If, like Stingray says, any thought that becomes dominant has no choice but to manifest into physical reality, can the body that one envisions as best representing him vibrationally manifest down to the T? What if an older person sees himself inwardly as a 25 year old, what are the limitations provided that becomes a dominant thought in his mind?

Also, how does the body fit in in this process of ascension into 5D? As the body becomes subtler, does it start hewing ever closer to an envisioned etheric blueprint so to speak? I have very clear within myself what I look like in my essence, like a fuller, golden, fulfilled light form. Is that what I would look like if I suddenly dropped all my beliefs about the physical body? Does this process work the same for everyone? What are the limits to rejuvenation into the preferred physical form? I remember hearing Bentinho Massaro answer a question about this, he said some people are already doing it, as the energy accelerates some people won't have to age. He did not offer much in the way of detail though, so I wonder if for people who really care about this, is it possible or are there rules against it, meaning some people can, some can't?

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It can be done, but it is difficult. For most reasons to do it, there is a quicker and easier way.

Appearing attractive

Being more inclusive with your idea of beauty is much, much, much easier than making yourself younger.

Keeping abilities

Meditation and exercise will usually keep your mind fresh enough to keep physical ailments at a minimum.

Gaining respect

Society will give young people a free pass for almost everything, but expects older people to contribute more. Expressing your true desires will make you contribute more automatically.

Keeping perspective

Experiences are usually more impressive when you are younger. You can stay flexible by changing old memories and creating vivid new ones.

Sense of wonder

By focusing on and blessing the present, you can enjoy life just as much as you did when you were younger.


You can embark on a new adventure just as well when you're 70 as when you're 25 if you give yourself a really good reason to do it.


Recognizing that you continue existing after your body transforms and being with okay with death is much, much easier than avoiding it altogether.


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hi, i dont really know the answer, but

the first thing that come to my mind is - where does this question comes from/ what's it's source? why would someone want to reverse aging? is it because he does'nt pleased with his body? or maby wants to be different? or maybe wants to be seen by others as speacial? maybe it comes from fear/jealousy of others?

so first i would check limiting beliefs

but to answer the question i believe that its impposible in our dimension. i believe that in our imagination everything is posible but when it comes to manifestation we have limitations due to other physical laws that we may not know about. the path of least resistance would be to do plastic surgery and look young. with the law of attraction and using imagination it could take years to find the correct vibration and until finding it (if) , you'll be old, which you didnt want to be in the first place. (cause just the trying to be younger makes you older etc..). so yes, in my pespective you can imagine yourself as you described but, it wont be possible to look like that in a physical world, but maybe in other dimensions you would definitely look like that/ look like that right now.

the best advise i could give to someone who wishes to look a bit younger - 1.smile infront of the mirror - and you'll look younger than if you'll look sad or sick infront of it. 2.love young people and learn from them. 3.love beautiful people. 4.treat your body like you are in a spa every week. 5.eat whatever you want, but enjoy whatever you eat. never regret eating.

but still it will not stop the aging prosses, just delay it.


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Thank you myself, for your perspective! I especially liked your suggestions! Check this out, at 1h:25m, he really seems to know what he's talking about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK6a4ps5C9g

Also, you talk about impossibility in this dimension. I mean, there are lots of people BILOCATING lol rejuvenation seems to be waay less "law-defying"

(20 Oct '17, 14:03) Surfgrass

thanks :) about Bentinho Massaro, i've never felt comferteble listening to him ( but it's only me!!, many others feel very connected with his perspective). plus i dont give 100% trust in channelers and/or theory, i go more with my own feelings and experience. (and part of my experience is to not give 100% trust in things that are outside of me. theres only me and god, everything else considers for me the outside.)

(20 Oct '17, 15:13) myself

ho, and thats i geuss right, it is less "law defying" because "its" alredy happaning now, get it? it is happaning, and no one can promise you nothing about physical manifastation. i figured it out lately.

(20 Oct '17, 15:30) myself

channelers sees things from a compelete diferent perspective than we are so even if we go by their way it is posible to manifest - but not necessarily in this dimension. but from their perspective - you've manifested it. and you actually did! but just cant feel it :( sometimes... so go by the LOA is a definite chioce :)

(20 Oct '17, 15:31) myself
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Here are five Tibetan rites of rejuvenation that can be of service the the end you seek.



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