I moved into a house with my family when I was six. I still live there, and it's been many years. When we first moved into the house, I was in the office and I was on my way out. There was no door (although there is now), just a doorway. From the inside rim of the doorway, I saw a drop of water fall to the floor.

I was stunned for a moment, and then I felt the floor where the drop of water landed, and there was no water or any sort of moisture there. I felt the inside of the doorway, and there was no water or moisture there either.

Over the years, I have continued to see the drop of water. I've seen it too many times to count, and at this point, I hardly even acknowledge the drop anymore. I've never bothered to find out the meaning of this drop. The only explanation I've ever received was a brief, "Maybe you're seeing into the spirit world, or something," from my mom. I'm not a very religious person, but the idea of any contact with the spirit world scares me, because of my beliefs.

I was hoping someone could help me identify the meaning or purpose behind this drop of water. If anyone knows anything that may help me, please let me know. I'd be really glad if I could find out its meaning.

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I am so glad I have found this thread. I cannot begin to explain how confused I am about this, I have been seeing the same thing for as long as I can remember. The water droplet, and it is always only the one drop, always falls from a doorway as I either walk through it or past it. I mainly see it from the corner of my eye, and i definately AM seeing it. I have had no leaks in the house. Nothing like that. I have moved home quite a few times since I was little, I am now 25, and I have seen this drop in ever home, also too many times to count.

I really am desperate to find an answer to this and find out what it means. Im not sure if someone is trying to tell me something, or just let me know they are always there. Or if it a sign of something else. I just dont know! I am glad I am not the only one witnessing this though!

I will continue to search the web and ask people for help, I am sorry I cannot help, but I just wanted to say, you're not alone. If i find out any information, I will re-post back here!

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Without wishing to sound glib, from what you've described, it seems like you have a slow leaking pipe somewhere :) A single occasional drip of water isn't going to leave much, if any, residual moisture after hitting the ground.

As I see it, if some "spirit" wanted to grab your attention for some reason then manifesting the occasional drop of etheric water doesn't seem like the most efficient way of going about it :)

But I think there's a deeper level to what you are asking.

You are asking a question about something apparently trivial but there's a part of you that is making you feel there is a greater meaning behind it.

This little recurring incident has led you to start investigating the idea of the "spirit world" (I don't really like that phrase myself) and that little nudging towards a more spiritual direction might be the real meaning of this event for you.

Quite often, a broader wiser part of us communicates to the more mundane physical part of us by making us "take notice" of something apparently trivial to order to get us to investigate something that it feels there is value in.


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The things you say seem to have great possibility, so thank you for answering my question. However, if I really am looking for something that isn't there, then it seems like I would be searching by instinct, and I am always trusting my instinct. I understand, however, that I shouldn't jump to conclusions, especially if the conclusion I'm jumping to is highly unlikely.

(25 Jun '12, 11:46) Whisper

Yes! I'm not alone.. i see things exactly how you guys explain it .. mostly it appears by the doors, i'm not a supertitious person, but it always happened to me, I thought i was seeing things. (sorry I'm talking about the droplets of water).. is this a good or a bad signs??? maybe a spirit trying to tell us something. no one can answer this been searching asking freinds and the same answer I got. and i think its following me where ever i go. always pray and do good things Let's make it a positive way. goodluck to all of us.


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It's not just me!!!!! I too have seeing a single drop of water in various doorways at random times all my life & I'm in my 40's now. I usually see it out of the corner of my eye but when I investigate there isn't actually any water dripping at all...I've just got used to it now & accept that I have these dripping water in door way apparitions!!! Last night I overheard someone say that water presents it's self to those connected with the spirit world & that it's the sign of something spiritual. I'm still investigating as it's interested that a few of us have the same apparition - I'm sure it means something!


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Josee Shaw

This is something I and my dad have experienced for years while driving in the rain. You're driving along and all of a sudden feel a tinny drop of water land on your face or arm you go to wipe it off but there in nothing there!

My dad has a hypothesis that this is maybe something like a time space glitch that usually goes unnoticed.

Sort of like a drop falls and the position of the car is so that it would be in front of the car and disappears in the fixed space it was in and reappears in the wrong space inside the car for a moment only to zap back to where it was suppose to be.

That seems like an explanation, at least better than anything I can think up right now.


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I never expected to see such postings so very relieved to happen upon this site. My first encounter was last year at my parent's house. Such a large drop of water from a beam in their living room. No one else saw it and the rug was dry. Then we move to a new home and it started in one doorway but not all the time. A drop of water falls from the door frame and now it's happening at another door opening. My eye doctor thought I should see an eye specialist, better than a shrink... HA. And a sister is going to ask a Native American Shaman about this phenomena.


