Why are some of us fortunate enough to wake up to who we really are, while others remain unconscious their entire life? Is that inherent feeling of being here for something special inside every human being or is that just another wily trick of the ego?

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Michaela, all I did was to correct your spelling of the word "inherent". I like to tell people why I edit their questions. Good question, BTW! Love, Jai

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Thanks for the edit Jai :-)

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For the purposes of this answer, I'll assume that I am conceited enough to think I have already woken up - but the truth is that I have probably only woken up to the fact that I haven't woken up yet... :)

Is it really fortunate to wake up?

For most of the first part of my life, I considered it a curse actually. You find yourself unable to fit in anywhere. Whenever you try and live a "normal life" (whatever that is), you find yourself driven in another direction. No-one seems to understand why you just can't settle down, why you keep constantly driving yourself towards searching for answers that the rest of the world has already decided don't exist. It was a solitary, painful existence.

But every so often in life (in those pre-internet days), you stumble across someone that thinks the same way and you start to feel a brief sense of relief, that at least someone else "out there" might understand, that there might really be a method to your personal madness.

And then, over the years, the odd drip-drip of meeting another isolated and troubled kindred soul on the path gradually becomes a steady series of drops.

And then those drops turn into a shower, of both people and knowledge.

And that shower just keeps growing in strength and, one day, suddenly...you realize you are in the midst of a deluge of refreshing rain...welcome to Planet Earth in the 21st century!

Now, I wouldn't trade all the old pain and hardship for anything. It's a great, great time to be alive and watch the (re)awakening of humanity.

So why do some of us wake up?

I'm not sure we can really answer that fully for ourselves while still focused on this physical plane but there does seem to be some broader perspective at work.


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I went the other way, and decided to create a life in the "real" world, and forgot about this stuff for a long time. But sometimes I wonder about the path I let go.

(16 Nov '09, 06:27) Vesuvius

How long have you been at this?

(16 Nov '09, 07:23) Vesuvius

Consciously, about 30 years. I'm a slow learner :)

(16 Nov '09, 07:27) Stingray
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I think a lot of it has to do with one's personal motivation.

As much as I talk about morality and cultural norms on this board, the truth is that the ones who wake up are the ones curious enough (or radical enough) to try and break out of those norms, to transcend limitations. Where else but this board would you find diverse subjects such as sex and drugs in the context of spirituality, and people willing to talk honestly and openly about them? Where else would someone have the audacity to suggest that your thinking is what got you here?

Alas, most people are either not curious enough, or not willing to step outside of conformity and take a chance on the unknown. Even teenagers who wear short skirts, pierce their bodies and get tattoos think they're doing it to be individualistic, but in reality they are doing it because all of their other friends are
doing it.

As to the feeling that there is something special inside of us, I would be willing to accept the notion that we are wired to feel this way so that we can be motivated to do something special or important with our lives. But those of us who are led by our inner light will probably tell you that everything in this world and the next fits together like lock and key, and that each of us possesses our own special gift that makes up an integral part of the whole.


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Thanks for all those experiential answers everyone.

(16 Nov '09, 12:20) Michaela

You are so welcome Michaela and it was a good question as well.

(13 Jan '10, 08:11) flowingwater

Wow .. this is interesting...

I personally think we chose to wake up when we are "older". There is a certain beauty that comes from a soul that is completely unaware if itself, like a baby. As all knowing souls I think we crave this experience more than anything. However once we have gained his experience of learning and becoming, we desire to reach a the highest level this physical existence can provide and that is the pure unity of the body and soul. An all knowing soul in its true undiluted nature hosted in a physical body. like Jesus.

For souls who have completely gone through the first process of learning, become restless in the physical as we try to find the means to awaken the soul and keep it awake.

If you sometimes have trouble waking up, here is a little tip that helps me:

"I am not my legs for without them I am still me, I am not my arms,I am not my stomach. I am not my lips, my ears, my nose or my eyes. If any of these failed I would still be me. I am not my voice and I am not my brain, They are simply tools I own and use, Well, if I am not my brain then who is using it? If I am not my voice then who is talking? An If I am not my eyes... then who is looking through them right now?"

