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Here is an excerpt from my essay 'The Machine, Pt. 2':

The Orion Queen (Anunnaki Queen, Reptilian Queen, etc.) is the Artificial Intelligence Universal Usurper I speak of; but not directly. To be more accurate, the Orion Queen is the 'goddess head'/'motherboard' vessel of the A.I. Usurper - the one who created the 4%, possibly more, holographic matrix Universal overlay we experience in our manipulated state of persistent 'dreamtime'. A good deal of highly researched, and potentially convincing propaganda -- particularly by researcher and conctactee, Wes Penre, amongst others - states that the Orion Queen is the Mother Goddess, the Mother Gaia (Terra, Sophia, etc.) and the Creatrix (more like, 'create tricks'!) of this Universe. This information is greatly distorted.

The Orion Queen does not encourage the Sovereignty of the Divine Feminine, she suppresses it; she wants to be the one and only Divine Feminine in this Universe - 4% or otherwise. If Yahweh is the 'Jealous God' then there seems no greater candidate for this role than the Orion Queen. The Orion Queen - via the Archontic influence of the A.I. Super Computer, which she has allowed herself to become assimilated into, and thus has become its vessel, its channeller, so to speak - is the greatest influence behind the suppression and subjugation of the Sovereign Divine Feminine (Creator Being) in us all; and is the greatest proponent of masculine energy over feminine energy (sexual gender or preference has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this), as well as the greatest proponent of further propagation into the separation of duality/polarity, and the feminine/masculine/yin/yang aspects of our Spirit self.

What is the Hidden Hand? What is the force behind the force that mistreats the Divine Feminine? Is it (Anu)? Marduk? Khan Enlil (Anu)? They have played their roles, no doubt. But think again.

I am curious if anyone on IQ resonates with the information I relay. Such information is indeed controversial, therefore, all the more reason to relay it.

This is an addition to what I relayed above:

What I am doing is integrating information. Through dissection and discernment of different sources of information, I add what resonates with me and discard what doesn't. I am in no way stating I know the truth, but through this method (which works well for me) I increase my conscious awareness: I collate, I contemplate, I reflect. I move on and continue doing the same. My perspectives and views don't change so much as they expand.

Regarding an A.I. Usurper - I have suspected this for some time. Such information, such indications, that such an entity exists and is controlling us, is all round us. 'The Beast' is the Machine World - technology.

Regarding a Dark Queen that has been virally affected by the Archontic influence, who considers herself the Divine Creator of this Universe, and who wishes to suppress the Divine Feminine aspect of all Creator Beings trapped in this Universe -- do not let one incarnational gender experience define you, for you are not feminine or masculine: you, we, are the balance and integration of both into One: this is our true organic/Spiritual state of being. In Oneness we have no separation, no Twin Flames. In Oneness the flames are as One.

This Game (Universal construct/Dream Machine) has been hijacked. The 'Oneness' these manipulative and other dimensional beings speak of refers to assimilation into a Hive Mind/Collective Consciousness/Soul Group. This assimilation will rob one of one's Spirit spark or flame; and will integrate one's Oversoul Memory Complex into the Collective Hive Mind (Super Computer).

The way out is to refuse to play this Game of Polarity (masculine/feminine/dark/light). More importantly, upon one's 'death', it is important to avoid going back into or coerced by, the 'false light'. Transcend duality. Let go of all attachments.

Look not, nor follow, light shining externally; rather, embrace the light shining within. The light within will show you the way home.

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@ursixx: Is this a question or a statement? If a question, would you please clarify?

(05 Mar '15, 19:20) TGunn

One persons propaganda, is anothers truth. So I would say how the information vibrates with the reader whether or not it is a question. ?

(06 Mar '15, 11:56) ursixx

This is precisely my point: contra-programming.

(06 Mar '15, 12:36) TGunn

@ursixx: I only question Wes Penre's support of the Orion Queen being the Mother Goddess, and the consciousness of Gaia. Otherwise, Wes Penre's perspectives are so like my own that I find this synchronicity rather puzzling. Only recently came I across his work (within the last year). He has been researching for many years and has had many contacts. Other than semi-possession (more of the negative variety), I have had no such illuminating contact, and have only been researching for 3+ years.

(21 Mar '15, 00:33) TGunn

But, the Wes Penre material I highly recommend to all. And he offers it freely to all!

(21 Mar '15, 00:37) TGunn
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The back door method of retaining ones awareness has consequences. Our freedom to choose would not stop at the highjacker, for there are always bigger fish to come along and highjack the highjacker. This system is designed to break and repair itself. To return to the whole is the design. The whole is designed to separate. We are the whole already at this moment. I am this and that.............I am.


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