A lot of questions have been asked on How to get into the Vortex. I read Stingray's list to start being in the Vortex first thing in the morning. But then...

Right after breakfast, when you're feeling good/satisfied/content/expectant/appreciative/grateful, etc., all things that indicate that you're in the Vortex, you bump into people that start telling you all the bad things that happened to them during the previous week or so, and they give you a bleak ammount of information about how life is so unfair, overwhelming, dismal, troublesome, not worth the while going out of the house today and so on, that really gets on your nerves a bit. :)

I try not to get into their negative 'field', try to let them be, not paying much attention to their crankyness or gloomy accounts, but sometimes all this kicks me out of my Vortex pretty soon, and then I am cranky! :)

What should you do then to walk out of crankyness and step into your 'feeling good' place again? Second time is harder when people filled you in with so many negative stuff! (I am refering to people you cannot avoid seeing, or listening to, like co workers, neighbours, close aquaintances, etc.)

All inputs are welcome!


asked 29 Oct '10, 15:11

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It's not about avoiding those people (although I disagree that you can't just avoid some of them). It's about deciding what your reaction to those people is going to be.

But some people are just vampires; see here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/3100/are-we-free-to-do-whatever-we-want-to-do. Why are you choosing to hang out with vampires?


answered 29 Oct '10, 18:49

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@Vesuvius: Illusions is a brilliant book. I tend to forget some parts... I'll re-read it now. I need to practice more my lack of reaction to negativity or nasty remarks though. I am a bit faulty at that. Any suggestions will be welcome. Btw, you made me laugh. Any time I find myself in a situation as described above, I will ask myself: "Why on earth am I choosing to hang out with vampires in the first place!!!" It will become my catchphrase till all vampires disappear from my life! :) Thank you!

(31 Oct '10, 16:26) BridgetJones09

Other people can only affect our vibration when we allow them to.How we respond to another is always our own choice. The only person that can ever kick us out of the vortex is ourself - no-one else has the power to do that.

Ideally the easy answer would be to avoid them but as you said that's not always possible. We can decide or choose to respond differently to these people or situations and in fact use these people as part of our spiritual practice - they can be indicators to show us how well we are spiritually maturing, and by choosing to respond to them differently,over time these same people begin to show up differently in our experience.


answered 29 Oct '10, 23:26

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You're right, we can't avoid all negative people if we have to be out in the world. I pretend there is an energy field protecting me, and that their negativity can't touch me. That way, I can be a little bit amused with all of their crabbing and just walk away without it bothering me. I also just nod politely but don't agree with them in any way. If I seem neutral, they seem to run out of steam pretty quickly.


answered 30 Oct '10, 02:00

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LeeAnn 1

Yes, you cannot avoid everybody. Especially people you live with. But your way of managing it sounds cool. I need to practice it! Thank you!

(31 Oct '10, 16:29) BridgetJones09
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