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While reading IQ and talking to friends I noticed that many people have difficulty manifesting desired things consciously, usind specific tools and techniques. Me too, I don't know why but I feel resistance regarding majority of techniques(except visualization, I love it). I see people really stressed out, like "Why isn't it coming?? I'm doing everything right!!" etc.

Thing I noticed, too, is that a great percentage of people who know about LOA and practice it maybe depend to much on the techniques, in a sense that it's the only thing they need to do in life in order to manifest anything. I know people who literally exclusively do only techniques and stuff but no physical action whatsoever. And guess what? They're living the same life for years now, with zero change and little or no progress.(but who am I to judge)

And then I asked myself "What would those people do if they didn't know about LOA? What would I do if I didn't know about LOA and all the techniques to get the things I want?" I would act. Those people would act. They would pursue their goals. You want a red sports car? Cool, you should probably save money to buy it. You want a PhD in biology? Cool, sit down and study. You like that guy/girl? Cool, go get him/her. You get the idea.

I mean, that's something normal. That's what "normal" people do. Look at all the successful people who don't know about LOA.. If you want something, just sitting and waiting for it to come probably isn't the greatest idea. You should do something about it, like literally something physical. We are on this earth to play the game and not to be bystanders and spectators(paraphrasing our valued member, Stingray)

And don't get me wrong here, techniques are okay but I'm suggesting to not depend on them. Do them but do normal physical action towards your goal, too, like you would do if LOA wasn't real or you don't know about it. I think it's a win-win situation. Because when you do the thing you think you need to do to get something(like saving money, studying, looking for something, meeting people,..) you will surely feel and see some progress towards your goal, which will boost your confidence, and of course be closer to your goal, regardless the LOA and techniques. In fact, if you do that and practice LOA, we really can't tell whether the progress is being made by your "brute force" or is the LOA technique you are using doing it's job. Or both. You see? Win-win.

You will get what you want, it's just the matter of time. And I'd say more action = more progress = more confidence in yourself, LOA and techniques = quicker the realisation of your goal.

Even all the teachers like Abraham, Bashar, etc., say that action in almost all cases is key. I think it's the normal thing to do in our reality. Plenty of action combined with trust in the universe and your prefered techniques? Wonders


Your thoughts on this are most welcome

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Just my experience, maybe it will help someone.

Throughout my life, I have always 'hustled' for what I wanted, and I got many many things. I was 'successful'. I believed that I could have anything if I just DID something. So I was always DOING, if not physically, then scheming intellectually. None of it was ever wholly satisfying, which just made me hustle more, for more.

Finally I ran into several cumulative devastating circumstances where I could not "DO" anything in a positive way. There was no action possible to take that got me closer to what I wanted; all action available to me was the equivalent of a maximum security prisoner screaming in their cell to a guard "Let me out!" Absolutely futile as far as positive outcomes.

This all brought me to my knees, because I realized that if even one single thing I wanted could be withheld from me, then the true power I had was really zero. In other words, my hustling had done nothing, I just believed it was necessary.

I stopped doing anything, hustling for anything. Now, I do as Bashar says "follow my highest excitement." The last six months, maybe a year, the most exciting thing for me has been to turn completely inward and face every dark corner and shadow and clean it up. Carl Jung style, I see everything in my life as a personal archetype; everything in my life MEANS something, stands for something, and I've been busy exploring it all. Exploring every joy and pain. The mystery of the world is in me, as it turns out!

I do very little every day, and only what I want. I don't work for money, because I don't want to, but I tend to a rose and cactus garden, and have a little dog to care for. I have not yet gotten two things I want. But I have gotten different things, things that are really satisfying as they came, and I didn't have to hustle for them!

I will never, ever go back to the maxtrix way that I knew the world, where I had to work for what I wanted and sacrifice some of myself in the process. I don't ever again want to be 'normal'. Been there done that! If it doesn't come easily and ask of me only what is a joy for me to give, I'm not interested! Feeling good (doing what I want) is so much better than chasing after something in the outside world in order to feel good. I just have no more belief in that. I do what I'm inspired to do, which never feels like 'taking action'. It's just a harmonious happening and it's easy. And things happen for me! Sometimes really big things. It's like the 'action' is not something I have to do, but just an natural effect of what I want.

