Hi, I don't know what to do anymore. I learned about the law of attraction a long time ago and believed in it right away. I tried to live in accordance with it, but lately, my life has been a series of setbacks. I fell into depression, which led to problems with alcohol. Nothing brings me joy, and the men I meet only add to my suffering. I'm drowning in debt. I tried to fight it, but each time, something goes wrong. I keep telling myself that it was supposed to be better next time, but nothing changes. I'm in debt, and recently, I trusted someone who promised to help me and gave them my last money in the hope of earning more. How can I go on? I try to use affirmations, practice gratitude, but I can't believe in it. I am already too tired to cry but nothing other left .

I was thinking about getting another job but then next few years I would spend my free time there. Is it a solution?

How to found a job inside me again?? I thought about getting the therapy but can’t afford it. Thanks for all response.

asked 29 Dec '23, 11:24

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@sylwiaaa- How are you??? Are you okay???

(23 Jan, 05:00) Jaianniah

My two recommendations for starting (or restarting) from "absolute zero":


answered 30 Dec '23, 06:01

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@sylwiaaa- Amen. Listen to him (@Stingray, I mean). It works if you work it! I will think about you, pray for you, and also hope beyond hope that you can throw off the unhappiness and depression that is smothering your spirit. Don't drink. That isn't going to help (but I bet you already know this... Right?) ♡ Love, Jaianniah


answered 30 Dec '23, 20:21

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