I believe that every sentient being on the planet has an inherrent need to love and be loved and most human dysfunctions stems from a lack of this. My question is, with this in mind, would you consider unconditional love to be the strongest power we have?

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Good question yes love is very powerful! Michaela

(01 Dec '09, 03:25) flowingwater
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No question about it. How can you hate when you are filled with love?

Look at any person around you. Even if you don't know them, even if their hair is not combed or their shoes are threadbare, even if they are struggling with something like addiction or in the grip of some other life problem, you can still see something of yourself in them, and feel a connectedness with them.

And you can love them for that. Even if you hate what they do, you can still love the person.

Love is what holds this world together. Without love there can only be hate and fear. Hate and fear bring chaos and destruction, while love brings order and stability. Love is the basis for all creation.

Love triumphs over hate, just as surely as the shadow must retreat in the presence of light.


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Thanks Vesuvius. Well said.

(21 Nov '09, 00:49) Michaela

Wow, Vesuvius that was great and love is the answer.

(21 Nov '09, 03:28) flowingwater

Yes, I believe that love is the ultimate power we hold. The most joyous and emotional moments I have experienced have stemmed from either loving somebody unconditionally or from the feeling that somebody loves me unconditionally.

Anything that we do or receive out of love is just so perfect and satisfying. If all we practiced was unconditional love, life would be a much easier and happier journey.


answered 29 Nov '09, 11:58

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Pink Diamond

I believe We love our Joy and we love our suffering unconditionally. It sounds like contradictory nonsense but I really believe that the idea "Unconditional love" when used in this context implies un conditional acceptance of our loving vision of our own potential in all it's forms,


answered 27 Nov '09, 06:44

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The Traveller

I gotta ponder that one.

(27 Nov '09, 13:18) Michaela

Yes, Love is the answer. The bible says love hides an multitude of faults. Love is what brings lost dogs and cats home near starved to death the love of thier owners for them and the love of them for their owners.

Love is what made God manifest Jesus into the world for us through the spoken word and Mary given him birth. For God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son.

Love is what makes the world go around. Love is what will make you be mad at someone and stop and forgive them because you love them. You may not understand them or why they did what they did but you still love them.

God is love and he built that into us for we actually need love like we do water, air, food and human contact to survive. In an physical, spiriual, and emotional way.

Love is glue that holds us together as human beings. The way it makes us feel. Love is something that is unlimitless for you can love as many of people as neccessary. It makes you feel good when someone shows you love rather it is friendship love or male/female love or agape love, or love between relatives it just feels good to be loved. When you received that love it lifts you up and your vibrational frequency is raised up to where you are happy and emotion we all strive for.

Now we can love someone and not love their ways or actions. I am so glad God gave us this ability to love.


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Creativity is the strongest power we possess, and creativity is unconditional love. Beyond unconditional love we must learn wisdom.


answered 05 Mar '14, 23:26

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@TGunn- you're an intersting character and I enjoy reading some of your answers.

Instead of the question being, "is unconditional love the greatest power we possess?" How about, "is the absence of love the most clever illussion ever created by the universe?" How about that one?

(12 Mar '14, 10:23) Nikulas

@ Nikulas: All Creation is Love, whether it be for positive or negative purposes. There is no absence of Love in this Universe, nor in any other. Without Love there IS no Creation. Love IS Creation. Some love to create negativity. Some love to create positivity. Once again, All Creation is Love.

As far as 'illusion', this Universe expands inwards, not outwards, as do we as guests, experiencing this Universal construct and each others' Universal construct in the process.

(17 Mar '14, 00:41) TGunn
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