I've been thinking about this quesiton this morning. I have a friend who is, I'd like to think, very good at manifesting her desires naturally(meaning she doesn't study LOA or any like material).

I remember having conversations with her about what she would want in a potential mate. And shortly after she had a dream about this wonderful guy that made her feel a certain way. I then informed her to hold on to that feeling and that can be your guage for knowing if you met the right guy.

2 Weeks ago she meets this guy that she says makes her feel like she did when she was dreaming and other wonderful things that I remember her talking about previously.

However the guy is about 5 years younger and It seems this is her excuse for resisitance towards allowing him into her life.

From my POV I can see how she asked for this guy and is now resisting because she fears that she'll like him to much or any other unstated belief.

That leads me to my question. Why do we desire things and when they manifest we deny ourselves? Is it a limiting belief? Is a limiting belief powered by fear causing this resistance?

asked 27 Oct '10, 19:16

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Chris 2

I think it's her issue of 'deservingness'. Tell her not to sell herself short. Younger guys are better, as these days, women don't age & men do! So 5 years is nothing! Unless this younger guy's mind is not mature, now that's totally different - you can even meet an old guy and he's not mature! Tell her to reprogram her beliefs and enjoy her own manifestation & have loads of validation!


answered 09 Mar '11, 05:08

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Divine Feminine

Sounds like this example shows that she got what she "dreamed" about but on a more conscious level she had other requirements for how this guy should be.

One of those requirements are age.

Here is where relative age might come into play. If she is 21 and he is 16, there are a lot more differences relative to her being 43 and him 38.

Perhaps, the age difference is just so great that it over comes the feeling she was looking for.

I think she is so caught up in the specifics of what she wants, that even though she has come very close to her imagined in physical form, to us it seems like she got it but to her it may not. From the outside it looks really good and maybe she should not throw it away?? Perhaps that is a key for us to remember?


answered 27 Oct '10, 20:41

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Hi Chris, your friend certainly got what she asked for. So what is her problem? She can build a friendship and then decide if she wants to build a long term relationship. Advise her to proceed at a pace that she feels comfortable with but don't just drop it. She may only want to have a friendship with this man. It also does not mean that the she will never attract another man into her life.


answered 27 Oct '10, 23:27

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