Those two things for which I still have a little bit of yearning...well, since I know don't need them to be happy, I don't chase after them, not even mentally, and I fully believe that they will show up into my lazy happy evolving life at some point or another, so what's there to be concerned about? The pain surrounding their absence is almost gone. This in and of itself has increased my joy exponentially. Also just that a lot of my hustle was because I thought the things would make me happy...when I realized this wasn't true, a lot of things became unnecessary. What I really wanted came sharply into focus. I was having a relationship with myself in an extremely indirect manner...doing all these hustling things in order to get things in order to be happy...sheesh what a bizarre runaround to being happy, which was available to me directly!

I'm so glad to be free of the action journey. It took a long long time, because it is very counterintuitive to how life seems to work. But once you manage to break that orbit, life (and stuff) becomes so much easier!!


Addendum 9/11/17, this was added in response to @Surfgrass comment:

Hi Surfgrass, more explanation! After I completed @Stingray The 30 Day Vortex Challenge,

I began to have a very different perspective on life, manifestation, LOA, etc. That the 30 Day Vortex Challenge is not constantly on the top of the forum list astounds me, because there is absolute genius in that process. It does not 'get you stuff', but it delivers something so much more; you gradually beome disabused of the notion that stuff (circumstances, objects, people) can cause you to be happy or unhappy. Stuff just shows you your level of resistance or non resistance to your natural state of being, which is happiness, your autheticity, what you really want, etc. 

I was enamored of Carl Jung's work for a long time, in fact, it was a letter he wrote to someone that deeply inspired me to turn inwards, but when I did that, when I turned completely inwards, I started to have trouble with fitting myself and my experience into his archetypes. So I began to make up my own archetypes based on my unique life, but then that quickly led to my realization that absolutely everything in my life was an archetype, in that everything meant something. Everything was a form representation of an idea or belief that I held in that moment.

These two realizations, 1) that stuff does not make me happy or unhappy, with 2) physical life is nothing but stuff that interacts all the time and that has meaning for me...this led me to do the 'shadow work'.  I knew from the Vortex Challenge that I was, by nature, happy without stuff. I knew, from my exploration of Carl Jung's work, that all my stuff meant something to me. So I knew it had to be me that was filling my life with stuff that was painful, tragic, uncomfortable. 

All the things I wanted, all the things I didn't want...I stopped looking at them like "I need THAT person/place/circumstance/thing to be a certain way" and started seeing that each thing was just a representation of some truth I had. For example, let's pick relationships. If I have an unfullfilling or unhappy relationship with someone I like,  if I look at all the attributes in the relationship, the joy, the intimacy, the lack or presence of communication, the selfishness, the boring (all the wanted and unwanted), I see how all these ideas MEAN SOMETHING to me. They represent my ideas, my beliefs. So I don't try to fix the relationship, or fix the person, or try in any way to improve on the relationship, to make this person into my dream person, or the relationship into my dream relationship. No, instead, in order to get my dream person, I work FROM the dream. I focus on my my ideas that make it not dreamy, how those ideas feel, and I experience all the thoughts that come up about it. That's doing the shadow work. 

For this I also use another of Stingray's processes, I am sorry that I forget the name, so I can't link it, but it is his version of the focus wheel. I do this process but I make everything a numbered list, and each thing is separated out individually, so that I am not creating a new story, but just listing ideas. This is another process that I feel is understated in its genius; I say that simply because of the evolution I've had from applying it.

You also asked about how I came to not work for money. I don't have the smoking gun for you for that, but I guarantee that you do! How I came to my current circumstances would require a novel and it would just be another story, but it's clear to me that I'd been leading up to this for a long time, before I even realized consciously that I didn't want to work. This is so great because it aligned with what Abraham Hicks says, which is that what you really want is in your Vortex, even if you don't know it's there. Because of my resistance, I had a lot of bumps, turmoil, it was a rocky ride for me. Now that I know better, I know nothing ever needs to be that rocky again! So if what you want is not to work, and you know that consciously, then you are already ahead of me and because you can come to that state of being consciously, your journey can be much softer and more joyful, because you can let go of resistance more easily.

