, maybe just start by reading one of the books or listening to one of the tapes and just trusting that where you start will be the right place, quite simply because that's where you're starting - it's all in Divine order.

Try not to let the analytical mind jump in too much and just go with your gut - there's no right or wrong but if you trust you will be guided in the direction that is right for you


answered 10 Aug '10, 20:53

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@Michaela - "trust you will be guided" that is great advice. If one can relax into that and just start reading/listening/watching, I think it makes getting started on the journey much easier. :)

(11 Dec '13, 11:25) Grace

I always tell people that a great place to start is with appreciation. Count your blessings, be thankful for what you have, and love the one you are with. And by the way, confusion is good, because it means that your mind is expanding. Love and Light


answered 11 Aug '10, 08:34

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To start with, I say read a copy of Barry Schwartz Paradox of Choice.

Your question "where do I start" tells me of confusion.

Choice overload I can imagine? What do I do to begin my journey with? Do I meditate? Do I exercise? Do I do chakra clearing? Should I begin speaking with aliens right away or wait a while until then? Should I be doing yoga and taking yoga photos on Instagram? What about thinking good thoughts?

Make a decision, and make your decision irreversible.

Pick one item and just drill it with repetition and just utilise it properly. So if you pick a type of meditation, then pick it and just go for it for a while.

The problem will be to not pick anything, and just be drifting in the wind, without a decision, or keep making new decision and not following through, or constantly changing your mind.

Have low expectation, do it because it is somewhat fun and go for it. Better to pick something than to not.


answered 30 Oct '17, 21:01

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