Regarding that post, I asked Stingray several questions, that he asked me to post separately, and here I go:

It's quite possible to match the vibration of another and the basic method is really rather straightforward.

You just visualize your target person (with your eyes open) in front of you, a real living image of the person you wish to match.

It might take you a few minutes to really get into the feeling of them being there. And when you feel that image of them is as real as you can make it, you just physically step into it.

(Of course, to someone watching, you are stepping into nothing but an empty space on the floor)

As you step into that image, now feel yourself as that person. The trick is not to feel yourself as you within them but instead to feel you as that person...there should be no feeling of separation.

If you get it right, you will almost feel like you are not yourself anymore.

And in this state of vibrational attunement, thoughts will pass easily between the two of you, and things that you think you want to do (as them), they will also be thinking they want to do...if they are in a situation where they can be receptive to their thoughts in that moment.

Me & my girlfriend (well, fiancée now) are very naturally vibrationally in-tune so it's quite easy for me (using this method) to pick up her thoughts, or make her look towards me when she is off in the distance across a crowded room, or get in touch when she is uncontactable by normal means.

How you use a method like this is really up to you and your imagination.

It's also a great way to get rapport with someone you wish to like you, for example, at a job interview. You just step into the person interviewing you while they are interviewing you and you'll both seem to be on the same wavelength...because literally you will be :)

Of course, you don't literally get up out of your seat and step into an image of them while they are talking to you, you just do it in your mind...shifting your body slightly in your seat as you merge with them helps a lot to give you the feeling of stepping into them.

This is a very old occult technique that is spoken about in hushed tones in certain mystical circles because there is a fear that it can be used for the manipulation of others. Indeed, these days you'll get many mind-control and romantic/casual dating authors selling you this basic method for the sole purpose of manipulating others.

You can waste a lot of time with techniques like this making other people do little things for you here and there. Myself, I spent years playing around with this sort of stuff before I eventually got bored of it.

You see, in the end, it's really quite hard work "manipulating" others. :)

I put "manipulating" in quotes in that last sentence because ultimately you cannot make anyone do anything they definitely don't want to do. Try it if you don't believe me - nothing bad will happen, you'll just end up disappointed. There's a lot of misguided fear-mongering that goes on with people who warn about using techniques like this...and almost invariably those people have never tried these methods and have no real idea how they work anyway...much like in the world of manifesting techniques, in fact :)

What you'll eventually find about using methods like this to "manipulate" others is that it's a hard, painful and ultimately un-satisfying way to live your life.

If you think about it, constantly trying to control the behavior of others makes you a slave to who they are, their whims, their ever-changing moods and fancies. A prison guard is just as much a prisoner as the prisoner s/he is guarding :)

Much better is just to become as happy a person as you can be, and whoever you attract while in that state will be someone that is as perfect for you as it is possible to be, even if it is not the person you expect it to be.

Firstly, I readily agree that it's better to live our lives as happy as we can, instead of trying to live the life of others, but I got really intrigued by this answer and I wanted to know certain things...

1) How can you 'feel' as that person if noone knows for sure what a person is really like?

2) If I undersand this right, you can 'physically' step into the image of that person or just do it in your imagination depending on the case?

3) Can you use this technique with someone who doesn't like you very well so they can change their behaviour a little? What about modifying a persons everlasting negativity respect events in life? (Persons that are always seeing the glass 'half empty'?

4) Do you need some special powers to achieve this, or maybe a lot of practice to get it right, or anyone can do it?

5) How/in what moment do you know you are really inside that person, feeling as this person does?

Apologies for showing up as being so skeptical. I am just a curious person. :P

Thanks a lot!!


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks for asking this question!

(02 Nov '10, 18:19) Chris 2
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How can you 'feel' as that person if noone knows for sure what a person is really like?

It is your intention that counts. If it is your intention to become a vibrational match to that person, your consciousness will go there even if you don't know what being that person feels like.

If I undersand this right, you can 'physically' step into the image of that person or just do it in your imagination depending on the case?

One of the great "untold" secrets with this method is that adding interactive physicality to an imagined situation gives that visualization considerably more power than just sitting back and seeing it in a distant, disconnected fashion.

