I've become convinced over the years that we are slaves to our belief systems. They can either imprison us or free us, mostly the former.

And the lives we live daily are just reflections of whatever beliefs we hold.

Another more common terminology for those imprisoning belief systems is comfort zone

For the past few years, I've been trying to find painless ways to expand my comfort zone in various parts of my life.

I say painless for a good reason - because one commonly-used brute-force way of expanding your comfort zone is just to force yourself to do things outside it until you get used to doing those things...but that seems like a less-than-optimum solution to me.

So now, back to the question, how do you expand your comfort zone painlessly?

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I am a big fan of the baby-steps system. Some of our goals may be waaaay outside our comfort zone but we can always break them down into smaller steps that will ultimately lead us to what we want. So you start by identifying the first step on your journey. It should be challenging(shows you're moving outside of that comfort zone of yours) but should seem achievable at the same time. Don't bite off more then you can chew but don't be too cautious either. Once you've reached and feel comfortable with the first goal identify what the next step is and so on.

To give a personal example, I want to achieve full financial freedom so I can focus more on higher spiritual goals. This seems like a big leap for me right now, so recently I decided to take the first small step and I set my first goal at earning just one dollar on the internet. I haven't even reached it yet but the goal I've set motivated me to do things that will no doubt help me in the future. I started writing content, started learning how to promote it, came up with and tried creative ideas. Once I make that first dollar I'll try to repeat my "success" several times thus bringing this experience into my comfort zone. Then I'll set the next goal and so on.

Two more ideas:

Inspirational quotes Sign up for a Inspirational Quotes service that sends you daily quotes in your mail. Day after day they will reinforce positive ideas and those will eventually turn into beliefs and convictions, with almost no effort on your part. It does take relatively long time before the effect becomes apparent. But it is as painless as it gets and a great supplement to personal development. I am using the Insight of the day service provided by Bob Proctor from The Secret. Bob is an entrepreneur so occasionally he is promoting his products along with the quotes but it's quite unobtrusive. The quotes are awesome.

Subliminal messages on your desktop I actually found a free piece of software that does all I want. It's called Subliminal Blaster. As with quotes, I don't expect any miraculous results. You gotta let the positive effect accumulate over time.


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@Toshiro, good post, as always.

(21 Oct '09, 19:53) Vesuvius

You can't. That's why it's called a comfort zone.

However, performing relaxation exercises, prior to doing things outside your comfort zone, does help. So does focusing your mind on an image of your end goal that excites you. But ultimately you still may have to do uncomfortable things until you get accustomed to doing them.

If I want to learn guitar (which I plan on doing), I know that I will have to suffer sore fingers for awhile, until they become conditioned. Your mind is no different.

If what you want to accomplish is important enough to you, you will cheerfully put up with the discomfort.

See also http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/785/why-do-we-look-for-spiritual-shortcuts


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@"Cheerfully put up with the discomfort." Yes, many thrill seekers in life paradoxically relish in the nasty feelings of nerve, fear, uncomfort, risk and live on the edge....Yet it is so worth it because the gains of emotional enjoyment and freedom far outweigh the cost of enthusiatically seeking out some silly pain.

(03 Oct '13, 23:06) Nikulas

I am in love with the latest boydbuilder CT flecther, because of his philosophy in life is to purposuly do things the hard way and don't even try and look for shortcuts: "You don't look for me (pain), I'm looking for you.":


(03 Oct '13, 23:08) Nikulas

I think the main difference between people who live life and those who don't it because the people who do live it to the fullest know and trust they have the tools to get on through with hard things. Those people who love reactivly staying in their comfort realms don't believe they have the power to face fear and get through it. The fear fear, but proactive people optimisitcally chase it out with a mindset of play.

(03 Oct '13, 23:11) Nikulas
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Overcoming the complacency that is engendered by being in a comfort zone, necessarily means bringing some force to bear (as is applicable in the law of inertia). Now, the amount of force needed can be greater (and more uncomfortable) or less. When a baseball bat connects with a fastball, the force is tremendously harsh, so much so that the bat sometimes breaks. But the result is a sudden change of direction and the ball can quickly travel hundreds of feet. On the other hand, when a gentle breeze pushes on a dandelion seed and forces it loose and sends it aloft, the contact was not very harsh, but a change was effected anyway. The airborne seed does not have a sudden and dramatic change of direction, but it starts off toward new horizons all the same, and over a longer period of time, may even travel further than the hard driven baseball.

So, some discomfort is necessary, some force must be applied to push us out of our comfort zone. We don't need to expand that area of comfort, rather move out of it so we can embrace a larger experience of reality. I believe the "purpose" of our comfort zone is not to be our place of dwelling, but a period and place of rest along life's developmental journey. We need the down times, the laid back, comfortable times, to refresh and to integrate the lessons learned along the way. But we cannot find fulfillment remaining there. If one's inner spirit desires rapid growth and is willing to endure the pain of rapid change, so be it. If not, then let that person work at a more relaxed pace that is less demanding, but challenging nonetheless.


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This is an old post! Funny thing is Stingray, you've given me 50% of what it takes to move out of mine!

The comfort zone being a set of limiting belief, my experience is laughably simple and as follows.

Firstly move the belief incrementally on a variety of subjects using incremental affirmations or as you call them Focus Blocks. Don't need to tell you much about those...I almost believe you invented them :)

Secondly a way to deal with day to day feelings, something that will stifle any negative issues which may reoccur . This ones been a mission for me, ive tried EFT,faster EFT and various others. Very recently I happened upon Fred Dodsons work and resonated with it massively. When I notice a bad feeling thought I immediately put aside the thought and concentrate on the physical " feeling" I then magnify it and then breath it out. Its worked wonders with me.

These two simple processes have move me out of some very limiting beliefs and feelings . Ive not struggled, sweated or worked very hard on this. In fact I kind of have to work hard not to work hard...if you know what I mean. The two processes work nicely together and form all of my metaphysical/vibrational exercises. I really don't use anything else now.

Strange that two simple, easy and un complex things can make such a difference.

Have I been making it too painful for myself over the years.. Probably.


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Monty Riviera

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