I have manifested situations and things so many times before. I think back and 100% know how I did it. I know the state of sort of daydreaming that I have been in to do this. Everything however that I had manifested... was effortless and really not intentional. It's almost so easy that it's hard.

I get so excited when I see what I have done, and almost try too hard with the things that I really really want. These things and situations aren't happening quick enough for me and i'm getting frustrated. I read that you are supposed to give attention to your desires all the time, but then these things I have manifested in the past I thought about, then completely forgot about them.

I just want to know how I can change my way of thinking about the things in that are "big" in my own mind and think about them like I did with the other situations or things I had manifested. I KNOW these things are in my vibrational bubble, I just want them to manifest already!!! Soooo hard not to obsess!

Thank you in advance for any help or advice you may have for me :)

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I just want to know how I can change my way of thinking about the things in that are "big" in my own mind

It only feels "big" if we haven't closed the vibrational gap yet. If we close it, it feels real, fun and smooth... not obsessive. And the manifestion can then occur. So we must close the gap and manifest the perfect vibration/feeling first to manifest what we want.

How to close the gap to manifest (the perfect vibration/feeling)

I want to share a tool that I use almost all the time. I either use the editor (software) on my computer or I do it in my mind. This tool is my new passion and I so enjoy it that using it has become my greatest hobby. Because it is so simple, easy and fun.

Actually it's my personal version of Stingray's Focus Blocks. And I will also share my personal take on how it works, how to use it and what exactly to do so you can hopefully make it work immediately. If you can learn how to use it, your biggest desires won't feel obsessive and "big". They will feel fun and achievable in just about 10-30 minutes.

Here is why it is so difficult to go from the feeling of

"I don't have it, but I want it :("


"I completely feel that I have it right now! :)"

Negative emotions are like fast moving streams.

And you must stop the stream and its momentum first if you want to change your vibration. But unfortunately most of the time you can't stop the fast moving stream of "I don't have it yet... it feels bad" by replacing it with the feeling of "I already have it... it feels good.". Because it already has powerful momentum that will carry you away easily if you try to stop it this way.

But there is a trick. You can stop and reverse the fast moving stream slowly. Here are the instructions.

  1. Acknowledge that a negative stream exists and that it is active right now
  2. Jump into this fast moving stream and go with its momentum (even if it sometimes feels really bad like drowning in negative feelings)
  3. Slow down the stream gently and slowly while still going with its momentum for a while
  4. Check if the stream actually slows down
  5. Stop the momentum
  6. Reverse the stream

Acknowledge the negative stream

Open the editor (software) on your computer. Close your eyes. Notice how you feel about what you want by feeling into the area in your body where you usually feel emotions (chest, stomach etc). Don't try to change how you feel. Just acknowledge it. Open your eyes.

Just notice how you feel and find a few statements that describe the feeling. Don't try to sound polite or politically correct. You don't have to show or tell anyone how you feel. It's just you and your computer. You will delete everything afterwards. So don't worry even if you have thoughts that feel "morally reprehensible" like wanting to kill someone etc.

Jump into the fast moving stream and go with its momentum

alt text

When you jump into the stream and you feel the negative emotion fully, it can feel very uncomfortable. But this step here is absolutely key. You must allow yourself to feel it. Otherwise you can't change it! Jump in, you won't die! Jump in by writing down exactly how you feel.

Try to make the sentence(s) as specific, bold, emotional and accurate as possible. For example:

I feel impatient because I want a new red car so bad. And I feel jealous because my neighbour has the car that I want. I hate him. He doesn't deserve it. And I fucking hate feeling jealous. I fucking hate myself when I feel like that. It feels so frustrating. I want that car but it does absolutely not feel possible to create the feeling of having it right now

Honesty is key here! Again, don't try to hold back anything you feel. It's OK for you to express it as it is. We are just humans and it's OK to feel those things at times.

Slow down the stream gently and slowly while still going with its momentum

To slow down the stream you now try to find general statements that give you the bird's eye perspective. And you also try to find those statements sloooooooowly and geeeently. Take your time!

This step may take a few minutes especially if you are new to this. Tip: Try to find a general statement that acknowledges the power of the stream's momentum while making it all sound less dramatic than before. For example: - "Well.... I feel that momentum is powerful here. Yes, I admit that I feel jealous and angry. But it should somehow be possible in the next 10-15 minutes to find a thought that feels slightly better ." - or "Yes, I feel jealous and angry. And I'm sure I could find other people out there in the world that kinda feel the same way. And I'm sure there are also people that overcame similar issues. So it must also be possible for me to overcome this somehow in a way I don't have to figure out right now in this minute".

Check if the stream actually slows down.

You have now stated some specific, bold and detailed sentences. And you have also stated an acknowledging but less dramatic, "bird's eye view" version of that first statement.

Now compare those those two statements. And ask yourself "Which feels better?". Does the first specific statement feel better or does the second, general and less dramatic statement feel better? And feel into your chest and stomach area where you usually feel things. If the second statement feels better, you should feel relief now.

If the second statement doesn't feel better, try to find another general statement instead that works for you... until something feels slightly better. If you are new to this, it might take a while until you find a good one. But you will find something that feels slightly better if you try out a few more general statements. There is no need to rush things. Be playful and honest about how you feel and if you feel relief or not.

Stop the momentum

Now take your time and try to find a few more general statements that feel better than the initial statement. And keep comparing your general statements with your initial statement and enjoy the relief you feel while doing it.

And gradually you will feel that the stream slows down and stops when you have felt enough relief.

Reverse the stream

When you feel that the stream has stopped and you feel kinda neutral about your initial statement now, it is time to reverse the stream to feel good.

Now use the following tools to write positive statements about your goals. Just choose one of the following processes and write a few statements that feel good:

Now you should feel pretty good about your desire. You should feel eager or at least optimistic. Close your editor and don't save this session. Just delete it. Start over the next time. This way you can practice finding better feeling thoughts again.

And you will start at the exact vibrational point where you left anyway.

The more you practice, the better you will become. And also, the more you practice, the more you will have this feeling of "knowing" that you already have what you desire. Of course vibrational matches and manifestations will occur too, but I don't want to emphasize this point. Because the feeling of having manifested the emotion should be enough and satisfying anyway. Why?

  1. Because it feels exactly like having manifested your desire already. So you really don't need the manifestation.
  2. When you don't need the manifestation and you are completely satisfied with the emotion you have manifested, the manifestation will occur easily and fast.

Use this tool also to feel better about all the little things that don't feel good in your life. I hope this helps.


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@releaser99- very well explained.., bt fr how many days shall we use this method?

(13 Jun '13, 02:24) supergirl

@supergirl I use it every day and every time I need it. Sometimes I play with it 4-5 hours a day with different topics because I want to master it. Because like everything, it takes a little bit practice to be a true master in it. But there are a lot of immediate benefits also (like feeling fantastic and inspired). So it's well worth playing (practicing) with it.

(13 Jun '13, 06:59) releaser99

@releaser99- ok..,it helps in clean up r8?

(13 Jun '13, 07:23) supergirl
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If you keep checking it then it will not be.

We live in a I want it now, I want it fast generation. For this reason I will use a microwave oven to illustrate my point. If it says to put it in for four minutes, we need to do so. Now suppose we keep opening the door every thirty seconds. Did it start popping yet? We keep doing this over and over checking if it started popping yet. Finely after checking on it eight times it is done, or at least the four minutes are up. The corn never started popping!

Manifesting is the same, we can not keep checking on it, it is coming yet, is it coming yet?

We need to just like the corn in the microwave, set it and walk away. It will get done, forget about it.


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