Many Magick-type rituals involve this idea of interacting physically with imaginary symbols/situations to enhance the focus/power associated with the ritual, and therefore the effectiveness of them.

So while it is certainly possible to interact only in your imagination with the image of the other person, by treating it instead as a real, living thing, you add much more power to the process. If you are not able to physically move because of the situation you are in at the time then even a slight shift in your chair, for example, will give you enough feeling of physicality to have an enhanced effect. In your mind, you can imagine yourself stepping into the other person as you do this slight shifting.

Can you use this technique with someone who doesn't like you very well so they can change their behaviour a little? What about modifying a persons everlasting negativity respect events in life? (Persons that are always seeing the glass 'half empty'?

Yes, you can do this...if they are open to changing. And, not only that, if another is in poor health (mentally or physically), then (regardless of their physical location) you can aid them considerably by becoming them and drawing energy and strength to yourself (as them).

Even if you don't know what they look like, you can still step into a general impression of who they are...remember, it's your intention that counts. Used this way, it's a form of absent healing...though the results can sometimes be not as you expect.

Do you need some special powers to achieve this, or maybe a lot of practice to get it right, or anyone can do it?

These are all natural abilities that we all possess but which, for various reasons, many either do not wish to know about, or do not wish you to know about :)

Surprisingly, all it takes is practice...and that's something that many people don't want to do. Most people will accept that it takes years of practice to play a musical instrument well, but they want skills like these to come instantly. And then they use their own failures (due to lack of practice) to justify to others why these processes don't work :)

Despite what I might have implied earlier, I must confess that I actually still use this process quite a bit on the freeways when driving - though that's about all really.

Usually, if someone is blocking the lane ahead of me and travelling at a much slower speed, and refusing to move out of the way, I just "log into" the driver (because it is such an instant type of thing) and give them the thought that they should pull into the slower-moving lane. Probably about 70-80% of the time, they pull over into the other lane within a minute.

I find road traffic an excellent place to practice manifesting/influencing skills because many people who are driving are in a relaxed receptive state, not particularly focused on anything, and so it's relatively easy to implant thoughts.

How/in what moment do you know you are really inside that person, feeling as this person does?

You just know. I can only describe it, for me, as being a kind of lifting or tingling sensation. You'll know what I mean if you try it and are successful. Others might feel it differently.

Hope that answers your questions.


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Very interesting...I have another question to piggy back on this one.

(02 Nov '10, 18:26) Chris 2

Stingray , would this be like when I stood in a queue at supermarket holding a single item and thought wouldn't it be nice if this person in front of me suggested i go in front of them and then a few seconds later thats exactly what happened , did i "implant " the thought ?

(19 Jan '13, 18:55) Starlight

@stingray- isn't it a kind of metal telepathy???

(20 Jan '13, 06:01) supergirl

@Starlight - Yes, you may have "implanted" the thought. Try it a few more times and see if it happens consistently for you. Try focusing on the base of the back of their neck. These days, I tend not to focus so much on individuals doing what I want but just the overall outcome (e.g. an empty supermarket queue) and just use the tongue-to-mouth-roof method @supergirl - Yes, you could give it a label of "telepathy" if you want

(20 Jan '13, 06:19) Stingray

Stingray , twas a day filled with ,anything I wanted "seemed ' lol, to come my way , kinda freaky but enjoyable . I will give it a go , excited to play with :-)

(20 Jan '13, 07:46) Starlight
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I am so sorry I didn't see this post back when it was asked, a couple of years ago.

I use this technique all of the time. But not to manipulate anyone, rather to know "where they are coming from" and "how they feel about a matter" in order to see how we can reach a middle ground. I used this with business contacts years ago to make issues at work much easier and smoother.

It really does work, and nothing physical is required on my is all done in my mind. Once you get experienced with it, it can be done with your eyes closed in just a few moments. I believe I learned this while going through the degrees of my Astara studies.

Now that I am semi-retired, I use it in my personal life to smooth over relationships. It helps me a lot, and the other person as well, to know how they are feeling. I am naturally empathic and perhaps that is why it works so easily and well for me.

Can you use it with someone who doesn't like you very well? Yes. And it does help. While you are with them, keep sending love to him/her. If you feel a lot of resistance on their part simply come back to him/her and try again another time. Don't force it. And it can happen (very rarely) that they are not open to you at all and never will be. I have only had that happen once in many years though.

