How do you explain love? Where does the feeling come from and why do we feel love for others?

I have often wondered why we love our parents, sisters/brothers, kids, partners, friends etc. Why do we experience this powerful feeling of love only for specific people and not for someone we see when we are walking down the street?

Do we have a spiritual connection with these people before we come to this planet and is the feeling of love just a way of expressing that spiritual connection. If this is the case, then how can we have spiritual connections with specific people before we come to this planet?

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Your answer is not an answer to the question.

(29 Oct '17, 11:37) Yourantiaman
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To know anything, there is an easy and fast way : think about the opposite. what is the opposite of love? is it fear or hate ? I think love is not only one feeling. there are many mixed feelings that we call ''love''. for example .. 1- there is love, the opposite of hate. 2 - there is love, the opposite of fear. and 3 - ther is .. only love. with no opposite to it. pure feelings doesn't have an opposite. because it contains all poles and all opposites within. that's why it's divine. it can not be known, understood or analyzed. just like its source. it's simply is. it can only be experienced. the other 2 kinds of love, the false illusions of love .. can be known, understood and analyzed. because there is an opposite to be compared to. without an opposite, our mind can not compare, measure and understand.because pure love is from the divine, it's absolute. it exists above time and space. it's not limited by personality or life form. animals can love, plants can love, even stones and what we call ''solid matter'' can love. this love, is the connection between everything and everything. that's what unites existence. it's the connection between the creature, and the creator. it was said that ''God is love''. that's true. but our minds mix this absolute and divine love with other false forms of love that we, humans, can understand. that's why you may find two people, fighting each other to death, and they believe that ''God is love'' .. and that God loves them, each one that is.. and hates the other. this is a human joke :-) .. so there is no way for you and me to understand what true love is. we can only experience it. at moment of love and unity with the divine and all existence is what we call Enlightenment.


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Very good answer. Love does come from God I agree with you. I also agree that we can not exsplain it fully.

(17 Oct '09, 11:41) flowingwater

I agree with your statement that there is no way for us to really understand love.

(17 Oct '09, 11:52) Pink Diamond

"Love is that, that allows one to love another, that no other can do except they have love too." DMB Another way of putting this is to call love an unconditional and freely given expression of feeling.

Feeling as well as the other senses of this physical body are the method through which we communicate and relate to ourselves, other people and beings as well as our environment. And we are the controller of what, how and to whom we express these.

In the beginning of our lives on Earth, it is our immediate environment that shows and teaches us what love is and how to express. The expression of love towards our family member (even those that may not be biological) is a social manifestation.

Obviously the Creator of this universe shared this love vibration with all that was created. (Because all creations are a product of their creator) And it has been understood that this love vibration uses the law of attraction to increase itself.

The limitations in expressing this powerful seemingly unconditional love for others is based on the natural instinct of this body under nature's law of self-preservation.

Re-incarnation is self-evident. If we look at what is called our history we can see that man supposedly has been through an evolutionary advancement from the times man has been discovered to live in caves. If our physical environment (earth) rejuvenate, then why not it's most awesome manifestation? If you can accept that then, if we've lived here before, it would only be logical that we would meet many of the same people, because like attracts like.

A spiritual connection can be likened to a connection to the most beautiful energy known to most as GOD. If God created us and shared Himself equally with every being, then as brothers and sister share the same blood and vibration, so must we also have that connection. Yet, our connection is inward or what some call "spiritual."

Love and harmony, Your sister in truth

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Elsa, you won't get reputation credit when you've marked your answer as a "community wiki."

(28 Oct '09, 08:13) John

May I ask what is DMB? You said so very important things.

(30 Oct '09, 00:37) flowingwater

DMB= Do My Best

(29 Oct '17, 11:39) Yourantiaman
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Love is the greatest power of all. Life is meaningless without love. Love is the answer.


