I think to notion "pretentious" on more senses: exigence, perfectionism, not lowering down the jumping lath, inner imperativeness to realize the best and referring to the results of the man actions, in all respects: quantitative, qualitative (for eg. depth and extension for knowledge}, usefulness for oneself and others, social value.

"Wanting more" presumes a dissatisfaction with where one is at. If you are absolutely satisfied, you wouldn't want more. If you feel any dissatisfaction, you could stop the flow of manifesting towards. Then, how does it "work" with your feelings when you're vibrating with complete satisfaction and gratitude, but are emitting also higher frequencies for a new level of the desire?

PS. I'm sorry for my "awkward" English. I added more explanations in the first paragraph of the ask. In may language, the same "pretencious" word is mostly used in the sense that I mentioned. For "arrogance", excessive self-esteem, irrealist appreciation of self value, presumptuous, we add a qualificative: "unjustified" pretentions. There are many notions with a same root (origin) and different senses in English and Romanian.

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I'm going to attempt an answer, although I'm not sure if i'm interpreting your question right Gleam. Pretentious, to me, means full of self importance not in a self assured or confident way but more in an arrogant, feeling superior kind of way. Because of this I would definitely see being pretentious as a trait of the ego or in your words a defect.

I think the latter half of your question, you're asking if one feels completely satisfied why would they want more.I agree that there is a bit of a paradox at play - when we are happy and appreciative and are vibrating at a high frequency, why would we emit new desires? The only answer I can come up with here is that we are not stagnant beings - our nature is to expand and grow in an ever expanding Universe so we can never stop desiring. However I think as we expand and grow, we begin to see those desires change from things like money, power etc. to things that are more beneficial and in alignment with the Whole.


answered 02 May '10, 12:42

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Thank you the answer and also the notification about the unclear sense of my question. You helped me. Gradually, I will improve my English. I work for.

(02 May '10, 15:14) Gleam

You're very welcome Gleam - I think you converse amazingly in English, considering that it's a fairly new second language for you. I couldn't even attempt to converse like that in another language. I think some of the meaning can be lost when we try to translate to another language. For me, I interpret pretentious and exigent as having different meanings - exigent meaning we put a lot of demand on someone whereas pretentious is merely full of self importance.

(02 May '10, 15:33) Michaela

I love your answer Michaela. I fully agree with the notion that growth and expansion is our nature. If I can add anything here it is only this observation. How do we know that there is room to grow and expand? We can only stumble upon it because of imperfection or "defects". So defects are necessary and ought to be embraced with the same enthusiasm as "growth".


answered 06 May '10, 03:38

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The Traveller

Thanks Traveller - and You're so right, without the defects there would be no need for expansion so they really do play a vital role in our journey.

(06 May '10, 11:44) Michaela
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