So first, "Not working for money" is an archetype for you. The reason you want it is because your   ideas about it are meaningful to you at this time. If you haven't already done the 30 Day Vortex Challenge, I very much recommend that you do it, just so you can know that you can be happy whether you work or don't work! :)

So what does "not working" represent? As you do this, you might find that you have beliefs that not working will make you happy, but that you have to work, that you are afraid to be hungry, to be homeless, that you want to not work but also be rich (ideas that seemingly contradict each other per your current experience). You might find beliefs that you label silly and would be embarrassed to share with anyone, because it makes you seem naive or childish or selfish or whatever. When these come up, that is EXCELLENT. Your vortex, you true being, or however you know yourself as (I just say, "I"), knows what you want, so you don't have to worry that by looking at all the negative ideas and feelings you have, that you will derail your dream. 

You may also find that you really do want to work, but you want to work in something you love. As you explore that, you may find that you believe that you can't make a living doing what you love, that it's too risky, that everyone else is already doing it and better than you, that nobody will want to buy what you're selling, etc.

When you pick any subject and treat it like an archetype instead of something to get, something to create, something to manifest, you will easily access your shadow (Carl Jung's label for resistance). That is where I've had the most astonishing personal growth. To know, not just intellectually or as an idea, but experientially, that I don't have to create anything, because per my existence I am already creating. To know that I am always manifesting,(becoming a "better" manifestor never felt right to me...too much work, ha!). To know that life is easy. But wow what a long strange trip it's been! (courtesy to the Grateful Dead).

You truly don't have to create anything, or do anything, in order to improve your life. You WILL do things, but there is not one specific thing you HAVE to do. Follow your highest bliss, per Bashar. And let your resistances into consciousness, explore them or experience them (they leave of their own accord), and you will get happier and happier and life will just flow, and become much more like "what you want." Whatever that is, it is unique to you! Everyone is, actually, in what we want, a special special snowflake!

To summarize,  for the dream life, work FROM the dream. How to have a better dream is to let go of everything that is present that makes up a bad dream. How to have better phyiscal manifestions is to let go of the ideas that you hold that are making the physical manifestations less than you want them to be. You are always creating. If you hold ideas of love and hate and compassion and selfishness and beauty and ugliness, etc, your dream manifesting in physical form will have to include all those things. Look at your shadow, and the physical world will start to improve without you lifting a finger. Work from the dream, and just do as you are inspired to do.

I hope this helps! You can ask me more specific questions and I'll answer them the best I can. Possibly I should proof or edit this for clarity or grammar, but I have a guest that is waking up and I want to bring them coffee! :)


Addendum added 9/20/17

I just went through the process that I was describing above, so I wanted to share it experientially, which sometimes can be more clear than abstraction.

My recurring sleeping dream:

"I dream that I go places that are like antique shops or thrift shops or estate liquidations....basically where you find things that are no longer made. I find stunning things. Sometimes things that didn't even exist in real life, or only in legends. Sometimes huge things like an entire circus Carasoul. This last dream, I found a jeweled chained cascade of spoons (beautiful but impractical to the point of nonsensical in reality). Each time I go to find someone to help me with these objects, or to pay for them, I never find anybody, and when I go to where I think I must pay, I am back outside in the parking lot without the item."

My waking Reality, presented in dream terms:

"I dream that I live in an older house with 4 windows that are 10 feet tall and 12 feet wide, and several more that a little smaller, but still very big. The glass is thin, single pane. I remove the huge, very heavy drapes that cover these windows  because I want the light and airiness the glass gives, but with the light and airiness means inside the house is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. To replace these stunning but impractical windows requires much more money that I have to spend on windows."

You can see how my sleeping dream and my waking reality show the same thing. I am aware there is something I really want, but it seems impossible to get, I cannot 'do' anything to get it. I cannot change the way sun and heat and cold and glass interact with each other, and I cannot make the panes of glass thicker, and I cannot produce the money to replace all the windows in an attractive manner. The only thing I can do is go back to where I started, which is with huge heavy drapes back on the windows, which I don't want to do (uninspired and unwanted action).

