I have been reading at Steve Pavalinas forum about a substance called Ormus. is there anyone here that has/is using it? Ormus

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I don't have any experience with this substance, or any others actually - never felt the need to.

But I think, as with anything else that doesn't deal directly with the conscious manipulation and molding of your own thoughts, it's a crutch.

To carry on with the analogy, there's nothing wrong with crutches as you long as you realize that they are only intended to help you stand upright until you can learn (or are able) to stand upright for yourself without them.

I think the problem with these types of things is that what starts out as a temporary crutch ultimately becomes the only way you can stand up...and that seems a very limiting way to live.


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I agree with you Stingray I have my morning coffee and that's enough of a crutch

(20 Feb '10, 13:59) ursixx

And we can't ever become aware of our power until we let the crutch go

(20 Feb '10, 14:22) Michaela

All I can say is that it contains lye, it messes with reality, and sounds VERY suspiciously like LSD. Gold has been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, but even then, it was iffy. If you have to sneak it through the states to get some, it also sounds illegal. It amazes me what people will go through to "alter" their reality, to "manifest" anything they want (usually money) when meditation and right living will do the same things, albeit at a slower pace. Why do people desire to live in an altered state? Even peyote is handled VERY carefully by medicine men, and it takes years to learn how to do it correctly.

I found all this out doing research.

Blessings, Jai


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I read a description on DIY Ormus and I saw that it had lye. In the description the author said you can find it next to D.raino!(drain opener)

(20 Feb '10, 13:57) ursixx

Q: I am concerned about the use of the lye chemical in a product that I may ingest…

Don: Lye is the strongest of alkalis and dangerous in concentrated solutions, however the "chemical" itself does not contain toxic ingredients. It contains sodium (Na), just like table salt does and a hydroxyl group (OH) just as occurs when Baking Soda is dissolved in water. Both chemicals are alkaline; Lye is just a stronger alkali than baking soda…

(28 Jun '13, 01:09) ursixx

As we perform the pH swing, the sodium hydroxide solution donates the hydroxyl group allowing the M-state/Ormus elements to form insoluble hydroxides which comprise the fluffy white precipitate that we see. If you do not overshoot the target pH of 10.5 or so (this is described in the book), then all of the "lye" is used up in making the precipitate and is no longer active. It is no longer "lye." ...

(28 Jun '13, 01:10) ursixx

" You could actually eat the Manna at that point but the Wet Process Materials taste too acrid and the Dry Process materials taste too salty. The wash steps are mostly to remove any water-soluble materials (like the excess salt and any unused hydroxides). These are gone after the first wash. This is explained in the book in the Chemistry chapter (Appendix XXII).

(28 Jun '13, 01:10) ursixx
(28 Jun '13, 01:10) ursixx
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To add to Jaianniah's comment, if I may, peyote is used for spiritual purposes as part of a ceremony or spiritual journey. It is not used recreationally.

It's only my opinion, but this substance sounds dangerous!


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LeeAnn 1

Of course, I meant that medicine men used peyote for their spiritual needs...thanks for pointing that out! Jai

(20 Feb '10, 20:11) Jaianniah

my friend, any substance that is not from god (technically they all are, but you get my drift) is NO good to the body or mind. you were made in his image meaning that you are very much alike him and when aligned perfectly with him share the same desires as he does. this is our true state. everyhting else is what we call " a distraction, OR a deception" they are not meant for us NOR do they benefit us in anyways. (if anything they drag us further away from god) how can one whos nature is pure and holy associate with one who is not?? it becomes very difficult then to connect with god, for our energies become differnt then his and therefore are not connected to his.(positive/negative) (god being positive, satan being negative) BUT anything NATURALLY grown (if used PROPERLY) and i must emphasize that word, IS benefical becuase it allows us to see things in a differnt "perspective" if you understand?? it opends the mind to say. BUT anything man made (and im reffering to any type of cleansing, wether it be spiritual, physical, etc.) is NEVER GOOD because its temeporary B.S. that just "reduces/ or hides your symptoms) IT is actaully the illusion, follow me?? anyways i just woke up im starving, g2g eat, cant focus properly lol. peace


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It seems this is some kind of drug, and as I also see on that site the main author seems to take this everyday meaning she is dependent on it. The story seems to say this guy took it once and his whole life changed and it seems as though in the story he never had to take it again he was "awakened"

But when you read from the people that actually take the stuff, none seem to match that story, and all seem to need this every day not a one time thing.

Only a chemist would know for sure what this stuff does to the brain.


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Wade Casaldi

You have made a very valid point Wade. We have to be aware, as to what we are putting into our bodies!

(21 Feb '10, 01:42) Inactive User ♦♦

@Vee - Minds too :)

(02 Dec '10, 01:36) Hitesh

I've tried it, and it didn't do much for me. I wouldn't try it again, as I have since read negative things about it.


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Hmmm, in the past I've considered getting on this ORMUS. But never really felt motivated to actually make it happen. Now that I've read through this thread, I guess my inner guidance was steering me away from it.

I am taking the herb Kanna (also known as Sceletium) myself for a month or so. It helps me to feel good and Abe gives thumbs up to anything that helps us feel good.

Here is what Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter, says about Kanna: http://www.medicinehunter.com/sceletium-potent-mood-booster


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Before tying Kanna, I would suggest doing some research first.

Common 'effects' and side effects


Especially if you are taking any type of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) aka common antidepressants. It could be a lethal combination resulting in serotonin overload. See warning here ~


(15 Mar '16, 23:26) ele

Thank you, I've done my research. No, I'm not taking any prescription antidepressants. And I never would :)

(15 Mar '16, 23:59) Delphine

I'm sorry @Delphine, I wasn't clear. I didn't mean you. I meant anyone who wants to try kanna after reading your answer & the link you provided should do some research first. You seem quite knowledgeable on herbs & supplements.

(16 Mar '16, 00:01) ele

You obviously had no bad reactions or side effects & if it makes you feel good - GREAT :)

(16 Mar '16, 00:07) ele

Thanks--yes, it does help :) But vitamin C/MSM is my main "substance"! Can't do without it.

(16 Mar '16, 01:40) Delphine
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