I keep reading answers on here like Eddie's answer here, and others, that say that we only attract people that match our vibration. I am confused how we coull all connect if we are so different in our vibrations. If some on here are ill and asking for help and have a low vibration, how are they in the same place so as to connect with others on here that have a higher vibration and some answers? When I read these kinds of answers, it sounds like the writer is saying that they actually live in another dimension where these things don't exist. If they are in another dimension, how do we all end up here on IQ to swap stories?

asked 09 Aug '11, 13:04

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Fairy Princess


Hi FP - after reading your posts and comments I feel that looking into the idea of what reality actually is, which, in my view is illusion, will help you to understand vibration. The reason we're all able to interact in IQ is because we all contain certain similar vibrations and we co-create the shared reality of IQ in order to explore those themes. Each of us also contains vibrations that are not related to each other as well and maybe that’s a dilemma for you. It's not this or that it's this and that, integration and not separation :)

(10 Aug '11, 01:35) Eddie

Well said, Eddie! Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>

(10 Aug '11, 01:47) Jaianniah

Thanks everyone for the great answers.

(06 Apr '13, 09:27) Fairy Princess
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Although we're all here interacting, asking and answering, I think for each of us this site may represent different things for us depending on where we are on our journey. We each most likely have very different perceptions regarding various answers and members and maybe a very different perception of the site in general. We each choose what resonates with us at any given moment and those who vibrate at a similar frequency will be the ones whose answers probably resonate with us most.

Also important to remember is that those whose questions and answers may not resonate with us so much are also here to teach us, probably more so if they elicit any kind of reaction from within. In that sense we may not all be vibrating at the same frequency but we really are all the same so it doesn't matter, and without a doubt we have attracted one another or we wouldn't be here. :)


answered 09 Aug '11, 15:37

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Well, then where is here? If my reality is so different thay say, Eddie's, how can we be in the same here?

(09 Aug '11, 15:51) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess... you both may be 'here' at the same point in time but for each of you the reality of that 'here' may be different depending on your individual perception. I think it's easier to explain 'here' as a perspective rather than a place :)

(09 Aug '11, 16:11) Michaela

Hiya! You ask a really important question, and I guess I am one of those "sick" people who visits this site, and answers these questions with my heart full of love- yet I also have suffered a great deal of illness in my life. These two facts seem to conflict with each other. If my "vibrational level" were higher, wouldn't I be well all the time?

I happen to be a Christian. I mention this because it is my religion which has not only pulled me "out" of the Hell of my body, but also has offered me the potential of living a better and healthier life! I am presently reading a book which examines this point. The book is called Letters from a Skeptic by Dr. Gregory Boyd and his father, Edward (who is the skeptic). In this book, Dr. Greg tells a sad story of a woman who lost her fiance to her sister three days before her wedding to him. At that point, the sister who lost out became very bitter. The other sister tried for 50 years to obtain forgiveness for what happened, but was never forgiven. Never! Now, the bitter young woman grew to become her bitterness. It colored her every decision- until whole nature was one of bitterness.

I have free will, thank God. And I, unlike the bitter woman, have seen that I have been sick because it was becoming my very nature to be sick! Through my exposure to Christ and His Forgiveness, I have seen the TRUTH. I have seen my nature, and am now rejecting that nature.

Perhaps Inward Quest has certainly played a role in my decision to change my nature. The first step for me was hard, very hard. I realized my soul was at risk. I also fell in love with a good man, and I saw, partly through his arguments with me, that I was capable of rejecting my very nature, and re-creating myself into someone better! Christ taught that this is possible at any moment of a person's life. So I leaped.

I packed only essentials, and left my home of sickness and sorrow, and went towards a completely different future, gambling that in doing so, I would want to have a better nature as to be a suitable mate for this fine and good man.

It has turned out to be true! Deep inside me was a new person, desperately wanting to be free of illness! The first step I took was to throw out ALL the narcotic pain medicines I had taken for three decades! Oh, boy, has this decision been a hard one. But it had to be done. How could I live the life I wanted- the new life- if I was stoned all the time? That decision made me very ill for a time, but this new illness wasn't really illness but my body's clamor for what it wanted. I ignored that clamor. I ignored it to the point of blindness, seizure, chills, sweats, and horrible "creepy-crawlies" of withdrawal.

I changed my nature in one fell swoop.

The LOA people would say that I have "raised" my "vibrational level", and I am slowly coming through it. I feel more alive than I ever have in years! Things are so much "more" than they were.

So, you see, this site helped me see the truth about my old life. We all are trying to live better lives, I think, here on Inward Quest. Sure, we have some trolls, perhaps, and even atheists. But all in all, I think that risking their presence is worth the good the site is doing.

It certainly has paid off with me!

Stay tuned as I "grow" into my new "level", and enjoy being truly well in years.

I hope this answer helps you see why we must endure the sick; they are the ones we hope to see grow into higher and happier lives by our own words and testimonies!

I happen to think that deep inside ALL of us is a shared desire to "Raise our Levels" That would explain so much.

Many Blessings,



answered 09 Aug '11, 14:26

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Thank you for your answer, Jai. I don't wonder why we endure people of other vibrations, but how are we in the same dimension to connect with one another? If there are only like vibrational people in our reality, how do we cross realities to connect with people of other vibrations?

(09 Aug '11, 15:03) Fairy Princess

With Love. Love conquers everything! Love joins us all- high and low-and God (Higher Power, Universal Mind, etc...). This is what I believe. I do not think we were meant to live solely with only people just like us- we cross with Love. Thank you so much for such a good question! Love ya!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(09 Aug '11, 15:26) Jaianniah

The teacher will always attract the student...and the student always attracts the teacher. Because they are of the same mind (vibration).

We all have similar (not exact) vibrations on this site ...you have to maybe look at it another way. We are all looking to seek truth...and teach a little truth. The Universe caused Simon Templeton to be inspired to create this site for that reason. But only because Simon wanted to create a site for that reason (similar vibration). A person like me is on this site to share my experiences. My experiences as they pertain to spirituality, law of attraction, etc. Another person is seeking answers to questions within their own experiences....that match mine (similar vibrations). The Universe recognizes InquestQuest as the ideal way (the path of least resistance) for people of this type of vibration to comingle. And the fact that we are mingling and sharing on this site is only because we have similarities in vibration overall ...(not necessarily on an individual basis). A person will leave inwardquest when they no longer feel in vibration with it (and it"s constituents of virtual people).


answered 09 Aug '11, 14:51

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But if we are not even in the same reality because one perceives people as lying and one perceives people as happy, then how are we even in the same reality?

(09 Aug '11, 14:57) Fairy Princess
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