I feel there are many souls just on the verge of awakening and I love to engage with them, helping them to realize the possibilities of who they are. However, I find myself being hurt by them when they make decisions in their life based on ego. I know if I were truly advanced, I could accept them for where they are and not take it personally, but being where I am now, I find it takes a toll on me emotionally.

Any advice?

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Consider asking this as a new question.

(13 Oct '10, 04:00) Vesuvius

some are not ready for that step so let them time and do not push the issue everything happen when it is the time for it to happen!

(21 May '11, 04:35) white tiger

use releaser99's brute force method to regain rapid emotional control. research shadow work.

(02 Feb '13, 15:38) don
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Preaching to people or giving advice to people who are not asking/ready for it is something that would probably just create more negativity. Trying to change people (clean the mirror) to conform to our beliefs is a sign we are not comfortable with them ourselves.

Some people have just chosen not to Awaken and its just as valid a choice as any other. The best way is to lead by example. That is "BE the change you want to see." :)


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@Satori, did you think @lightonleaves sounded preachy? I guess s/he did, I didn't see it that way at first. I thought the idea was wanting to assist someone already awakening, and that had led to hurt feelings somehow.

I don't feel this for my self, as I couldn't take on a role like that, being in the state I'm in. I thought this was an interesting question that deserved discussion, and maybe even wondered if this was a common feeling amongst teachers, so I converted it.

(19 Oct '12, 10:05) Grace

@Satori Love this answer and yes it is best to Be the change you want to see.

(19 Oct '12, 11:38) Paulina 1

@Grace- Forgive me if I came across a bit harsh here. You get the general idea though? I have found giving advice to people who are not asking for it or ready unhelpful especially from an LOA perspective. Although every situation is unique I suppose. Don't take what I say as a Universal truth :) Find out for yourself. The more you see things as they really are the more you see things are exactly as they should be. Thank you. :)

(20 Oct '12, 05:29) Satori

@Paulina 1- Thanks, your welcome:)

(20 Oct '12, 05:30) Satori
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When I read this I immediately though of the Buddhist quote

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"

Be an example of the changes that are possible .


answered 20 Oct '12, 06:01

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Dear Lightonleaves, To truly help is to leave in peace till asked for help. Not all want to be helped or inspired or enlightened. We are all guilty sometime of wanting someone to take our views seriously but it doesnt work that way.

Unconditional love is the way to truly help someone. Yes enlighten them if you are asked and if they don't like your version of reality let them be for after all it is different strokes for different folks. Someone else might be at their level of light and show them the way of the type of wisdom that they seek.

All roads eventualy lead to the same place so don't feel bad about someone not wanting or liking your way.

Satori's answer of BE the change you want to see is a good place to start but dont expect to see it all at once for little by little you will notice the differance in some.


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Paulina 1

Trying to change people, even if you call it "helping" is a sure way to being hurt yourself.

@Satori remark reminds me of the beat-up boy scout coming home. His mother asked what happened. He said, "I was trying to help an old lady cross the street, but it turned out that she didn't want to go in that direction!"

Can you? Can YOU truly know what direction people around you should go?

Recognize that you create your reality. This is not a philosophical debate. It is a solid reality.

I found that the more I sought out people to help, a larger and larger number of people manifested in my life who needed help.

Do you recognize that when you are down, when you feel hurt, when you feel anything but Joy, that you are incapable of helping anyone, including yourself?

So what can you do? What can I do? What can anyone do? Don't try to get them to display joy so you can feel better. Hun, it just does not work that way! If you focus on their limitations - or even your own limitations - you will increase those limitations.

Seek your Joy. Seek the Good, the Power and the Glory in yourself, FIRST! Then seek it in others. There is something in everyone that is Good. Find it! Magnify it!

Yes, be the example! Be an expression of God. View others with God's love. You can do no more than that!


answered 21 Oct '12, 09:33

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Dollar Bill



(21 Oct '12, 09:53) The Traveller

A teacher can point the way, it is up to the student to travel the way. All of us whether we have a teacher or not must go on our own heroes journey. The movie Circle Of Iron explains this clearly. If someone that knew the answer told Cord the answer before he even learned the first lesson he would have rejected it outright and said that is stupid, it must be something else! If in the book the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, if Santiago were told the answer he would have rejected it outright as rediculous and would never have learned anything. If it hurts you that your advice isn't taken then what does that mean to you, not to him? Do you feel you need to be apriciated and valued to apriciate and value yourself? Your happiness is your own and others happiness are theirs, yours can't depend on what they accept or reject of yours, just be loving and supportive reguardless of what path others take. You could watch someone heading to a target and getting closer and closer and get excited at the anticipation of awakening and then at the last moment see the other change direction, maybe even decide to do a U turn and reverse everything. We can't feel hurt, all we can feel is, Ohhhhh so close, oh well someday if not this lifetime some future one. Then go on being happy because you don't feel you need to be accepted, believed or apricated to be happy.


answered 16 Dec '23, 19:37

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Wade Casaldi

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