As soon as I frame my reality in dream terms, I can begin to see the absurdity in it...not from a practical, world-action perspective, but from a LOA perspective. I want something that I basically view as impossible to get. Now that I am conscious of this, I can work on becoming conscious of all the limiting beliefs/resistances I hold in this situation (the shadow work! Shadow work and releasing resistance/limiting beliefs are one and same process, one just sounds more dramatic than the other!) and the situation will resolve itself in whatever way it does.

One does not need to searching through legends and myths and the bible in order to find the answer to what a dream (ultimately one's reality) means. To 'dream' your reality removes the middleman of symbols...symbols that are standing in for other symbols, and takes you directly to the symbols right in front of you. This is when you have the insights and journey OF Carl Jung (the journey of all the Greats, whoever they are to you) instead of filtering your own world THROUGH Carl Jung's personal journey. A much more direct (and effective IMO) approach to cleaning up one's life!


For Marin 9/20/17

Marin, you have it exactly right. There is a word that makes much sense to me in this regard: "Meta". Which in me I understand as "about the thing, rather than of the thing." When I have a dream, the dream character does not question the dream, even if it's absurd, because it's IN the dream. Only the dreamer, upon awakening, can question, and pass judgements. Here I add that I know nothing about and have never experienced lucid dreaming...except that by the description of lucid dreaming, as I've heard others describe their experiences, that is more how I experience my waking life...more like a lucid dream (at times, not all the time).

So treating life like a dream...the JMA that wants new windows (and other things) will just try and figure out how to get new windows, or accept that there is none to have, or they exist but are out of reach, or whatever. The wanter of new windows cannot get them in the dream as it is, because the dream  is not really about windows (although it seems like that to the dream character!!!), it's about that it is possible to want impossible things. A shadow idea. 

That the windows are just pageantry or setup is clear, they are neutral in and of themselves. Another owner of this house might decide the only value here is the view, and tear the house down. To build a mansion of their dreams, or recreate the Bat Cave, or maybe instead construct a yurt or two and have goats and chickens. Someone else might like the drapes because privacy is what they value most, or because they dig vintage things and the drapes are old silk, or install heating and cooling systems so functional that the outside climate makes absolutely no difference to the inner. 

To the Self, or Inner Being, what is wanted is to transcend this shadow vibration of "I want what is impossible, therefore, I cannot have what I want." This is a terrible idea. Yet it exists in me. The windows (and other things) symbolize this idea! Indeed, since I've  recognized it like I have, earlier today, I've felt very uncomfortable, maybe even a little bit terrified. I have been aware of this belief before, but never at this level. Another eat-the-shadow freak show! I get very fearful when I see how I am boxed in by my own beliefs!

What happens next, that, I cannot say! Maybe I will move, maybe the money will show up, maybe the house will catch fire or be eaten by termites and insurance will build another, maybe the movie industry will film here and need to put in new windows for their creation...I cannot say but I know the conflict will be resolved, one way or another. 

Well, maybe I can say! A recent happening, in the last two weeks: I've had a property for sale, for not a long time, but long enough that I was getting very stressed that I'd received no offers. ~75% of the feedback I'd received through real estate reviews said "Too high a price". And those were the nice ones! The positive feedback I'd had was very little.

This brought up something which I can only describe as doing a Focus Block in real life. I 'lost it' emotionally and ranted and raved (to no one of consequence) about how everything was wrong, what I'd done wrong, what realtors had done wrong, etc. This lasted almost an entire day...but when it was over, even though nothing had changed, I hadn't fixed anything that I felt was wrong, I felt very peaceful, like it didn't really matter anymore. Nothing had changed, except that nothing was wrong now. 

The next day---.the VERY NEXT DAY---an offer that was nearly full price came in, which I accepted immediately. But it had contingencies. Which brought up new fears. I focus-blocked those, and within a week, those contingencies were removed, and a sooner closing date was established.

