Hello everyone!

Since some time I am working on a project to create high quality, personalized affirmation audios called affirio. I totally appreciate the work of content creators producing amazing affirmations videos on Youtube, but after some time I noticed that the content of the videos online is not really tailored to me personally.

I came up with the idea to create a tool which will create personalized affirmations on the basis of any (user) input and subsequently create a high quality audio with musical background. The emphasis is on high quality speech, because it makes all the difference that the voice which speaks your affirmations is a voice that resonates with you.

So why this post? In the beginning I created something simple, just for personal usage, but then I had the idea to make this available to other people, so I created a homepage and creator with interface. It is basically ready and I would like to invite a handful of people from this lovely group (around 10) to create their personalized affirmation audio with affirio (for free of Course) and give some feedback in return, so that I can improve it and I make it better.

Are there people here who want to participate? Let me know at affirio@unect.eu - I would appreciate it a lot. Oh, and if you like to see a small demo just check affirio.unect.eu. Any feedback is more than welcome :)

Best wishes to all of you!

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