This is something of a rhetorical question; I know about grounding, and can talk about it. YET- I have a rip-roaring headache from all the spiritual work I have been doing lately...which means I am not grounded! So what can I do? Do you sometimes get "too high in the clouds"? I hope this question will provoke laughter as well as some good answers!

Light and Love, Jai

asked 11 Dec '09, 03:36

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I noticed you included a "balanced-life" tag in your question, so I suspect you know at least part of the answer already.

It can be challenging to live on the cutting edge of spirituality. Your mind & spirit are surfing the heavens, and your body is going, "Why haven't you eaten or slept in the last 24 hours?!"

OK, maybe not quite like that. But as you already suspect, your "self" is giving you signals that it is time to rebalance for awhile. But that doesn't mean you have to turn around and go in the other direction. Not at all.

I have been noticing that, as I spend time on this board and listen to the Abraham-Hicks teachings, I am finding that my mind is clearer, my hearing is sharper, and I am getting things done more effortlessly. But I have not gone full throttle yet, because my spirit is telling me to pace myself. I'll be driving in the fast lane soon enough. I just want to surf the wave without wiping out.

p.s. Are you meditating? :)


answered 11 Dec '09, 06:50

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No! I hadn't meditated in days! Duh! My head was indeed pretty "high up there!" Thanks, Jai

(13 Dec '09, 14:56) Jaianniah

Well how is the view up there? I think you are just tired. Get some sleep & give you attention to something else. you can't speed up the results you are expecting from spiritual work.
This is bad advice, but sometimes you can't dismiss the relief that comes from the "Pleasures" of life. Ganja killed nobody.


answered 11 Dec '09, 06:42

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The Traveller

Your question is about grounding but as well about your headache so I'll try to answer both with ways of dealing with them, since the main part is grounding I'll start there.

We have ways in Reiki for grounding but I would like to give answers that will benefit the most people I could.

Siting on the floor with your heads on the ground or no your knees is good. Laying on the floor is another way of grounding. Placing your hands on a tree is another as well as hold a rock not a crystal but a rock. All of these are very good for grounding, back to trees we can sit with our backs against the tree and be grounded or standing hugging the tree (ooot ooo he's talking about being a tree huger here! lol) It is grounding even though if you do it most will think you are a weird hippy so best not being seen hugging a tree by public if possible. lol All of this is grounding but as well we can use earthly music with streams or rain maybe birds chirping. We can also eat chocolate or red meat, this is grounding as well. Then there is the harsher ways to ground listening to rock music heavy metal or something like that that is not very spiritual that will ground you fast.

Now for the headache think of the egg shape aura around our heads now imagine this like silly putty you can stretch out, pull on it stretching it out more and more all this condensed energy. Keep pulling it out from your head farther and farther and this can be a very good technique you need no special training and anyone can use this.

Another way is to see the pain as red, and then imagine you direct the pain down your body and out your heals into the ground like millions of red arrows. Or you can sweep with your hands down your body from your head to your feet and into the ground, this is quick and the hands are about an inch from the body for smoothness and easy motion. Breath in with the hands at the top of the head, and breath out as you sweep down to the floor in a quick throwing off motion, like there is something on you negative and you do not want this thing it disgust you so you sweep it off your body into the floor to be rid of it.


answered 11 Dec '09, 08:27

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Wade Casaldi


I decided to tell all about what I have learned about getting grounded, both from your kind and thoughtful answers, and from my experiences this week.

1. I had to force myself to get down to practical living. I shut off the computer. I did nothing too cerebral- that only made everything worse. Cleaning is an excellent grounder, but right now, I cannot use that method as I have I the past- I actually miss it! But I could organize my messy desk; I could sweep up the floor; I spent time sitting outside in the sun, just "vegging out".

2. I ran as fast as I could back into meditation! Again, I did not try fancy spiritual stuff- I just sought relaxation, and tried to pull energy from the earth and Universe instead. I tried to sleep more, and put in a movie to lull myself that way. "Forrest Gump" worked very well, btw!

3. I watched what I was putting into my body. No coffee. No sugar. I had a giant plate of tacos, and it was great! I felt renewed from the red meat and protein. (I usually stay away from red meat, but it worked to eat it; I almost craved it.) I drank lots of well water, instead of bottled water. I traded the guarantee of bottled water for the minerals and energy from the water from my own yard.

4. I made a list of all the things I used to do that were fun for me: playing piano, singing, writing humorous stuff, organizing my photos, and then a did a little of that. I ended up making a beautiful keepsake photo album for my Mother for Christmas, and played with scissors and scotch tape and my imagination. A note about that photo album: it must have sat on the shelf at Walmart for a long, long time...peeling back the plastic from the pages became a sort of meditation, as the plastic was firmly stuck...(LOL!)

5. I did what Wade suggested, and messed with my rock collection. I have two meteorites, and they seemed to help the best for some unknown reason.

6. I followed directions, and tried what your answers suggested. When all else fails, follow directions! LOL!

7.I prayed simple prayers of gratitude and joy. I tried to thank God a lot. I kept it simple- that's called K.I.S.S.- Keep it simple, stupid!

8. What cured the headache was paying attention to my breathing and my blood pressure. I was slow in my movements, and tried to just calm everything down.

That is what I learned about grounding- all of it separate from my Reiki training! I thank you for your caring answers and advice. I hope my experiences will help someone else. If that happens, the headache was worth it!

Blessings and Lenten Light, Jai~~~~~~>>>>> !!!


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Here is a little story for you. It is not an answer, but a test, and if you are able to follow the instructions, you will find your answer, and you will be grounded, and you will not even remembered that you had an headache.

The lady said to her maid, get me two black birds, and put them in a cage, and bring to me. I will feed them, care for them, and talk to them for six days. I will tell them every thing about me, and I will not lie to them. On the seventh day, I will set them free to go back to their way of living, and I will return to my way of living. The two birds flew north, but the next morning, when she went out to her garden the two black birds were still in their cage. The end. What do you think this story means?


answered 13 Dec '09, 08:35

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Inactive User ♦♦

The birds came home to roost because of the attention and care they were given, this is similar to the Usui beggar story that after healed they would return because it was easier being cared for than to care for their selves.

(13 Dec '09, 09:18) Wade Casaldi
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