I now have a contract closing date of less than a month. I know if anything goes 'wrong', it's just another opportunity to release something that has limited me. This life is a partnership between Self and  humanity, or me and Higher Me, or however! Self wants to transcend shadow vibration. Me wants what I want. Where we align is in joy, harmony, ease. The sooner I let go of what is negative, things shift for me, in a way that is pure and good and harms no one and seems to benefit all. 

I hope this can help in some way! I love that you are enjoying your life and all the inspired action that is arising for you! 

Addendum 10/5/17for monk and Antheia

Hi monk and Antheia, these are my thoughts today, I hope they are clear enough! :)

"Can you unpack what you mean by "work FROM the dream"?"

It's the nature of consciousness to identify with the highest level of awareness as truth or reality.

So when you have a dream, while you're dreaming, you're the dream character and the dream circumstances are reality. It's only when you identify with a higher level of consciousness as reality that a dream stops being reality and becomes a dream. Reality is very flexible, but it's always experienced as reality. 

When I say 'work from the dream', I mean stop seeing reality as reality. Not from an action perspective, but from an internal perspective. Look at everything in your life as a symbol for something that is more real than reality, the way your dreams are symbols for your waking reality. See what is behind reality. See what makes reality, reality. It's incredible, and yet so very ordinary. 

If you give me an example of something that seems impossible to you, I can help zone in on the symbolism. I'm not an intellectual so I do better with personal examples rather than the abstract, just because I don't think in the abstract, it's like translating to a foreign language in which I'm not so fluent! 

"Can you detail the process of confronting your blocks? What do you do once you notice you want something impossible? It seems that most of my resistance is ultimately in this category."

I see blocks/resistances as actual rocks or boulders that I'm wanting to get through to the other side. If you imagine this as a real life scenario, it doesn't make any sense to go through the rock. As Jed McKenna would say "This is kind of dumb." Climb up, climb over, go around, dig under, fly over! This is what 'normal' people do and it's perfectly sensible.

If you listen to people, like eavesdrop at a cafe, you will hear how they avoid looking at resistances. It's a very efficient system. Everyone has excuses and reasons why things don't work out for them. IOW, they've answered their own pain with a particular fact. Which settles it. "The rich just take advantage of the poor and get richer". "The government won't allow this". "My religion prohibits this." "You can't always get the person you want." "You have to work hard to survive." "People just get sick, it's a fact of life." "You can't live forever." "I had a bad childhood so I can't ever be normal". "I didn't go to college." "I went to college but studied the wrong thing." "I'm fat." "I'm not attractive." "I'm sick." "I'm poor." "It's God's will." "Life is suffering." It just goes on and on and on. And none of it matters

When you go through the blocks, what you are doing is finally allowing consciousness to expand, instead of perpetuating what everyone else knows is true. You know the cliche "history repeats itself?" That's because everyone accepts reasons and excuses for their own specific pain. When you understand this concept, your mind is blown forever. And you realize the great power of the individual to change the entire world, just by letting their mind change.

What you really want is good for the entire world and it's available. No mater what it is. But you won't realize this until you go through boulders. You don't even really know what you want until you go through the boulders! You're stripping away appearance and form (like the stage setting) and getting to the real desire. I promise you this does not mean that you will end up with less than what you want, or all form will disappear and you will be left in nothingness. But going through a block always transforms you, and you will not be the same on the other side as you were at the beginning. What makes sense and what you want right now, may become nonsensical later on. But you will never have to settle! 

Let's take the theme of attractiveness, since it's one that comes up a lot on the LOA forums, and everyone experiences it in one way or another. The reason people want to be attractive is two-fold: 1) They feel unattractive, and they don't like the feeling, and want it to go away, and 2) They view attractiveness as essentially money, that it's a currency that is supposed to get them what they REALLY want, which is to feel validated, desired, powerful, magnetic, satisfied, secure, etc. If you imagine being on the proverbial desert island, with nobody else, any desire to be attractive completely ceases to exist, because in that context, attractiveness ceases to have any meaning. 

