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such a passionate and useful subject , symbolism , how do you feel about it ?

asked 14 Jan '11, 11:51

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blubird two

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Barry Allen ♦♦


Since jan '11 many newcomers have joined IQ and may not be familiar with this question ... i'd love to know how they chose their pseudonyms ... bb2

(07 Dec '12, 04:43) blubird two

@blubird two I was thinking the very same thought right before you made this comment. I would love to know why/how also. I joined on impulse & had no plans to stay; thereby giving no real thought to choosing a user name other than ease of use. I thought of another name; but it was in use. If I had the option, I would change my user name. Looking forward to answers. Thanks blu, great idea bumping this question up!

(07 Dec '12, 04:59) ele

@ele - after all this time without "contact" that seems like a good synchronicity to me ... we must be on the same wavelength somewhere :)

(08 Dec '12, 04:34) blubird two
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I chose Stingray because of Stingray, which I happened to be watching around that time.

I like characters with multiple identities (or even no identity) - appropriate to my own life in many ways.

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answered 15 Jan '11, 09:14

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A personal question for you, feel free to not answer if it makes you uncomfortable. Have you in the past identified yourself by use of the moniker "Shades"?

(20 Dec '11, 08:28) Snow

No, not me

(16 Jan '12, 16:45) Stingray

Back in january 2011 @Stingray willingly answered my question about pseudonyms, by the way I say me because blubird is one of my pseudonyms.

Yesterday I asked Stingray "what is the motivation behind all the manifesting experiments?" and the answer I got was "there are people that ask a question because they genuinely want to know the answer ... then there are people who ask questions because it's really an excuse for them to push their own agenda"

(24 Jun '15, 00:59) jaz

The upshot is that I feel Stingray is

  • honest and does his best to assist people?
  • trying to hide something?
  • hiding the truth?
  • consciously does his best to assist but there are things about himself yet to be discovered, and that these energies not yet integrated risk to be projected

questionaire still under construction ... more to follow

(24 Jun '15, 01:06) jaz

The answer is becoming clearer; As blubird in 2011 I was a newbe I had "original energy" so to speak, very quickly I felt like I was a pigeon that was shot out of the sky ... now I'm a lot wiser:) ... now for the question "why did Stingray willingly answer my questions in 2011 but nowadays refuses" ... because between 2011 and 2015 emotional entanglement has gradually clouded the situation.

(24 Jun '15, 02:28) jaz

This started to happen as soon as I was born and continued to install stories and all kinds of beliefs in my emotional memory blocks ... emotional entanglement are stories nothing more nothing less. Emotional entanglement is just a story happening "out there", in the Story Space, that is, the space outside of myself where people, things, objects are, including the visible part of my own body and the chair, the pc screen on which I'm actually aligning strings of symbols in an orderly fashion

(24 Jun '15, 02:45) jaz

in an attempt to make all this comprehensible to others. So if there is a Story Space "out there" then where am I?

I close my eyes and I immediately become aware of what I like to think of as Inner Space ... I can neither see it nor touch it neither can anyone else ... I perceive it as a vast space inside me.

In this space I have body sensations, I have feelings, I have thoughts.

(24 Jun '15, 02:50) jaz

so it doesn't really matter what is going on "out there" in story space(wait a minute I can and do consciously communicate between the inner and outer spaces using symbols huh that's what I'm doing right now) ... anyway Stingray is revealed in my experience by what I feel about the symbol "Stingray", using associations as with the tarot cards I feel "the magician" a kind of superman, it's not so surprising he's so many admirers with that kind of symbol blazing away

(24 Jun '15, 09:25) jaz
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I guess, I didn't choose a pseudonym because one thing I have always liked is my own name - given the option I just wouldn't change it. Don't know why that is, I just like it.

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answered 16 Jan '11, 17:45

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Yeah I am just short an "A" of a really cool(er) name :)

(16 Jan '11, 19:08) jim 10

That's because Michaela is a beautiful name.