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Many people have reported this phenomena, enough to have it listed as one of the unexplained mysteries of the paranormal. Assuming you have ruled out any possible plumbing problems or roof leaks, you can then consider the possibility of paranormal activity. Try to avoid thinking of paranormal activity as it is portrayed in movies where any such activity is seen as scary, horrific and being carried out by some evil entity. There are two important reasons for this perception. The first, and major reason is due to the many creative and somewhat twisted minds that are involved in the production of fictional horror, and some of the better documented "true" ghost stories. The second reason is that it is the frightening episodes that get reported. Then it becomes an opportunity for the mainstream media to promote the fear factor.

The vast majority of paranormal or psychic experiences are not reported. If it is non-threatening, people are not willing to risk reputation or the possibility that someone might have them committed over some minor event. The water drops are likely the result of spirit activity. There are a number of theories to explain ghosts and you can do some research on that subject if you like. "Ghost" is a catchall term for an unidentified spirit entity that is generally seen as residual energy or a fully conscious personality, which in most cases will be a relative who is no longer, confined to flesh. You may want to consider the water drops as someone trying to get your attention for any number of reasons.

Why water drops? Probably because it is one of the easiest of molecules for us to create if the conditions are right, with or without a ceiling or doorframe. Read about any ghost hunters or hauntings and you will know that one of the things they look for are cold spots, pockets of cool air that can vary in size. This is usually an indication of possible spirit activity. Any ghost who made it through high school while in the physical world, will have some understanding of how moisture, rain, fog or a drop of water is formed.. Temperature, dew point, humidity, barometric pressure and micro bits of dust all working together can create a rainstorm or a single drop of water. If that spirit can focus its energy, and cool a small bubble of air around a speck of dust. It will likely form the drop that, from your perspective, came out of nowhere. This is one theory for your consideration.


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What is matter, what is physical reality? consider that most of us are fooled into believing that matter is the only reality


now consider this ... water is extremely ductile and the most easy substance to render visible, many cultures have devised methods to induce rainfall, including a method of inducing rain using radionic instruments. a few rare primitive sorcerers are capable of it.

What all these methods have in common is the intention to create rain.

Send out a precise intention and sooner or later it'll turn up

alt text

Sending out the vibration of drops of water means you're tuning yourself into them and sooner or later they'll come back to you; here's a practical method of sending out the vibrational sound of rainfall, make yourself a rain stick with a hollowed out dried cactus branch, fill it with small pebbles and block both ends, it makes the sound of rain falling when tilted,

this method works on the same principle as the tibetan prayer wheel

alt text

the verbal formula is maintained within the wheel that is held vertically and rotated while thinking of the essence of the words as being diffused all around.


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I’ve been seeing it since i was really young. In fact, i think it happened more to me as a kid. I’m 24 years old now and still see them. Usually a big drop of water in my periphery when standing in or passing through a doorway in the dark. Only in the dark. A lot of people are reporting seeing one drop. I do see one drop at a time, but if i stand there and continue to watch, it just keeps dripping from the same spot, rhythmically - about 1 drop every second. I remember being confused by it as a kid, and i would would keep feeling the floor where it was dripping, but it was always dry, even after several drops. The drops seem to have different opacities depending on the building. At my house, the drops are medium-translucent, but at my girlfriend’s apartment, the drops are very opaque - almost bright white in the darkness. In most houses/buildings, however, i don’t see them at all. I’ve always wondered what it means. I see this thread is pretty old, but if anyone has learned anything about it, please contact me: chsplummer@gmail.com


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You see the drop of water, as a reminder from God that your work is still incomplete.

When you see the river flowing, or a water fountain, you will know your mission is done.


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I see this exact same thing, what looks like a slightly slow-moving droplet of water in the left hand side of doorways as I pass through them.

For me it’s usually in specific doorways, normally in buildings that I’m familiar with, but occasionally in places I’ve never been in before. I was around 8 years old when I first told my family I was seeing them. We lived in a very old house and the doorway where it usually happened had a fusebox directly above it - so my parents made a point of checking it wasn’t real water! I’ve been seeing it ever since (over 10 years in that same house), and I’m now in my mid 30’s. Sometimes multiple times in the same day, but sometimes nothing for months. I live in a very old house again now - old buildings seem to be where they are most prevalent.

I’m not particularly spiritual or open to the paranormal, but I can never find any sort of other explanation for this. I barely register it happening anymore because it’s so normal to me. But sometimes it hits me how odd it is…

I’d love to hear any more explanations. This is the only site I’ve ever heard somebody describe the same thing. I keep checking back every year or so hoping to find out more. And no, they are not water leaks! To coincidentally have had a slow leak in a very specific part of a doorway over multiple different houses over 30 years would be a much stranger phenomenon!


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