I ask this question because I think your answer will reveal how and why you are experiencing what you are experiencing.

Each person has their own personal view of themselves. Is the view you have of yourself empowering? Can this view of yourself change? Are you what your parents say you are? Are you what society says you are? Are you your profession, religion, or race? Do you think you are great or not so great?

Years back I was reading a book of Zen quotes, and I put the book down when I read, "Know Thyself". And what I've come up with after all these years, is that I Am a Magnificent Being of Light capable of anything I choose to focus on due to my unlimited capacity for Love.

Yeah, I like the sounds of that. Big Smile. Thank You for sharing.

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If you ask someone who they are, they will typically respond with either their occupation, a family relationship, or some other label.

  • I am an architect
  • I am a scientist
  • I am a father
  • I am a daughter
  • I am a Republican
  • I am a conservative

But if you are still and quiet your mind, you will notice a part of yourself in the center of your being that is eternal and unchanging. Call it "The Observer," if you want. It is that part of you that, no matter what good or bad things happen in your life, looks at it all and goes, "Well, isn't that interesting?"

It's the part of you that is connected to the Divine. That is your true self.


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I think you have made a very good point in your question Brian. What we think of ourselves is very important in terms of what we attract from others or attract in life in general.

If you are very confident in yourself and in your abilities, this vibration is obvious to others around you and their behaviour towards you will match your vibration.

When I was younger and less confident with regards to my life choices, I would seek the approval of my parents for most important decisions I had to make. If I did do things that I knew they would not approve of, I would lie to them about it thinking that they would get really angry if they knew the truth. And that is exactly what happened when they found out about my lies.

I am now a completely different person, very confident in the choices I make in life and that vibration is obvious to my parents. I am now no longer scared about what they think etc. And the result of that is, they are so accepting of the decisions I make now, even I have trouble believing it sometimes.

This view of myself changed over the years when I started to realise that there is no rules about what is right and what is wrong with the exception of this one: An action that you feel good about doing is the right action.

We should all be confident of all our actions and the decisions we make as they are right for us. That is the best attitude we can have in life. And people will automatically start to respect those decisions and choices and will stop telling you what to do and who you are.


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Pink Diamond

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I like this. ......

(10 Oct '10, 20:58) Back2Basics

I Am the personification of Love in physical form.


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I like that....

(11 Oct '10, 07:02) daniele

I am love and Well-Being manifested in is physical body.

I am Love.

I am Powerful.

I am a Creator

I am an extension of The Sacred Source.


I am Love.



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jim 10

Through introspection and many years of study, research and experience, I've realized that there are two tasks which I intended to remember to do in this life experience:

Who are you?

By far the most important and valuable task is I've remembered who I really am. Of course, any definition of who I really am becomes meaningless upon the defining of it; simply because the human mind cannot contain that which is bigger than any container that will ever be constructed, manifested, made or born.

Some of the words I prefer to use for the sake of communication include: I am self aware consciousness and a unique perspective of All That Is or a Universal point of view. I am part of creation and an expression of the oneness of all life. A conscious being of love that’s surfing the leading edge of thought, while eternally peeking into the rabbit holes of infinity.

What are you?

My second ongoing task is being a social observer. The label that best describes me is a communications technician. My work involves integrating within certain cultures and looking for glitches in the operating system which hold vibrations at artificially low levels, such as fear and ignorance.

Then to devise useful language-based psychological solutions and thus prepare individual consciousnesses for appropriate downloads and upgrades in preparation for the return to oneness.
For whosoever asks, my task is:

Helping people to re-mind themselves to re-member and be who they really are. 8-)


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Very nice.........

(11 Oct '10, 07:10) daniele

I Am the Universe. Infinite time, infinite space, soup of energies, processes, events and entities that are always in flux of transformation from one form to another.

I Am the ability to reflect one part of the universe in another: moon in the pond, echo in a cave, somebody's eyes in somebody others', the "outer" world in the "inner" consciousness.

All "sentient beings" and "senseless forms" are inside Me, including this body-mind that recently realized itself as part of Me.

i am (this body-mind is) a leaf pushed around by the wind. the leaf that no longer thinks he moves by itself, but still thinking he thinks by itself :)


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Pure poetry........thank you, namaste

(13 Oct '10, 07:39) daniele

i am(being of light pure awareness) a child of the father a god like the father! iam in god and god is in me! on this side of the miroir i am a human being! one does not stop the other what is unite cannot be a part!


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white tiger

The "I" is not important for we are what are actions show us to be .
So as John Adams said to his children "Be good and do good"


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I was given a name at birth, so I can be identified by that name on my birth certificate, and passport etc; so where ever I choose to go in the world I will have an identity and people will know who I am in this physical body.


I am a spiritual being in a physical body, and I am here on planet earth to experience life as a human being. My time here is to complete the work I choose to do, until it is time for me to end my journey here on earth, and to return to my original form of pure spirit.


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Inactive User ♦♦

i am my parents child,
now with an expanded history/ memory base,
i believe there is still more to learn


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To quote Emily Dickenson ~

I'm Nobody. Who are you? Are you Nobody, too? Then there is a pair of us - Don't tell! They would banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody! How public, like a frog. To tell your name the lifelong day. To an admiring bog!

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be up before day break
and watch it unfold
from shadow, through colors
to seeing a day
and where fitting in

(06 Feb, 20:26) fred

"and where fitting in?"

(10 Feb, 23:57) ele

I think what would best express any of us is an expression of consciosness. With these minds we attach so much like stickers to our bodies one says "I have to be a winner" another says, "I don't feel like a winner", another says "I'm a loser", another says "I hate myself", another says, "I am a mother or father", another says "I am a banker or factory worker", another says, "I think I am a pretty good person", another says, "No I don't, I don't deserve this job or this spouse", another says "when I was younger I did or said this and I should have never did or said that!"

Stickers all over until we cannot even find ourselves and know ourselves, we are consciousness expressed through these bodies and minds, anything else is a sticker we have attached trying to define what and whom we are. All those stickers are worthless, meaningless and valuless. I am and you are consciousness.


answered 16 Dec '23, 19:55

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Wade Casaldi

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