If you want to be attractive, but you look in the mirror and know or feel that you aren't, in shadow work, instead of doing anything to be more attractive, you go into the unattractiveness. Where is this unattractiveness? Your face and body are just an arrangement of features, until you give them meaning. What does your face mean? How does it feel to see your face? What does your body mean? How does it feel to see or experience your body? Do you look at your face and body through somebody else's eyes? Are your beliefs about your body really your own? If they are, they'll feel good. If they hurt, you are looking at your body through a meaning that is no longer right for you...consciousness has expanded and is waiting for you to catch up. 

Remember, this is a boulder, and you're going through it, so you won't go through the whole thing at once, and there will be a point where there is just darkness and no light because you are right in the middle of it, too far away from your old excuses and rationalizations and compensations and not close enough to the light of clarity. 

Alan Watts said something to the effect that confusion is the result of not going deep or far enough into something. Jed McKenna just says "Further."

Hardly anybody does this. People feel the unattractiveness and then they make haste to change their appearance in some way, some more extreme than others, but it's always action. Or get someone or some circumstance that validates that they ARE attractive. Or give up on being attractive (settling). Or try to develop other qualities that will compensate for the unattractiveness. The possible run-arounds are as infinite as the individuals.  

And it's all bypassing the boulder "unattractiveness". It definitely works, at least somewhat,  and it makes total sense. Much more sense that going through the boulder!

Until you finally realize, in another circumstance, that the boulder is still there. Waiting for you to hit up against it again and again.  You will be feeling powerful and magnetic and then you will know someone who is more attractive, and you will watch them getting what you want, and then you'll do even more to be attractive. Or someone you desire will not see your attractiveness and so you realize your currency is not adequate. Or many people give up in hopelessness and treat their bodies in a way that doesn't have appreciation for it, and consequently attract more circumstances where their body and unattractiveness are reinforced for them. 

In all cases, the body and face, the appearance, the behavior, the personality is seen as the problem to be overcome. Or the 'laziness' of "not doing anything about it!" NO! What matters is the meaning you have placed upon your appearance.  Or more specifically, the shadow side of the meaning, which is what is causing you pain. And you feel pain because consciousness wants to expand, and is pushing up against this boulder, and wants nothing more to go through it, if you will allow it. It's expanding eventually anyway, resistance is ultimately futile, so the sooner you surrender to it, the faster it all goes away. 

This can be really difficult at first, until you learn to trust your own experience and desires. Because the entire world appears to be supporting your painful beliefs as fact. Of course...this is why you believe what you do. But the world itself is just made up of individuals who all hold beliefs. When enough people believe something it becomes 'fact'. If you are called to your shadow, you will challenge internally every single fact that you know, wheresoever you find pain. 

Substitute any idea you currently have that is uncomfortable for the "unattractiveness" example and the process is still exactly the same.

"What do you do if you work through the blocks and they don't 'clear'. Like you are in a hole, you keep climbing out and then just falling back in again?"


"How do you keep going to work and interacting with people when you are in the middle of jumping into the fire? I'm not sure I am ready to shave my head, wear robes and beg for food "

I get this! I have zero desire to experience a life of sacrifice too!

Go into what is the actual problem you are having. Pretend you are dreaming.  Write out whatever is bothering you as if you dreamed your reality last night.

"I dreamed I was in a world where everyone was sleep walking and brain washed and I was awake, but still doing the same things the brain washed and sleep walking people were doing, and I couldn't stop, because even though I was awake, there didn't seem to be any other option available. It was like I was stuck in a world that I knew wasn't real, but I couldn't escape it so I kept just doing the same things, but I was awake! And when I tried to talk to everyone else, they acted like I was insane and I felt so lonely and like it's all so useless, but like there was no other option!" 

I don't know if this is at all your symbolism, but it's a place to start! If you start anywhere, the whole thing unravels eventually. 

Dreams are insane, we all know this, but reality can't be seen as insane, because then where is reality? By framing reality in dream terms, you allow yourself to realize the absurdity of reality, per your own desires and blocks.