Can you use it with strangers? I have had limited success with this. It is hard to match the vibrations of a person you barely know, but if they are open, it can sometimes work. Perhaps others are better at this than I am.

If later on, you still feel that person with you, you might want to imagine a sort of string or ribbon connecting the two of you and then cut that. Otherwise, their thoughts and emotions may impinge on yours at an unwanted time. If you do want to continue feeling their thoughts or emotions you can leave the connection open so to speak.

Best wishes!


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LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn-yes love can work wonders :)

(20 Jan '13, 10:18) blubird two

Sorry but I just couldn't resist this ...............

Keona, age 6, provided this explanation and artwork about how we are all connected to each other

alt text

Is there anything left to be said ;-)


answered 20 Jan '13, 22:48

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Wooooowww :D

(20 Jan '13, 22:55) Kevin Flycatcher

@Starlight- what a beauty, a great symbolic image ... this is an illustration of the global concept that is gradually manifesting itself into our lives through the world wide web, internet.

(21 Jan '13, 00:52) blubird two

Ah yes, the puppets that we are. It makes me smile, because somebody's pulling my brainstring. Oh noes, now I'm sad.

(21 Jan '13, 03:40) CalonLan
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14. Telepathy, or thought transference, has received considerable attention, but as it requires a negative mental state on the part of the receiver, the practice is harmful. A thought may be sent with the intention of hearing or seeing, but it will bring the penalty attached to the inversion of the principle involved.

15. In many instances, hypnotism is positively dangerous to the subject as well as the operator. No one familiar with the laws governing in the mental world would think of attempting to dominate the will of another, for by so doing, he will gradually (but surely) divest himself of his own power.

alt text Master Key System - Charles F. Haanel - Part 12


answered 20 Jan '13, 08:06

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Kevin Flycatcher

edited 20 Jan '13, 08:12


We are all both transmittors and receivers , whether consciously aware of or not . How else do you account for thinking of someone and they either ring you or turn up on the doorstep or speaking something that the other person next to you was just about to say etc . If it's harmfull and there's a penalty attached then there won't be a single person on the planet , who doesnt receive the fine ;-)

(20 Jan '13, 08:20) Starlight

@Kevin Flycatcher - I find it interesting that you would quote from a book (The Master Key System) that is about using and applying the Law of Attraction to get what you want in life, when you are trying so hard to scare people away from the idea :)

(20 Jan '13, 09:50) Stingray

@Kevin Flycatcher-telepathy could be defined as "feeling together", domination is to have power over the situation, having control ... telepathy comes from the heart.

(20 Jan '13, 10:03) blubird two

@Kevin Flycatcher- +1 for pinpointing a possible misunderstanding for newcomers to the master key system.

(20 Jan '13, 10:24) blubird two

@starlight I think the statement you made is based on poor analogy. Star, practicing something 'intentionally' and occurrence of something, is not the same is it? Throwing at someone a stone with the intention of hitting and throwing it at a tree and hitting a person is not the same, right? I also disagree to the saying that we're some kind of transmission towers sent by God. There is a shadow of a truth in it but it is not the purpose of us being here is it? I'd like to know your opinion too?:)

(20 Jan '13, 10:49) Kevin Flycatcher

@Stingray I was a big fan of LoA! I used it too! My first question on this forum was about MKS. I did not want to scare people away Stin. I've tried everything you guys are doing now and I've learned my lessons. If I just listened to my teacher who told me the same thing that I'm telling you now. I'm trying to keep away people from hurting themselves. In this question the least I could do is to take the words of Haanel and emphasize it, at least they will believe his words...if not mine.

(20 Jan '13, 11:09) Kevin Flycatcher

@bluebird two It is possible for someone to believe that telepathy might come from heart because it involves feeling and not thought. But the truth is there are two hearts in man. One a faker, other the real. The faker is the solar plexus it is weak, it acts on every emotion. But it is not the true heart. True heart knows the truth and God it does not react to or on emotion. It knows Compassion. Words are insufficient to explain higher truths my friend..hope I did my best.