(16 Jan '12, 10:55) Paulina 1

I chose blubird because the word 'flows' easily ... i love the color blue, it is so calm and soothing and one of my favorite animals are birds ... as a child i often imagined flying 'as a bird', i love the way they glide in the wind ...

later i chose blubird two ... it implies there is blubird 0 and blubird 1 aiding me in my work ... 0 being my mother and 1 being my father ...

blubird tweet tweet

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answered 15 Dec '11, 05:41

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blubird two

edited 17 Jan '12, 00:24

The Blubird of happiness.

(16 Jan '12, 11:04) Paulina 1

yes I chose blubird because it flows and flies like a bird ... after blubird was shotdown metaphorically of course I came back to life again metaphorically, as blubird two, the son of blubird. Then I changed my pseudonym to ru bis ( from ruebis or more precisely rue bis meaning play again) ... then I changed again, I really wanted to be "god" but I thought that would be just "too much" so I settled for jaz which is afterall a three letter word from "j" all the way to zzz.

(24 Jun '15, 09:48) jaz

"play again" - true bliss :)

(13 Oct '21, 13:49) ele

"three letter word" ?

(14 Oct '21, 10:17) ele

I'm sure you also know the color blu e symbolizes trust.

(11 Dec '21, 13:05) ele
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Hi blubird. Do you mean that the pseudonym (the fictitious names) we have given ourselves had some symbolic value and representation to who we are in life?

I will answer it from that perspective.

I chose the Traveller because it was the best description of how this information has impacted my life.

It has travelled with me and I have travelled with it growing in very insignificant and minute steps of continuous and constant travel into the self.

It is for me a description that it is never complete because at every stage I am still travelling within it, sometimes growing and sometimes slipping back, but never with a particular destination.

It guides me, and I respond to its carrot at the end of the stick, never reaching or trying to reach it.

I am discovering the self at the pace at which the self is ready and willing to travel towards itself.

And it is not like "How do I do this? How do I do that?, How come this is not happening fast enough?, what is supposed to happen now?, does anyone have an answer to this?, Please help!"

There is none of that.

It is not pro-active, it is instinctive.

I don't push it, it pushes me.

And it has pushed me towards something my entire life, and I have given up trying to know what that something is.

Today If I feel the push, I will do something towards it.

Or I will do nothing and not lose sleep over it.

The wisdom to do what, when and how is not on my side.

It's coming from the other side of myself.

And this private experience within myself could only be described best at this time as "Travelling"

I may change my mind tomorrow and call myself something else, if the idea awakens to do so.

And even that would be consistent with "travelling"

So that's why I chose to hide behind the pseudonym "The Traveller"

As to the symbol, I chose something that felt just right and of the color of earth. It reminded me of pottery.

Then again I'm not sure if during the registration process there was a choice, I do remember that when that symbol was assigned to my name, it felt just right as I described above.


answered 15 Jan '11, 02:42

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The Traveller

edited 15 Jan '11, 02:48

Thanks Traveler I think you broke the now obvious code of the question :)

(15 Jan '11, 02:51) jim 10

Answer to blubird: Have you seen those cartoons where the farmer, while sitting on the donkey, holds a stick with a carrot at the end of it, dangling just beyond the reach of the donkey's mouth, and the donkey starts to move in the hopes of catching it? That’s why we are all here “travelling” towards something, but none of us know with 100% certainty what that “something” is.

(15 Jan '11, 20:42) The Traveller

Ha ha ha , that is awesome. LIfe is the carrot trick but we are not sure what the carrot is. (I think thats what you mean)

(16 Jan '11, 15:06) jim 10

The carrot on the stick wasn't just a cartoon it was how Spanky and the gang traveled in "Our Gang Comedy" an old black and white show really worth watching sometime. It was real they actually had a real carrot hanging from a stick they used to get the donkey to pull the cart.

