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The replay of the webinar is now available here:

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • What is the difference between good experiences and bad experiences? Is it just a matter of judgement?

  • Using the 45-second method to clear resistance to making friends

  • An explanation of how to use the 45-second method to clear resistance when it comes to visualization

Click Here To Watch The Webinar Replay

What Is This About?

I'm going to be available live online for one hour on Wednesday, February 2, to answer any questions you've got relating to Manifesting, Law of Attraction etc.

Who Are You? Do You Really Know What You Are Talking About?

I'm Stingray.

You can see my Inward Quest profile here. You can read through my answers and then decide for yourself whether I know what I'm talking about :)

I'm also the founder/owner of the Manifesting Lab. The Manifesting Lab sponsors this Inward Quest Q&A website and the Inward Quest Community so that they remain free for everyone to use.

How Do I Register For The Free Webinar?

>> Click here to register for the free Q&A webinar

Is This Q&A Webinar Really Free?

Yes, it's really free. There's no catch and there's no cost.

Just turn up, ask me whatever questions that you are struggling with regarding Manifesting, Law of Attraction etc. and I'll do my best to provide a helpful and practical answer.

Why Are You Doing This?

To be helpful to you.

Over the years of posting Law of Attraction and deliberate manifesting answers to this website, I've been noticing people struggling with the same old issues. I'm just providing an opportunity for anyone who's interested to get a little bit of guidance that might help them get some insight on what's blocking them with manifesting their desires.

>> Click here to register for the free Q&A webinar

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This is great @Stingray, I'm so happy to see you offering this again. I spoke to you quite a while ago, in another of your surprise, free Q&A sessions. It was something I couldn't have picked up on in writing, and you walked me right through it. Your patience is incredible, and much appreciated. That freed me from something that was weighing me down, which changed a lot for me. Fun stuff. And thanks again! :)

(27 Jan '22, 23:38) Grace

@Grace - You're welcome. I'm glad it was useful for you. I seem to recall it was quite an emotional occasion ;)

(28 Jan '22, 17:54) Stingray

@Stingray - Who, me? Emotional? :D

(30 Jan '22, 03:37) Grace
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