Referring to Stingray's answer in response to a question, How can I become an ‘exact’ vibrational match to a particular person?...

It's quite possible to match the vibration of another and the basic method is really rather straightforward.

You just visualize your target person (with your eyes open) in front of you, a real living image of the person you wish to match.

It might take you a few minutes to really get into the feeling of them being there. And when you feel that image of them is as real as you can make it, you just physically step into it.

(Of course, to someone watching, you are stepping into nothing but an empty space on the floor)

As you step into that image, now feel yourself as that person. The trick is not to feel yourself as you within them but instead to feel you as that person...there should be no feeling of separation.

If you get it right, you will almost feel like you are not yourself anymore. And in this state of vibrational attunement, thoughts will pass easily between the two of you, and things that you think you want to do (as them), they will also be thinking they want to do...if they are in a situation where they can be receptive to their thoughts in that moment.

Can we make our vibrations positive and high in just tuning in to some one else's reality who is much successful in any field of life?

Is it possible that when i tune in or visualise or meditate about some person who is living and abundant life,will it help me to reduce resistance with in me?

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That's a very astute observation, Zulu - and you are absolutely right that you can influence your own vibrations by tuning into those who already have the qualities or lifestyle you wish to have yourself.

These sorts of uses of this method are much healthier in my view than the usual ones of trying to seduce others or make them love you, which is what many newcomers to it immediately try to do :)

Not only that, you can use this same approach to acquire new behaviors and skills.

Instead of visualizing a specific person in front of you, you can visualize a general person who behaves in the way you want or has the skills you want, and just step into them and acquire those skills for yourself.

Or you can even use fictitious people to step into. When I used to do a lot of public speaking, I used to step into Captain Jean-Luc Picard from the TV series Star Trek - The Next Generation, who represents to me someone who has excellent group communication skills backed up with open-minded self assuredness.

How you use this idea is up to you and your imagination. It's all about your aligning with your intent as you use the process.

I've mentioned this idea before on this website in How do you unlock your inner genius?

In some of the higher mystical traditions, there is an even deeper use of this method in the sense of attaining a oneness with the Universal Forces that exist...God, if you prefer that term.

One way to do this might be to visualize the essence of what represents the most sacred thing in your life to you, a symbol perhaps, that you wish to become closer to. Then just step into it as before and let it and you merge together.


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Thanks Stingray.You are a genius ...I will experiment on this.

(29 Oct '10, 18:18) Zee
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