(15 Dec '11, 13:58) Wade Casaldi

Love, love, love this answer so please dont change "The Traveller" for we love you just the way you are.

(16 Jan '12, 11:01) Paulina 1
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I chose my name quickly because I thought I was just going to leave one comment on this website and move on. I never expected to be so involved with Inward Quest. If I knew that, I probably would have chosen something a bit more personable, or descriptive in a way that would make sense to others. But since I'm now known by this name, it seems silly to consider changing it.

That said, "lozenge" has deep meaning for me, because it describes the cross-section of a very specific type of ancient European sword.


answered 07 Dec '12, 14:04

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edited 07 Dec '12, 14:05

The user name you chose is very symbolic. It's mystical as well as magical. It means Diamond. Great Choice if you ask me - very fitting!

Well Done, @lozenge123 (voilà)

(07 Dec '12, 22:04) ele

@lozenge123 - very interesting, glad you mention "lozenge", it's a subject that i'm working on at the moment ... lozenge is a harmonizer of psychic influences and is widely used in radionics for transmitting and receiving subtle energies ... it functions by tuning into the earth's magnetic field and this energy field acts as a carrier wave for any written (in words or symbols) intention placed on the lozenge ... the influence of the written intention is needed to start the process. In other

(08 Dec '12, 04:46) blubird two

@lozenge123 - words a written intention is placed on the lozenge and acts as a starter, once the contact is made the action automatically continues carried along by the earth's magnetic field, in the same fashion that telecommunication information is transmitted and received using a radio frequency carrier wave ... have fun :)

(08 Dec '12, 04:51) blubird two
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Well now that I understand the question...

I settled on Wandering Dude after I noticed someone else had Michael. I didn't mind going by my real name for I have nothing to hide (not that others do) I just didn't see a point for anonymity HERE.

So I chose Wandering Dude because that is the life I lead. I go where life leads me and know I will see and learn great new things and have the opportunity to meet great people.

I really do wander! On my way to Seattle area next week to live for a while.

As for the symbol, I chose a mandala because it represents the wholeness of a circle and the circular path that life events seem to take for me and maybe the universe.


Dude Wandering...


answered 15 Jan '11, 02:57

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jim 10

For me when I hear the word Dude the movie "Big Lebowski" comes to mind.. Jeff Bridges as 'The Dude', 'The Dudster' or 'His Dudness'..Lol x]

(15 Jan '11, 09:05) wildlife

I chose aquamarine because it's my favourite colour, the name of my art blog, and I like the sound of the word; it also reminds me of the sea which is a huge influence and love in my life.

Nothing particularly deep or clever!

I don't like people using my name (I know that's weird) and if I did want to show something on this site to anyone I know I wouldn't necessarily want them to see my input.

I wouldn't have chosen a black avatar but it was just assigned to me and I haven't worked out how to change it yet. :)

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answered 15 Jan '11, 09:24

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try and you can add your own picture

(15 Jan '11, 10:03) ursixx

@Aquamarine - Same here. I dislike people using my name too. It's one of the few aspects of my life that I had nothing to do with the choice of, yet it's the thing that so many people demand to know when meeting you. Non-physical has no need for names, but humans are obsessed by them. Human legal structures make it difficult to change your name on a regular basis. So in casual conversations with people I'll probably not meet again, I'll often just make one up to keep them happy :)

(15 Jan '11, 10:33) Stingray

Stingray I love that you make up a name for people you only meet once! I don't know if I'd have the nerve. I don't hate my name but it tends to be the only time people use it is when they are annoyed or being patronising and now I sort of associate it with that; most people call me by a nickname they've chosen anyway, which is fine. It's funny though how considering making up a new name for people I will only meet once freaks me out! Must be some rules under there...

