This sense of being watched by someone invisible has happened to me occasionally over the years. Sometimes this feeling is so strong that the hair on my arms stands up! The important thing about this "sense" is that it is validated later to be possible.

The first time I clearly remember being "visited" was when I was in 1968 when I was in seventh grade. I had just gone to bed when I sensed someone standing at the foot of my bed. It so frightened me that I got up and went to my parents and told them I sensed that someone was watching me from the foot of my bed. My father checked my bedroom and even looked out the windows, but he saw and felt nothing. (To this day, I think it was really sweet of him to have done this.) After getting up for the third time, I told my parents that I couldn't sleep there, and spent the night on the livingroom couch. The next day, we found out that my grandfather was found dead, and had passed away during the night.

My father and I had many discussions about life after death. He saw his grandfather after great-granddad had passed, so we felt strongly that people go on somehow after death. Raymond Moody's book about life after life was published in 1975, and I am sure this in part was what fueled our discussions. Both Dad and I were sensitive to these sorts of "visitations". The day after my father died, right after I awakened, I felt a great "rush" pass through my body. As it was happening, I could smell my father's tobacco smoke and his hair tonic; I felt his size as if he was giving me a great hug; it was as if he literally walked right through my body! I have no doubt that he did this to be sure that I knew that he still existed. This was by far the clearest time that I sensed someone near me who was not visible.

Do you think that this sense of "someone there" is real, or is it merely my imagination? The reason that I am posting this question is because I have been feeling this just this night, and am wondering just who is "visiting" me.

Blessings to you all,

Jaianniah ♡♡♡♡♡

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Dear Jaianniah, I'm just going to assume that you have come to fully accept the idea that our continued existence is not dependent on having a physical body. Religious teachings, near death experiences, dreams and other out of body experiences, channeled information, psychics, and clearly your own personal experience should leave no doubt in your mind that we are spiritual beings. Personally, I prefer the term energy personality essence suggested by Seth (channeled by psychic Jane Roberts). Visible and invisible is simply a matter of frequency and the limits of technology and our physical sense of sight to perceive "spirit" frequencies. Consciously or unconsciously, you know all this to be true. That being said, The question you should be asking is who is visiting me and why is this person visiting me? While these are questions only you can answer, I can offer some suggestions that may help.

Based on what I've learned and my intuitive sense, I get the feeling that this persons purpose is there to comfort and offer support and have probably visited many more times throughout your life than you were aware of. As a child, you would have been more in tune with your psychic senses while at the same time more inclined to have a fear response to such an experience. The rush you felt occurs when one of our dearly departed "walks through or attempts to hug a loved one. It's something you can consider doing should you decide to attend your own funeral.

Try to remember that we, and those who visit us do not share the same concept of time. Whoever is visiting you has not been sitting on a couch watching you proceed through life. That would be like watching and extremely long movie in ultra slow motion. Michael Newton (life between life hypnotherapist) wrote a series of books that offer a glimpse into activities that keep us quite busy while we are between lives. While it is possible that the person visiting you just wanted to "check in" to see how your doing, it is more likely a response to an unconscious "call" from you. That brings us back to the question of Who, why and why now? Think about the people, the friends, the relatives who have departed this life. Think about the ones who you loved and who loved you while they lived. The love they have for you has not weakened over "your experience" of time. So ask yourself, Who would come to your rescue if you need rescuing? Who would be there to advise you if advice is what you are needing? Who would be there to encourage you if you a struggling? Who would be there cheer you up when you were feeling down. This person is not interested in watching you. They are visiting you because they love you, because they want to help you.

The real challenge in dealing with our spirit visitors is communication. They can see us and hear us to some degree. I suspect that with training they can learn to communicate with us telepathically. Unfortunately, we are chronically bad at listening. Too much inner chatter. You do have some options though. There are many "legitimate" psychic mediums out there that have been vetted by private investigators. Ex. Psychics are, in effect, channels. They may not channel for celebrity spirits or extraterrestrials like Abraham or Bashar but they are able to be a bridge allow you or I to communicate with our deceased loved ones. You could also experiment at home by hanging a very delicate, well crafted, light-weight wind chime in a wind free room where you like to relax. Your visitor may have enough telekinetic ability to "ring the bell". Whatever you do, stay positive when these experiences occur. Most of all, do not be afraid.


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@14cim2b- What a wonderful response! Thank you! I have no doubt that people "go on" after death. The problem, as you stated, is one of communication. I suspect that doubt prevents this. What a better world it would be if we stopped labeling people as "crazy" when they talk about this. (In fact, labeling prevents many good things from happening, doesn't it?) And the energies of these interactions are so hard to quantify and/or prove that it makes discussion difficult. But we do dare to dream!♡♡♡

(02 Mar '23, 06:12) Jaianniah

Some years ago, I was going through a difficult time after a loved one passed. I had a lot of stress in my life, not sleeping, etc., etc. Overwhelmed would describe it best.

My physician asked me if I ever heard my loved ones voice. My response was "I wish!" Then I said "Unfortunately no. It would be nice but alas, no visits". The we both laughed. The Dr. then said "that's good, just checking."

According to Mr. Webster ~ overwhelmed means completely overcome or overpowered by thought or feeling.. It's an extreme level of stress - to the point of feeling unable to function.

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