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I am one within us. Then I let speaking some voices with authority:

Energetical and Astrological dimensions of 10-10-10:

See the 2010 Astrological Event & Stargate Portal Calendar:

The actual Trecena 4-16 October 2010, where 10-10-10 is 7 Caban (Earth):

Energetical and Spiritual dimensions for living world:

I included deliberately the dolphins within spiritual beings.(The "future" will show if this is a mistake or not)

My own opinion about all I posted here and my suggestion, are resulting from.

You can contribute to self and collective oppening and growing by your resonance with and own choice.

Earth is mother of humanity, i.e. the energetical and physical expression for us of Divine Mother. You can focussing on Earth health and evolution by listening Hymn to the Divine Mother:

Also you can participate to a Metaphysics experiment: In the following link, below the text of article, you will find the two questions of experiment. Voting one of alternative ofeach question, in 11 Octomber 2010 we could see if and how our feeling and desire (intention) might influence the reality:

Love and Light!

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Thank you, namaste

(08 Oct '10, 08:48) daniele

Thank you for sharing :)

(08 Oct '10, 16:34) Michaela
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Thank you for such enlightening information

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