(15 Jan '11, 12:20) aquamarine

@Aquamarine - Yes, it does take a certain rule-breaking "don't care" attitude. Perhaps feelings of resistance towards doing it are an illustration of how just conditioned we are in everyday life to follow the "rules" without realizing it. After all, in these superficial encounters, it really doesn't matter one bit to them what label you choose to present yourself as

(15 Jan '11, 13:12) Stingray

Most people LIKE being called by their names so I do.

(15 Jan '11, 13:33) jim 10
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ursixx is the cyber me . Was from the beginning a my game name (ursixx is a gamer too).It is derived from the expression "I got your six"

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answered 15 Jan '11, 10:06

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Well finaly I know and don't have to wonder anymore where you got your name from.

(16 Jan '12, 11:12) Paulina 1

Perhaps I lack imagination!

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answered 16 Jan '11, 06:46

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LeeAnn 1


No LeAnn :) you are just not as aloof as some and everyone is cool!

(16 Jan '11, 15:08) jim 10

Or maybe you just like your name :)

(16 Jan '11, 17:45) Michaela

I like your name! :)

(17 Jan '11, 12:50) BridgetJones09

Thanks everyone!

(17 Jan '11, 21:42) LeeAnn 1

i like your name also lee ann there is no lack you have free will. experience and enjoy.

(16 Jan '12, 10:31) white tiger

No LeeAnn you do not lack imagination and you have a beautiful name that sounds like a tinkle of a bell.

(16 Jan '12, 11:15) Paulina 1

I don't think much should be read into anyone choice for a name.

(16 Jan '12, 16:19) Tom

I agree entirely Tom. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."


(16 Jan '12, 16:47) Snow
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When I first registered on this site, I used my name Elsa, that was my name given to me by my godmother, but I later changed my name on this site to Vee. Vee was my mother’s nick name, my father called my mother Vee all the time, so both of my parents are always close to my heart. I loved them both very much, may they both rest in peace!

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answered 02 Apr '11, 04:50

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Inactive User ♦♦

They shall live forever in your heart and mind.

(16 Jan '12, 11:03) Paulina 1

My name was given to me by an American Indian named Grandfather Coyote. He said it was the name of my spirit, and means, "Heart of Great Spirit (God)".

Most everybody knows me by this name now, except my them, I am still "Jeannie" which makes me grit my teeth as I try hard not to remember all the teasing I got with that name. Ugh!

I wish I had seen this question ages ago. It is a good one!

Merry Christmas 2011 and Peace,


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answered 15 Dec '11, 11:56

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are you not the jeannie in the bottle. you are a spirit in a body. stop gritting your teeth. experience and enjoy.

(16 Jan '12, 10:23) white tiger

A honored name Jaianniah.

(16 Jan '12, 11:06) Paulina 1
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I chose the name Fairy Princess because I always loved fairies and wanted to be a princess, so being a fairy princess is the ultimate dream. :)


answered 03 Mar '12, 13:12

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - very dreamy :)

(04 Mar '12, 07:14) blubird two

Calon Lan = Pure Heart.

I don't think it needs any more explanation. But obviously I'm a few characters short, thus this sentence.


answered 07 Dec '12, 08:24

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A pure heart is a dancing heart as I'm sure you know.

(12 Oct '21, 17:37) ele

well i have put white tiger because of my astrological(astrology/chinese) sign and because of a dream that i have add. that is why i have choose this pseudonym.


answered 07 Dec '12, 22:18

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white tiger

I am a fan of great cats.

(07 Dec '12, 22:50) Fairy Princess

I have a name I was born with (which by-the-way I love) and that is how I am known in my professional world. That name is quite unique i.e. if you googled it you would find me and frankly the kind of work I do I'm not too keen for my professional world to find what I am struggling with in my personal life. I also have a name by which my family and friends know me and that one I do not like anyone to use except people who have known me for years. Since I have always compartmenatlized my personal and professional life it seemed only apt that my most initmate life should also be separate hence my pseudoname. I think therefore I am describes my most private life known mostly to only people on this site or those who visit my blog.

