As a healthcare provider of 25+ years, I have seen a great deal of physically suffering of the terminally ill. Many of my patients have considered Euthanasia as they believe their life is coming to an end within a very short time, their financial resources are being exhausted, and that life in general is unbearable.

From a spiritual perspective, is euthanasia the same as suicide?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I havnt got any knowledge or view on this,but my old mum didnt believe in Euthanasia before my dads illness. After that i think she changed her mind. I think when youve seen someone suffer the viewpoint can change. Its a very good question and i think it should be debated more.After all its something which touches us all.



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Monty Riviera

Graham, thank you for your response. So sorry to hear about your Dad. Very true, our thoughts do change after we have experience with this issue. My best to you and yours.

(06 Sep '10, 15:46) GS415

Many thanks,there both somewhere else now.Must be very difficult seeing people suffer on a day to day basis.I think this subject will no doubt be debated at higher levels than this site.I hope eventually parliament re debate this and make the debate along non party lines.Its a VERY valid question and deserves a measured and well thought out set of legislation.

(06 Sep '10, 16:26) Monty Riviera

monty do not make me laugh at higher level then this site. why because you think that some politicien are at higher level then us. the politicien is there for a job and a golden pension. they all make promesse to get elected and many year after the situation is the same. so i do not get where you see the higher? smile

(25 Oct '11, 00:18) white tiger and sleeping on the job they will get things done. smile

(25 Oct '11, 00:22) white tiger
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Personally I think when someone is enduring unbearable physical suffering and wishes to end it, the choice should always be theirs.

I do believe that those who commit suicide are enduring their own seemingly unbearable suffering - albeit mental suffering . However,I don't think we can really measure whose suffering is the worst - to the one considering euthanasia they feel they can no longer bear the physical pain and have accepted the fact that there is no hope of recovery. To the one considering suicide the world seems like a bleak, hopeless place to be and this is their perceived reality.

So to answer your question I don't think they are exactly the same but they do contain similarities; and I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to either,only an individual choice.

IF we're all honest and look at some of the unconscious choices we've made throughout life, it could be said that the majority of the human race is performing a slow form of suicide but very few would admit to this.


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Very insightful answer Michaela. My question is inspired by the works of Dr Jack Korvorkian. As you might know, Dr Korvorkian was imprisoned for many years for his assistance with helping terminally ill patients end their lives. Thank you angin for your response.

(05 Sep '10, 16:09) GS415

@Michaela. Are you sure that unconscious takes choices, this meaning a freewill of unconscious, wich is "blindly" followed by conscious?

(05 Sep '10, 20:45) Gleam

@Gleam - I think you may be confusing unconscious with subconscious. When I speak of unconscious choices, I mean those automatic,habitual choices we make outside our awareness. Hope this clarifies it a bit more for you:)

(06 Sep '10, 13:08) Michaela

@Michaela. The automatic, habitual, impulsive acts, "we make outside our awarenes" ARE NOT CHOICES, even if they produce effects, no matter how much confused I am. The notion "CHOICE", by ite meaning, implies at least two alternativee, an analysis and comparison, an option and a decizion; this isn't the ability and the job of unconscious, but requires the atributes of conscious, no matter if the result is to advantage or not. "Unconscious choices" is an oxymoron and can generating confusion (I am sure you don't want this).

(07 Sep '10, 10:20) Gleam

@Michaela. Within the much sources which assert the choice as resulting from the activity of ONLY CONSCIOUS, I post one: "Consciousness contain an ageny, the 'eco', than can make choices" and "The 'ego' has to make choices, and these produce effects" by Ian Heat, a modern psycne-analyst from U.K. :

(07 Sep '10, 10:36) Gleam

Interpreted from that viewpoint, I get where you're coming from. However, everything we do in life comes from us even though we make some of those decisions without first consciously weighing the pros and cons, they are still our decisions. To say otherwise is to hand away our power and infer that someone else is pulling the strings.Unfortunately most of humanity lives controlled by their ego until they awaken to the understanding that they can in fact control the ego and use it as a tool in their physical existence - which is in my opinion it's real purpose.

(07 Sep '10, 16:07) Michaela

Thank you the explanation, even if non convinced me. For all that, I hope the discution don't was useless.

(08 Sep '10, 06:13) Gleam

@Gleam - No discussion is ever useless when two people approach it with an open mind. It gives us a chance to consider another viewpoint and maybe even realize new possibilities. Even if we don't agree Now, whose to say that what we hold as True Now won't change at a later date - nothing is etched in stone. Thank You:)

(08 Sep '10, 13:45) Michaela

Brilliant Answer and Brilliant Discussion. I enjoyed being a fly on the wall. Thank you :)

(24 May '11, 13:18) The Traveller

@Traveller... Thank you, and you're welcome :)

(26 May '11, 13:34) Michaela
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Here is a youtube video on Abraham Hicks and Natural disasters. Even though natural disasters have nothing to do with this topic, in that video Abraham Hicks explain how death should be seen as a bridge for someone to re-emerge into the non physical back again to be easily back in alignment with his own self in one swoop.


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I saw the link between disasters and this. Valid and interesting clip

(07 Sep '10, 18:14) Monty Riviera

From a spiritual perspective, is euthanasia the same as suicide? Are we talking about measures of religious judgement here? In any case death is probably a beautiful event.


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well i don't see suicide and euthanasia as the same thing. suicide is to destroy the body and your chance of experiencing this world and do what you came here to do. euthanasia is a body that is dying and you are in pain at your limit and ending this body in that case is not bad because you have experience what you came here to experience. so experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Spiritual perspective ? Seriously ?

Do you think spirit wants anyone to suffer ?

I have to agree with @sharon2. Sounds more like certain religious beliefs than it does anything spiritual.


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