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Recently I have been reading the works of Thomas Troward, who is often referred to as one of the earlier pioneers of the New Thought movement, although I think he was much more than that. All of Troward's theories and principles seem to be in line with the manifesting processes here at Inward Quest. For instance, in his book The Law and The Word, Troward states,

Through the instrumentality of this impersonal cosmic soul we can send out our Thought for the healing of disease, for the suggestion of good and happy ideas, and for many other beneficial purposes; though the extent of the result will of course be considerably influenced by the mental attitude of the recipient, which is therefore a factor to be reckoned with.

That established, Troward goes on to talk about a process which he calls "addressing the soul of the subject." Rather than give a description here, I will simply paste the pertinent section in full:

But the conception we are considering [the Creative Power of Thought and the Word] is not limited to concrete entities, whether persons or things. It applies to abstractions also, and it is for this reason that I have called it the "Soul of the Subject." We often speak of the "Soul of Music," or the "Soul of Poetry," and so on. Thus our ordinary talk stands on the threshold of a great mystery, which, however, is simple enough in practice. If you want to get a clearer view of any subject than you have at present, address yourself mentally to the abstract soul of that subject, and ask it to tell you about itself, and you will find that it will do so. I do not say that it will do this in any miraculous manner, but what you already know of the subject will range itself into a clearer order, and you will see connections that have not previously occurred to you. Then again, you will find that information of the class required will begin to flow towards you through quite ordinary channels, books, newspapers, or conversation, without your especially laying yourself out to hunt for it; and again, at other times, ideas will come into your mind, you do not know how, but illuminating the subject with a fresh light. I cannot explain how all this takes place. I can only say from personal experience that it happens. But of course we must not throw aside ordinary common-sense. We must sort out the information that comes to us, and compare it with our previous knowledge; in fact we must work at it: there is no premium for laziness. Nor must we expect to receive by a sudden afflatus a complete acquaintance with some subject of which we are entirely ignorant. I do not say that such a thing is altogether impossible, for I cannot venture to limit the possibilities of the Universe; but it is certainly not to be looked for in the ordinary appears to me, that every class of subject has a sort of soul of its own with which we can put ourselves en rapport by, so to say, mentally unifying our own personality with its abstract principle.

We are told by some teachers, that we can in the same way even construct entities in the nature of our Thought, and possessing a personality of their own with which we have endowed them. Whether this be the case I cannot say--I do not know all the secrets of the invisible. But if our thoughts do not create personal entities able to hang "on their own hook," they create forces which come to much the same thing. They start waves in the Universal etheric medium, which, like the electro-magnetic waves of telegraphy, spread all round from the point of initial impulse, and are picked up whenever a centre happens to be attuned to a similar rate of vibration, and each new centre energizes these vibrations again with a fresh impulse of its own; so in this way thought-currents become very real things.

Such, then, is the power of our Word, whether spoken or only dwelt upon in Thought, to impress itself upon the impersonal element around us, whether in persons or things. We cannot divest it of the power, though we may intensify its action by deliberate use of it, with knowledge of the principle involved, and therefore, whether consciously or unconsciously, we are sending out the influence of our personality all the time.

I found this whole passage fascinating, and I am wondering if any of you out there have any knowledge or experience with addressing the soul of an object or abstract subject.

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@lozenge123, I'm sure you are already doing it and addressing "soul of a subject" too. Words are supposed to devise the meaning only.

Or when you are looking for something, you ask a thousand different questions about it. It seems that those questions are different, but they all are just different way of looking for the same answer. The answer which is just a clear explanation of the soul of subject.

(31 Aug '12, 02:30) CalonLan

@Lozenge123 I salute you for asking really interesting questions - a definite +1 from me - thank you. My answer to the question is NO but maybe I will now.

(31 Aug '12, 05:31) Catherine
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Hi @Lozenge 123,

This is reminding me of Bridge of Light by LaUna Huffines.

In her book, LaUna describes weaving a web of light strands that you project out from your heart center into a bridge of light, which you then anchor to anything or anyone you would like to connect to.

In the instance you are discussing, you would then walk out onto your bridge, and ask the other side to come and meet you there, and you can chat. :) You ask questions, if you like, and can receive some astonishing answers.

You can also picture the subject as a ball of light, and walk across your bridge and right into it, where you feel yourself desolve, and become one with it. This is a wonderful and (for me) a very effective meditation to match your vibration with that of love, peace, happiness, tranquility...whatever you would like.

If you want to connect to a person, you find that you can communicate with their spirit, or higher self, and ffind common ground, resolution and peace where there had been troubles. I have used this after a bad break up, when we were not speaking, and it had a wonderful effect. I felt such relief after hearing from him in this manner, and understanding that the love was still there, it had gone nowhere (always a confusing question to me), it was just being clouded over by fears, and our paths redirected. In the instance I'm thinking of, we actually reunited with new understanding. :)

While writing this it occurs to me that I had always thought of this practice as creating a connection, but now I believe it is more about acknowledging the connections that exist between ourselves and really anything else in the Universe, since there really isn't anything "else".

I like these ideas and meditations. They provide a context and a personification to help us translate that connection - or more accurately, lack of separation, into a workable and benefitial place of understanding.


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