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Tell us what you think you would change, how you think the world would change, anything of that nature.....


Thanks, @ele

asked 07 Apr '13, 04:30

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@Jai haha, actually I thought you would poll IQ members in regards to their beliefs. Do you believe in heaven & hell? Polls are wiki? hmm.

(07 Apr '13, 04:40) ele

@ele-I thought I'd just do away with both. See what happens without them....Yeah, polls are wiki, I think.

(07 Apr '13, 04:55) Jaianniah

All Hell would break out & there would be mass hysteria.

(07 Apr '13, 06:50) ele

@Jai- No, heaven and hell aren't within my parametres, though I do believe that upon death there is nothing except goodness with returning to source (God). I've always had a strong curiosity in death and afterlife, and many may interperet that I am darkly morbid, though that is hardly the case; I am extremely fascinated and am looking forward to death just to see what happens. And if the devil exists, I'll annoy him he doesn't uphold contracts very well and should improve his diplomacy.

(07 Apr '13, 07:15) Nikulas

Satan and God would mud wrestle in Madison Square Garden, NY only to demonstrate humankind that heaven and hell do exist. Just kidding of course:). I don't believe in heaven and hell and it doesn't change much in one's life I think. I just don't have to fear hell, that's all. So you just get a run-of-the-mill life minus a lot of fear you could say. Sometimes I want to believe in heaven-hell because the drama of it thrills me somehow:). But then again I think it's just overkill.

(07 Apr '13, 07:15) releaser99

I am still working it out. But, I am believing more and more that hell is a creation of our mind, as is heaven.

(07 Apr '13, 10:43) Fairy Princess

Vagaries of perception. The temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose - Matrix

Or in other words, it - all of it, is a joke.

(09 Apr '13, 02:31) CalonLan
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Interestingly, the modern conception of hell as "The Place of Punishment Where All the Evil People Go" is something that developed between about 500 A.D. and the Middle Ages.

If you look at the Old and New Testaments, the closest concepts to "hell" are the following, neither of which directly correspond to the modern version:

1.Hades or Sheol, the place where ALL people's spirits go when they pass into the non-physical. The spirit realm, not divided or differentiated according to moral "value" or "judgment."

2.Tartarus, a vast chamber under the earth (according to lore, beneath the desert of Dudael) in which the Fallen Angels were bound and imprisoned by the loyal angels, on order of God, after the war in Heaven.

This is speculation on my part, but I believe the modern conception of hell may have resulted from these two concepts being confused.

So if you stopped believing in this idea of Hell, you would just end up having a belief system closer to the original Christians or Jews. :)


answered 07 Apr '13, 13:12

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Very informative answer, thanks lozenge123

(07 Apr '13, 23:18) ele

we as humans seem to need
a place for everything to be
but it is not as we intellect.
for me he sees the light


answered 08 Apr '13, 19:41

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I am enjoying the flow in your answers,thanks fred..

(08 Apr '13, 19:58) Roy

There would be no rewards or justice. So there would be no incentive towards honesty, compassion, or love. Greed, get what you can at whatever cost to anyone else, it's a jungle out there, only care about self preservation, these are what I can see of believing when you die you are gone, nonexistent.

On the plus side, more would see how valuable life is. It is so fragile and all people lives should be preserved with greater research towards cures for all life threatening diseases including aging and death itself. This would lead to value of human life but would kill altruism to replace it with honest compassion that includes the self.

I believe the second view would take time for humanity to wake to but would eventually overshadow the quick gains of the first.


answered 07 Apr '13, 22:56

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Wade Casaldi

edited 07 Apr '13, 23:13

Perfectly wonderful response, Wade!

(08 Apr '13, 23:53) LeeAnn 1
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