If everything uses Law of Attraction since it is basically a Law and a Flow of energy, then that means our bodies use it, too. When our body feels Pain, the body automatically responds to that Pain with Healing and and the body begins to heal itself - almost instantly (although we may need some time to actually see it's progress in healing).

It is an automatic response that happens because of the pain and suffering. That intense pain is felt in the body and it quickly responds with Healing.

It is because of The Lack (Pain) that The Manifestation (The Healing) comes, and the more The Lack is, the more that Pain and Suffering is, the stronger the body also responds with The Healing, The Manifestation.

If this is the way it works with Life in general, shouldn't this be a hint to how we are supposed to use Law of Attraction (which is a Universal Law)?

Even when it comes to social situations, sure, you may get something you wanted without asking, but if you Ask (which represents Lack) the people around you, you are more opened to the opportunity to being able to Receive (which represents The Manifestation - The Fulfillment).

Shouldn't The Universal Law be harmonious in its working between Physical and Spiritual if it is truly Universal?

So with this being the case, it would seem like the more we Want and the more we Ask , enduring and knowing that through this Asking and Desiring there is already an automatic response and it is coming, the more of the manifestation we should see; just as The Body responds even stronger with Health the more the Pain is felt and just as you have more opportunity with Receiving the more you Ask.

What do you think?

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arpgme, all that exists seems to be subject to cause and effect perhaps in ways we know not yet. the power from where the intention flows forth may bring both short and long term consequences to help us learn who we are

(11 Mar '14, 05:39) fred

This is a good observation!

This is also a reason to believe as told in the Bible many times, "Every need will be met, every want fulfilled." In other words a consciousness of knowing there is no lack, we live in the kingdom of God. That kingdom has every good thing.

Jesus died to deliver us from this present evil world, we are set free. Now not only are we set free but we are lead into the kingdom, the land of milk and honey, in other words plenty, abundance. A place where every need or want is filled, that nothing negative can exist. We had been delivered from all negative, lack, worry, fear, poverty, sickness... Anything we do not want we have been delivered from.

So as the body does this and we have no worry or doubt that we will get better, this same faith as we have in our bodies we should have in God.

Maybe for our faith, it was better when we believed all healing was God healing us. So if God loves us enough to take care of our health, God also loves us enough to take care of any want or need, and does so.

This is very similar to when I had an awakening and wrote my question on changing the Law Of Attraction. The very fact that we have a want or need means that it is coming as soon as you want or need it. Abundance consciousness, God cares, and takes care, we need let him.


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loved it wade... :))

(11 Mar '14, 10:56) supergirl

@supergirl Thanks, I am glad you loved it.


(11 Mar '14, 12:19) Wade Casaldi
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