I hope this helps you both go further! Expanding consciousness, not on spiritual God terms, but in real life ways, is the most sublime experience I could possibly imagine. It's a merging of the spiritual and pshyiscal so that they are just one thing, and ideas like human and God cease to mean anything. There's this center where it all comes together, and moving through life from there...well, It's the best thing EVER. :)

Joy and expansion to you always!


Addendum for @monk 10/24/17

Hi monk, you are doing wonderful, IMO.

The more you can internalize the crazy, the meaninglessness, the brainwashing you see in people 'out there', the faster you resolve the unresolved in yourself. Always remember that those brainwashed people and bizarre cultural systems are just a symbol for you. They're graciously telling you that you've reached a point where consciousness, you (the self) is ready to expand beyond the current common facts or beliefs of the time and place you are experiencing.

An interesting example, which I hope makes sense because it's what is coming to my mind: Last night I was surfing around TV for something to watch, and I found a documentary on monogamy vs polygamy, well not really polygamy, with other people while in a primary committed relaitonship. An open relationship. They (the film maker) wanted to have all the perceived intimacy and support and love that comes with a monogamous relationship, but wanted to separate sexual behavior from it, in order to continue to have sex with other people.

So they made a film! It was very one-sided.  It delivered experts who said that monogamy wasn't normal or natural (and why this was true). The counter argument came only from the pressure perceived to be from family and culture and the at-first-reluctant partner. The film maker was essentially making a film to justify their own desires about which they felt so uncomfortable...because they deeply wanted to be part of the social order. And so the film was about how to change the feelings of the partner, how to pathologize current social beliefs, make the family and culture 'wrong'...just so they could feel better about the feeling that "giving up sex with everyone else to just have it with one person felt like a trap". Woah. Stop! That is the interesting part...and, that's not what the movie was about, alas. 

Yeah, I did find the documentary idiotic and boring. Oh so much more interesting if explored why they wanted to have sex with everyone to whom they were attracted, why they felt trapped if they couldn't, why they wanted to make someone 'special' to be with them at home, but wanted freedom to share orgasms with everybody....but not their home! Now that would have been fascinating.

It's the war that goes on forever. People who want to make sex sacred, and people who want to make it as casual as going out for dinner. Both sides are trying to control sexual expression in others. To make themselves feel normal per what they desire, or fear!  Billions of people who just want what they want, but don't know why, or what they are really seeking. To really understand this...That is the prize! Like now...if you have the awareness of insanity outside of you, you get the opportunity to release the insanity inside you. And then the world changes, and you attract people and circumstances that are what you really want. It's the most amazing magic trick except that it's not magic at all, it's super ordinary. 

To a person who wants to get really clear, you have to go completely inwards. And when you do that, it's true that others begin to seem idiotic and insane in their projecting and chasing and denying and hustling behavior. But that's just because you are resisting seeing the boulder in you, that everyone else represents. Like writing this right now, I see my own level of projection in some areas. I can see there are still more boulders that I'm still projecting onto someone or something. I see the filmmaker's projection and lack of self awareness...thus I become aware of my own. It's funny! The idiots and the insane become my wisest teachers.

Eating your shadow requires rejection of society on an internal level, not an external level (unless you feel inspired). You can still go to work or do what you do, have relationships, be a jerk or a people pleaser, be a meth addict or hedge fund manager or both at the same time...whatever you are doing, who you are being...just be it with consciousness. Everything you do, whether you judge it good or it with consciousness, be aware of what you are really seeking, what you really desire, and to the best that you can to be true to your own desires vibrationally, leave the rest of the world out of it. You will get where you want to be so much faster if you give up bringing anyone or anything with you, or trying to change 'out there'. Just change 'in here'.

I had to go through an experience where I saw that the entire world is hell. Not like is hell. Everything about it. The only reason I didn't see it before was because I thought there was a separate hell, as in, things could get worse. But I began to see that was the trap itself...why I didn't recognize I was in hell right now. You don't see that you're in hell if you judge someplace or something else as worse than where you are.