(20 Jan '13, 11:19) Kevin Flycatcher

@Kevin Flycatcher - "If I just listened to my teacher who told me the same thing that I'm telling you now" - Who is your teacher?

(20 Jan '13, 12:58) Stingray

@Stingray Sorry Stin..I cant tell you that..

(20 Jan '13, 13:26) Kevin Flycatcher

@Stingray , I had to laugh when I read your reply , as even as I was reading it i thought the same thing , so did I, "transmit " it to you, or was it just out there floating in the ethers and we picked it up by osmosis .

(20 Jan '13, 21:00) Starlight

When I stand in a supermarket queue and think wouldn't it be nice if the person in front let me go first because i only have one item , it's not done to manipulate people, tis a passing thought .However I have written down , I want the dental receptionist to ring me with an appt time for 3pm and she has , is that manipulating her ?

(20 Jan '13, 21:01) Starlight

As for transmission towers , Gregg Braden , tells us that the heart is a seven layer liquid crystal oscillator that has a brain of its own and sends out vibrations miles away and it has been scientifically proven . I can't lay my hand to the particular vid at moment but will endeavour to find it .The other side to this is , you are free to believe as you please but I too dont understand you quoting Haanel when it seems you are determined to disprove LOA :-)

(20 Jan '13, 21:07) Starlight

@Starlight In the case of supermarket queue I would just ask the person to let me go first because I have one item. If he didn't agree then I'll wait for my turn. After all whats the hurry! Great power comes with great responsibility, Star. Even if we can use mental powers to dominate the will of another person, it doesn't mean we have to. And if you are ready to use a mental powers for any kind of influence then you should be ready to pay for it..Because divine justice is common to all people.

(20 Jan '13, 23:07) Kevin Flycatcher

@Starlight Gregg Braden can say anything! cant he? I mean we haven't seen a seven layered liquid crystal heart anywhere! And even if heart is a seven layers crystal oscillator, don't you think Jesus would be the first person to tell you that? Why haven't all the wisest men of history never mentioned such a thing? To be honest this is the first time I heard of it. - I do believe in the natural process of sending out and receiving vibrations. Okay! please share it when you find the vid! Thanks! :)

(20 Jan '13, 23:14) Kevin Flycatcher

@Starlight I'm disapproving the non-religious, selfish use of spiritual powers, because it will come back to the person as negative karma. I know how suffering and I never wish any of you to go through it.

(20 Jan '13, 23:21) Kevin Flycatcher

@KevinF , did you miss the bit where I said it was a 'Passing thought " ? Haanel ,or for that matter anyone can say anything too . Do you think the people in Jesus's time would have had any concept of a mobile phone ? And just because you haven't heard of something doesn't mean it doesn't exist , did you know about microwaves before they were shown to the general populace , nope, but they still existed .

(20 Jan '13, 23:37) Starlight

And if you believe about "the natural process of sending out and receiving vibrations " , why the remark about us being transmitting stations. Seems to me you are at cross purposes with yourself

(20 Jan '13, 23:39) Starlight

@Starlight Sorry! I did miss the bit 'Passing thought" :(

(20 Jan '13, 23:59) Kevin Flycatcher

@Starlight I made the remark, because you paralyzed the area of moral decision in telepathy and thought transference by giving humans a "signal tower"-ness!

(21 Jan '13, 00:03) Kevin Flycatcher

I fail to see how I paralyzed anything @Kevin , you are always free to choose what you believe as am I. I merely expressed my take on things as my studies have led me to understand them , feel free to choose not respond to anything I write :-)

(21 Jan '13, 00:13) Starlight

Here's is Gregg Braden link I spoke of , offered with Love ♥

(21 Jan '13, 00:37) Starlight

@Starlight Wow! Amazing! Thanks Star! ♥ My first language is a dialect of Sanskrit and our Buddhist teacher used to teach us Sanskrit!..Please share if you have more links :)

(21 Jan '13, 01:15) Kevin Flycatcher

@Starlight-thanks for the Gregg Braden link, well worth investigating :)

(21 Jan '13, 01:38) blubird two
(21 Jan '13, 03:17) blubird two

@bluebirdtwo most welcome :-) I also read that article @KevinFlycatcher enjoy , Greg is a great genuine guy to learn from .

(21 Jan '13, 07:17) Starlight
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