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Thanks for the information of the 3 types of love, appreciate. Have an nice day. Asklepios

(30 Oct '09, 00:32) flowingwater

Concerning Christian approach, there are three types of love:

  • Eros - the love between a man and a woman
  • Filos - the love between friends
  • Agape - the unconditional love

From those three, the biggest is of course Agape, since it's a selfless love. I like using the term "Agape" instead "unconditional love".


answered 27 Oct '09, 16:23

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(28 Oct '09, 08:04) John

My mistake. In my laungage it is Filos, so that's why I made it.

(28 Oct '09, 12:12) Asklepios

Oh sorry. I was just basing that on the transliteration into English. Anyway, I appreciated your pointing out the 3 uses in the Christian New Testament.

(29 Oct '09, 18:52) John
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This is an very good question. Well in my opinion love comes from God that I Am that I Am God. For in the bible it says that God is love. When God create mankind he built that into our being. For we are sons of God we are his children or daughters of God. All of man kind came from Adam and Eve. I know my answer is not complete but this is the best that I can do.

We must find out about God and we must show love to us that is when we are most filling.

We can love many things and many people may in different ways but yet it is still love. We can love animals, plants. God made us where we can love so much and so many in so many different ways. Our friends, co-workers, strangers we meet, family, and we can love someone we haven't even seen just been writing letters to and getting to know them through informations they reveal about themselves.

Now as to the question why do we have connections with love certain people. I feel our spirit knew these people of long ago in the spirit world. I don't have proof. But when you meet certain people you just feel like you have been knowing them for an long time and you may feel safe with them. Just like you feel like this person has not done anything to me but I don't feel good around them.

Oh, we can have spiritual connection because our spirits comes from God. Remember that when the first man was create he did not come to life until God breathe the breathe of life into his nostrils than man bacame an living soul. Our soul is living inside our bodies. Other entities can live their as well so we need to be careful.

Love is something that is so beautiful. I have found out that the more time you spend with some people the more you grow to love them. But not so with others. But spending time with them gives you the chance to get to know them better and possiablely start to love them.

Every once in a while love is at first site and it is an very powerful attraction. It is something we feel in our hearts not our physical hearts but our emotional hearts. But once you love someone it is hard to stop. Love is an very strong emotions and it can be use for so much good in this world. Now also just because you love someone does not mean they will love you back and that hurts sometimes.

Love can make the world an better place to live in if we allow ourselves to grow in love and try to lift others up and treat others as we want to be treated. We also need to love ourselves not in an bad way but in an good way for so many of us don't love our selves we do for everyone but our selves. WE can't even look in the mirror and say I love you to our selves for we don't; it is an crying shame. If we would let the love from God that dwells inside of us spread out to others we come in contact with than this would be an must better world to live in. We would feel better within as well.

God gave us this powerful emotions to love him and others. We are suppose to treat one another with kindness and respect.


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Thanks for your answer. Love is indeed very beautiful.

(17 Oct '09, 11:54) Pink Diamond

Love is Appreciation - Affection or Fondness for another or something enjoyable. We love because it makes life much more enjoyable. It is way more enjoyable than hating others.


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To answer the question :"What is love and why do we love others?"

Love IS to do good to others. Urantia Book

This is a very sharp compressed expression


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I will be channeling Twylah (an oversoul/non-physical essence) to answer your question. Why? Because it's an interesting question!

Darvir @ All rights reserved

Twylah: Love is the recongintion of who you are and what you are in another and seeing the other in you. Love is the lack of separation. Love is the knowing of yourself as all. When you love another, you are loving yourself. When you hate another, you are hating yourself.

Whether it is loving your family, your friend, your colleagues, it's all the same. You love your family because they are seen as an extension of you. Because they are seen in you. There is no recognition of that when you encounter unknown beings. The connection of spirit is always there. It depends on your ability to see that. Love is everywhere. Love is you in another and the other in you. Be love rather than try(ing) to love.

I don't usually answer people's question by channeling one of the Peeps unless there is a paid session. If you have any questions, you can message me.


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Talking With The Peeps

Like to forward a little chart "the Golden Rule" to you with several sentences from various cultures..need an email address. Yman

(29 Oct '17, 11:32) Yourantiaman
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