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These feelings now, what we all realize, that what we are all consciously experiencing now, Is pretty amazing, is it not? At times and at levels we do not understand.

Do you ever stop, and think ...

This is unreal! a doo da man:)

asked 12 Feb '11, 09:31

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jim 10

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oh yea...what a long strange trip it's been...

(12 Feb '11, 09:36) ursixx

I found some deliciously Trippy experiences along this trail...

Having dreams so real and interactive that I feared I may slip into an alternate reality,

Feeling frusterated that others did not seem to notice that "Life is a stage, and we merely players"

Being awakened by "light" bursting out of my chest-that was really strange.

Feeling / seeing / being beauty and order,

feeling ready and finding what I need.

Micheal, thank you for reminding me that life is so full of Wonder and miracle {._.}*


answered 12 Feb '11, 13:24

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I know those moments that I just Am, I feel totally connected and words don't justify the experience - without a doubt, it could be described as trippy.


answered 12 Feb '11, 17:55

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well you experiance lots of stuff some big some small but all marvelous in there own way! A Jivanmukta realises that he is beyond the three bodies and five Koshas, he is the witness of the three states, he is pure Consciousness.He does not trouble anybody, nor is he troubled by anybody even in the least. He talks sweetly and nobly. He comes out of the net of distinctions and desires like a lion from its cage. Fear is unknown to him, and he is never helpless or dejected. He does not care for life, honour or death. He behaves as the occasion of the environment requires, but is absolutely detached within. He is an Apta-Kama. He has got nothing to obtain or avoid. He is satisfied with his own Self. He is a Mahakarta, a Mahabhokta and a Mahatyagi.The Jivanmukta feels the great Unity of himself and the whole universe in the Supreme Brahman. He has an abiding realization of the secret Oneness of Existence which is the basis of universal love. It is the love that does not expect any reward, return or recompense. Such people are the veritable Emperors of the universe.Whatever he does is righteous, moral and ideal, for his actions are the expressions of the Absolute itself. He leads the Divine Life and moves in the free flow of the Law of Eternal Existence. He has no war between the body and the spirit. His external actions are just like those of the ignorant worldly man. But the greatest difference lies between their minds, the desires and Vasanas. The one does not know what is desire and the other is immersed in desires. The mind of a liberated man is pure Sattwa itself, it is no mind at all. He is established in the state of the Self unimpeded by phenomenal laws. He rejoices in the Infinite Being and lives in the world like a happy bird, being fully illumined with Transcendental Wisdom. so experiance and enjoy learn and grow that is why you came here!


answered 25 May '11, 02:31

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white tiger

Well that takes care of HIM. Now what does SHE do? What words of inspiration are meant for HER? I'm just kidding White Tiger. Those words are wonderful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing them. The Vedic teachings do come from a time when it was pretty much a Man's world. Even back then the reality that surrounded the environment in which these teachings were taught did not reflect the wisdom within the teachings. Maybe this time in history our reality will catch up to the vision we paint in each other's minds.

(25 May '11, 03:10) The Traveller

A Jivanmukta is a sage who is liberated from bondage even while living with a body. Logically, the highest state of Moksha is the merging of individual consciousness in Absolute Consciousness. Eternal Existence, Infinite Knowledge and Immortal Bliss is Moksha or Final Emancipation.Beholding Existence as undivided he walks on the earth unknown and unidentified. No one can find out whether such a person is a learned one or is ignorant, whether he is virtuous or vicious. He lives in the great silence of the Self, and whether active or at rest does not link his ego with his act.

(25 May '11, 03:44) white tiger

may every one see the golden light and take that journey!

(25 May '11, 03:45) white tiger

men or women traveller we are all awareness of light does it really matter to use sex? if amareness of light chose to incarnate as men or women who can judge that?

(25 May '11, 04:03) white tiger

as for the wisdom in the teaching! it is always corrupt by men wanting to get power from ego in anny religion or dogma or cult! and that is easy to see if they teach you must absolutely do this or do that and they don't do it them self you know right away that it is not someone that is saying the truth and when someone not saying the truth teach other about truth or virtue there is a problem there!

(26 May '11, 02:15) white tiger
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Yes it does. When you read books like Think and Grow Rich and Master Key system or any other books on PsiTek, you seem to be in a completely different world.. but once you get back to "reality" and find all the work you have to do, it just seems really sucky!


answered 13 Feb '11, 03:46

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reality is what you make of it! you and people around you!the question is do you know what wheel to turn when it is the right time to turn it? sometime people turn the wheel in opposite direction and after they wounder why it is not moving!

(26 May '11, 02:18) white tiger
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