I was in a group meditation recently about contacting our Higher Selves. It was a beautiful meditation and everything was going in its usual way and then Halfway through I witnessed these 2 Golden Light Beings descend and appear right in front of me, one being a Male n the other a Beautiful Female both in Human form and I guess they were my so called Higher Selves.

Then all of a sudden together as One they sent a beam of Golden Light Energy from themselves right into me and then they slowly merged with me coming into my body through this beam of Light and I instantly started shining in this Golden Light Energy throughout my whole body. Moments later something strange happened to me as I felt myself being pulled out of my body and floating just above the group who were in a circle, but instead of being Golden Light Energy my Astral body was glowing in this Pure White Light Energy and I was totally conscious about it which kind of confused me a bit as to why I my Astral body was White Light instead of Golden Light but I just went with it. Why Not? And when I looked down at my motionless body I could see that my body was still emanating with this Golden Light Energy and when I observed the rest of the group I could see their soul essences dancing above their motionless bodies as they were all sitting in meditation.

I surrounded the group with this Pure Loving Positive Energy and I could see all of their souls and their bodies Light Up even more. All of the Ladies and a few of the Men started to tear up from the experience. Even the Psychic/Clairvoyant who was in charge of the meditation was left speechless with tears in her eyes from the whole experience as it happened. I allowed her to continue the meditation as I re-entered my body. After the meditation was over everyone was trying to make sense to what they had all just experienced and how they were all feeling. They all said it was something they have never experienced before and it was the most beautiful thing they have ever felt. Few of the ladies held each other and started crying. It melted my heart so much.

It brought tears even to my eyes listening to what they were sharing with one another. The only person who saw it all as I did was the clairvoyant lady who was in charge of the meditation. The Others were just immersed in this loving energy and tried to understand what they were feeling deep within themselves. I may have left out some other things that went on with the meditation but for good reasons as no-one would have believed me anyways except for those who were there with me.

I now communicate with these Beautiful Golden Light Beings on a regular basis well maybe not as much as I should be but it is because what they share with me is a little on the surreal side of things. I don't think I can do what they ask of me or if I am even ready to accept what they share with me. I am starting to wonder if my Life Purpose is much deeper than what I have ever anticipated by far. I am starting to understand who I truly Am but wow it can be absolutely overwhelming at times and really hard to accept.

Every time I meditate something weird happens to me and when I share an experience with people they either look at me like I'm a little bonkers lol or there is something truly special about me lol. This whole Spiritual Journey has been life changing and I have lost everything physically dear to me in the process: My families, my career, my house, my car and all of my friends and recently even my tv lol and all I am left with is this laptop.

I guess the Spirits want me to focus primarily on my Life Purpose and have eliminated all distractions from my life. Personally I think their approach has been a little on the harsh side and possibly old school tactics because now I find myself totally alone and barely making ends meet and I can't tell anyone what has been happening to me. Which is why I am here sharing my story among you Beautiful Spritual Beings here on Inner Quest maybe to possibly offer me some advice.

If someone could shed some Light into what I have been experiencing and why did these two Light Beings appear to me completely immersed in this Golden Light it would be greatly appreciated. I have met many Light Beings and others and none have appeared as such. All I have now is my Spiritual Guides in my life to Guide me and I sure could use some Human feedback. These Beings and other Light Beings from the Higher Realms tell me that everything I had endured was necessary and that sometimes the Awakening process can be quite brutal for some especially people like me who has been denying it since I was very young.

It hasn't been easy to accept it all because I was very much a part of this world doing normal Human things like playing in bands, playing sports, working on my career, you know just living a normal life and within the last decade they have slowly taken it all away from me.

P.S. Thank You all who took the time to read this and Thank You So Much for allowing me to share this with you.

Update: September 18 2020

Well I found out who these Golden Beings of Light are. They are 9th Dimensional highly evolved Beings from a planetary system I am not quite too sure how to spell. They call me "Earth's Guardian" roughly translated to english and they explained to me my connection to all of the Elements and all living things on this planet and to the Sacred Divine Energies I have been experiencing here on Earth and from the Higher Realms especially within the last few years which kind of explains some of my unexplained personal experiences including with the elements and with all living things I have encountered.

Apparently what I had experienced was an upgrade to my DNA or should I say Divine DNA Activation and that I have passed the Light Initiation Process. My body has been undergoing at first subtle changes to major DNA physical changes throughout my body. I have to bless or purify all food I take into my body or I go through severe painful symptoms varying according to what I ingest into my body. Thank goodness I never went to the doctor's office with all of these changes happening within my body because he would be dumbfounded by all of the different symptoms from one week to another. My internal organs are adapting to these new Divine Energetic changes within and it has been a somewhat stressful and sometimes painful transformation not knowing what to expect next. I have also discovered many other chakras associated and connected with the 7 main chakras outwardly, below me and above me and I have also activated many higher dimensional chakras to my Light Body. I have managed to open a Sacred Portal to my Golden Friends in the 10th Dimension who are very beautiful, loving, caring and highly evolved Golden Beings of Light.