In a way my names are decreasing circles, the widest my real name, my nick name smaller and my pseudoname the smallest.

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answered 17 Jan '11, 09:43

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

I love my name. It was very unique when I was born, it just became more popular some ten years afterwards.

When I started using the net, (messenger, etc) I so loved the look of my name with the first letter of my middle name, that I used it everywere. I thought I had nothing to hide ( and I still don't). Besides, it was a name used in many European countries withut changes in its spelling.

But one day I had to open an account on a site where my posts were going to be public, and I felt that I didn't want everybody to know my name. Looked for a nickname between novel heroines, came up with some of the 19th century that I love, but I just remembered how much I laughed reading Bridget Jones' books (not the movies). So I tried that, but it was already in use so I had to add the 09.

My mother, who spent all my life trying to prevent people to call me by a nickname, was horrified. "Why are all this persons calling you Bridget???!!! I spent months of my pregnancy thinking on a pretty name and now you do THIS???!!!" LOL She took it as a very personal offense. :)

Oh, well... :)


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answered 17 Jan '11, 13:16

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My name is actually a moniker denoted by myself for myself, for similar reasons as explained by Stingray. I tell people that my name is whatever I want them to believe my name is, and I keep my true identity to myself.

But instead of using a single word as an anonymous identity, I take the "Superman" approach, living life in a duality (or more) instead of singularity.

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answered 19 Dec '11, 16:54

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Since you confessed to bogus posts, I have been a little confused as to your sincere stance on things. Then I realized it was a snow job. ;)

(07 Dec '12, 07:57) Fairy Princess

Paulina is my real name. I saw no reason for anything different as I love to share and learn with people I love and that means all of you here at I.Q.


answered 16 Jan '12, 11:18

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Paulina 1

I don't really care who or whom any of you are in real life. Use your name or don't it only matters to you. There aren't any saints on this site. I cherish some the help and info some of you have given me. But then I have to sort it out for myself as you are only a personality same as me. This goes for any entities as well.

I like Tom and was please no one had taken it. It is my name. I was going to embellish it, but changed my mind.

I thought your were talking about the symbolism of the name Inward Quest. Well I am glad to be on my journey of self discovery. Inward Quest is a great name.


answered 16 Jan '12, 12:04

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Back when I was into my teen Wicca phase, my friends and I formed a coven and we all had 'witch' names. Mine was cassiopeia, because I thought it sounded pretty :) It's stuck around, even though there's now a distinct lack of cauldrons and broomsticks and pagan celebrations in my life.


answered 16 Jan '12, 17:51

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I chose inner beauty, because I wanted that to be a reflection of me, something to aspire to. :-) I think I'm hopefully alright on the outer beauty department already!


answered 03 Mar '12, 15:03

Inner%20Beauty's gravatar image

Inner Beauty

edited 03 Mar '12, 15:04

I am who I am, and yes Daniele is my name and the whole creation is my family.Transparency is important for me. As with any relationship it is based on trust.

thank you, namaste

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answered 26 Mar '11, 12:58

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I agree daniele, trust is the foundation for any relationship :)

(26 Mar '11, 13:38) Michaela

@MagicallyEternal asked me about my user name recently.

Nope, not for me. It has no meaning other than the one you or I wish to assign it.

I found this site one night and saw a question I liked and jumped in. I wasn't planning on sticking around so I never gave it any real thought.

My only thought when it came to choosing a user name was ease of use. The first 3 letters I chose had already been taken by another member. That was a good thing. That pseudonym would have only caused confusion. These were the next 3 letters I entered.

Around the time I joined the option to change your user name was no longer available. I

It's the letter "L" spelled out. That letter may be a symbol or maybe it's about the vibration. So all is good.


answered 11 Dec '21, 12:57

ele's gravatar image


edited 11 Dec '21, 13:13

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