This may sound like a boring question but I have been practising L.O.A for a few weeks now and over the last 24 hours or so, have had this weird feeling that something is about to happen. (Ive asked the universe for four different things, three of which are quite big) and I feel very nervous and excited which is VERY unlike me. Is this just me thinking positive or do these so called vibrations actually exist?? Or am I just going mad ha ha. Your thoughts and stories plz, xxx

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Thinking positive can only bring positive whatever into your life. Thoughts of going mad will lessen as you realize you're becoming sane.

(27 Jul '10, 02:56) Eddie

The more you can hold that feeling of excitement, the quicker the manifestation will move toward you.

Personally I have found this to be the hardest part of the manifestation process ie. holding that feeling and not letting any doubtful thoughts seep in. If you can do this the physical manifestation will show up much quicker as those feelings of excitement keep you vibrating at a higher frequency.

Good luck! And let us know what happens:)


answered 26 Jul '10, 12:54

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Stick with it!

In the past that feeling usually did manifest into something.

Sometimes it was quick, other times it took months, close to a year!

Regardless, it's a great feeling to have even if that something you are thinking about doesn't manifest.

It could lead to other doors opening you never even thought of.

Please do keep us updated, wishing you the best of it.


answered 26 Jul '10, 16:19

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Being in that good feeling place is PART OF the manifestation process. Keep going. Keep allowing. Keep feeling. . . and watch and see what happens ( :


answered 26 Jul '10, 22:14

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Thanx for your answers and of course I shall kp u upto date! xx

(27 Jul '10, 11:10) Mile3 1
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