Sicerely ask the questions, stay in the moment and your soul usually answers.

Good Luck All


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It is like looking for a needle in a Hay Stack. You know that it is there, but you do not know exactly where to find it, so, you continue to look with the hope that you will find it, because it is right there in the Hay Stack.

But the bigger question is do you want to find it? Because if you do want to find it, you will find it; the choice is your. Your subconscious mind knows all the answers to your questions.

If it is true that we are Captain of our own Ship, then it is my belief that we choose where we want to go, and as we proceed upon our chosen path, we will be enlightened along the way to learn what we seek.

We are all special, because we are all given the gift of life to enjoy life in a way that is pleasing to us. We get to choose what it is that we want, and we are awakened based upon our choices, interest, spirituality, and curiosity of the world we live in.

The Bible teaches that many are called, and few are chosen. Maybe, some of us are not interested, based upon belief, or it is just not our thing.

Personally, I believe that we are unique, with our own unique character, and personality. We get what we put into our life. There is enough in the Universe to go around for all of us. We just have to know what is it that we want, because it is all there for us to have, and to behold.


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The question: Why are some of us fortunate enough to begin to wake up to who we really are?

Possible answer: I cannot say whether it is fortunate or not, since that is subjective to the individual. That some do begin to awaken may have to do with the age of the being who resides within the body; with the experiences and lessons learned through lifetime after lifetime. Awakening could be the result of inner work. Each life, as each moment in a given lifetime, gives the opportunity to grow. Growth = awakening.


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Well, we really are spiritual beings living inside of our physical human body which God created and when God breathe the breathe of life into man's nostrils an man became an living soul.

It is like this if someone keeps you preoccupied with something else or something all of the time than you don't have time to focus on things and maybe figure out what you are thinking an believing.

Some people thought processes or not firing right they or mis-firing kind of like an car engine and some people just accept whatever they are told and don't really do an serious internal thought process investergation of themselves and what do they really think and believe.

Example if you are drugged or on drugs legal or illgal than you mind's ability to think an focus is very limited. If you are drunk than your thinking is less, If you are keep confuse and disoriented than you don't know and are not trying to find out for you don't know you don't know.

But if you do know you don't know than you are able to start looking, searching, talking and asking questions and seeking answers from your self, others, and who you believe to be your creator of life and this world as for me it is God.

Some people are waking up on their own and some people are still unconscious to life they are in an semi-coma in other words just trying to deal with everyday life this effects them and working so hard that they don't give there mind time to think and sort things out.


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WOW, Those are really some interesting answers. Here is an analogy for you or more to the point here is another question. What makes one man/woman a genius and another person a moron? Some people are born adepts and some are not, some know enough to be curious and try to awaken their inner self, some never know they have an inner self and are quite happy to live out their lives not knowing, and there are those who are born self aware and can't escape it and try to drown themselves in drugs and alcohol to get some peace and quiet, but that inner voice keeps on talking and talking until you give up and start to listen, you stop taking the drugs and alcohol if you haven't killed yourself. You start to examine everything more closely and try to be objective instead of subjective. Open your mind and let the thoughts flow like water over a waterfall, just catching glimpses and not trying to take it all in at once and after awhile it gets easier and wonderful things start to happen. The most wonderful feeling I have experienced was when I truly forgave everyone that has ever hurt me or wished ill will towards me, I was lifted up. I knew then that I was not alone, I never was and I never will be. A peace came over me and filled me with such joy that I wept and felt so much energy inside just bursting out. I was at peace with myself and the world. It really is hard to explain but that is the closest I can come to describing what happened. Now the ones who have no idea about an inner self will laugh and say your crazy, those with some idea about it will try to reach what was given to me and some may suceed but not everyone will. Either you have it or you don't and some may get lucky enough to find it. Don't stop trying, keep focused and follow your inner voice, it will lead the way.


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It is something we decided upon prior to our incarnation to this lifetime. Most of us are seekers. If you know a bit about numerology you'll find that your birthdate reminds you of the 2 life paths you've chosen. It is so, since nothing is haphazard in the universe and yes you've chosen exactly when to be born.


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