They have also helped me to open different Light Matrixes for personal uses like in helping with healing, transformation, the Awakening Process and with personal evolution and so on. Considering how I began my Spiritual Journey many years ago being Atheist and all, denouncing all Religions to where I am today is quite remarkable. I have discovered the real truth to what has been and is today and with why I had to endure all of the struggles throughout my lifetime in this incarnation and now I clearly understand the choices I had made and why I had made them in my life.

That being said a New Awakening is happening here on Earth as you all know and these old outdated negative energies of days long past are no longer needed anymore and we must all free ourselves from them in order to fully Awaken and to finally Ascend.

By going through with my own personal Ascension Process I will open many Light Matrixes for others to experience which will help the Citizens of our Planet to Ascend. Not all people on Earth will Ascend as many New Agers want you to believe and the majority will choose to stay behind. There are a lot of misinformation within the New Age movement on all social media platforms


Look within yourselves and truly Awaken to your Real True Selves so that it may be clear to you where you would like to Ascend to as we all come from different Planetary Systems in different Dimensions from different Races. You are not who you think you are my beautiful Light Beings. You all have descended to the third dimension during your Soul Journey for whatever personal reasons and by Awakening you can soon Heal and join/Ascend to your Real Soul Family in the Higher dimensions.

May the Sacred Divine Light Energy free you all on your own personal Awakening Process and with your own personal Ascension Process.

I must emphasize the importance of Purifying Yourselves by ejecting all negative unwanted energies from within your mind/body/soul including all negative thoughts that are preventing you from evolving/awakening. Choose a Purification exercise/process that best suits you before you begin to meditate. Protect yourselves with a Shield of White Light Energy before doing any form of meditation so that you are not deceived by higher dimensional parasitical entities from contaminating your Energy field.

Peace, Love n Light

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Hello, @Moonbeam!

You really asked many different questions within this one, but I could relate to all that you said. There is no more powerful experience than a wonderful spiritual experience, is there? I have experienced some wonderful things over the years, and I have noticed that it is in groups that my experiences were the most powerful. On retreats, I have done candlelit group meditation that always left everyone in tears.

At other times, I feel a Presence descend on me, and it is just as you described. It fills me with a tremendous sense of happiness and peace. I almost always have closed eyes, though, and only saw spiritual light when I was young.

But I do sense Others around me at times, so you are not alone. If you would like a "professional" description of what you are experiencing, check out this book: "The Varieties of Religious Experience" by William James. You can get the book for free at Google Books, and even download it to your computer. It was actually a series of lectures the Philosopher James gave about Spiritual experiences. The book covers, chapter by chapter, the progression and range of every sort of spiritual experience, from "feeling good" to the mystical, which is what you and I have experienced and felt. It is deep reading, with lots of very interesting footnotes.

I have not seen Golden Light Beings, but I have felt something that goes beyond description. It feels real to me. I cannot believe that your Beings are not real. You sound like a budding mystic; check out William James.


Jaianniah .


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At the risk of sound celestine prophecy melodramatic, today I was message a friend in Australia from the Midwrstern U. S. as we both experienced that exact phenomenon.

The punch line is I had read this very provocative question before she and I starting messaging about and she's got a sound cloud visualization worth it's seat in the IQ.

Anyway, the elemental frequency of light spectrums are binaural energetic waves we've evolved enough to perceive at orbs, spheres and silhouettes of colorful forms... Raw energetic geometries bound to DNA's Molecular Presence and if we add a meditation with antennas tuned that way, perceptions and even fusion happen. To Comfort, regenerate and even teleport through locations in consciousness... The Vastness is timeless and awareness is there since the first-ever helium particle... It's quite remarkable to hear them say people will trust ijba better future when they know it's already happened, in the future... What's missing is the unity of Golden light principle. So timely... Cool


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There are men and women among us "even' that have created there solar bodies.



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"You are soooo much more than what you can see. You are like a long peaceful river that flows swift and true. You are like a fathomless ocean, deep, powerful and healing too. You are the wind whispering in the pine trees on a warm summer night. Your divine nature is found in everything, filling everyone with beams of light.

Now that you know who you are ... have fun !"

ref: EnlightenedBeings.com Jafree Ozwald


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