What is hell but a place where you have to cling to experiences of goodness and hope that nothing snatches it away from you? What is hell but a life where you have to do things you don't want to do, just so that you can go on existing? What is hell but having to be nice to people you really don't enjoy, just so you can not be alone? What is hell but a place where someone you love can leave you or not love you back, where they get to choose what they want no matter how much it hurts you? What is hell but a place where you can be born into a body that is feared or despised by others, or seen as something to be possessed by other people, because it's so beautiful? What is hell but beauty and vigor that disintegrates with time? What is hell but to have the ability to want something you cannot have? What is hell but being in a world where you are not valued for being yourself? What is hell but a life where you have to learn to 'manifest' good experiences and things? What is hell but a life that is not really your own? What is hell but the idea of God itself, an entity with a will other than your own, and in whose honor you endure great pain and anguish, in hopes of a future reward? OMG...Life itself is hell. 

Well, when I had that realization..that I was, actually in hell right now...that was a huge shift for me. Once you know you're in hell, that in and of itself changes hell. I mean, if you're actually in hell...doesn't everything make sense...doesn't your whole life make sense? It's the denial that you're in hell that causes all the trouble. :)

That led to more realizations....mostly about judgement and thoughts. Now I can't think that way about my life. And that's an interesting point to make...when I resolve something, it just disappears. It's like the "who am I" or "I am separate" spiritual's not that I know who I am or that I am separate or's that this stuff never ever occurs to me, and even as I'm typing it, it feels nonsensical. I can't access that belief or query or confusion anymore, the question doesn't exist for me, except as a memory that once, it seemed pretty important. 

Right now I feel like my life is a playground. Things keep working out without me even doing anything, by that I mean I don't really do things I don't want to do. Things keep evolving. But not everything. I want two people back in my life very much, and there is zero sign that either of them are coming back. But I lean into that topic whenever it arises, and I know that I want an opening for a reconnection to happen. I don't know what will happen. I know that I feel a lack. I have not yet been able to get through this boulder. But every day, things change just a little bit. There is always progress in some way, if you are open to how you really, truly feel. 

The expansion never ends. How could consciousness stop expanding? Lean into your anger, lean into your disappointment and weariness, lean into the confusion, lean into those boulders and know that you may never be completely clear, but the most joy is in the expansion, not the manifestation. I was talking to a friend the other day who is not spiritual consciously, but really interesting and open to themselves. So I was talking about how the manifestation is not as good as the expansion that occurs before the manifestation. And they compared it to sex...they said the split second before sex occurs but it is realized that it's going to happen, is the absolute best part for them. It made me laugh but it's so true! That final expansion into whatever is resisting your manifestation...that is better than the manifestation itself.

So lean in. You are doing really great! You don't need anybody or anything. The self that you really are---consciousness itself--- is expanding against a current mindset. That's all. The discomfort, negative feelings, is just the resistance. It's not about getting anywhere, except letting yourself expand against the contraction of 'you', that incredible network of contradictions! :)


Addendum for @Antheia 10/26/17

I'm so glad you're looking at the EGS because to me it's an invaluable benchmark. Dr. Hawkins has something similar, but there are far too many choices, and it becomes like trying to pick the perfect blue paint hue from 1000 paint chips rather than a lovely curated selection of 10 shades. And Richard Dotts is brilliant with his "zero point" scale, but that can get complicated too: "Am I actually at zero or am I nine degrees northwest of zero??" 

IME, the most difficult part of climbing the EGS is the neighborhood you're in right now, 10-8, Frustration, Irritation, Impatience, Pessimism, and Boredom. Superficially, it doesn't make sense that higher up on the scale might be experienced as more difficult than lower. However, at the lower levels, there is a natural enervation that occurs. When you go up the emotional scale, and are nearing the border where you will get into emotions that don't feel negative, but you're still not there, what you're experiencing is the energy that was suppressed further down. It's more of the energy that exists in the higher, positive levels, but still packaged with negative emotions. So it can feel much more intolerable. And if something is intolerable, you don't like it. If you don't like something, it seems endless. Essentially, you have energy combined with negativity, and that can feel less tolerable than grief or despair, because it seems like you should be able to "DO SOMETHING TO GET RID OF THIS." 

I read somehwere that when extremely depressed persons start on anti depressants, there can be an increase in statistical suicides, and this is attributed to the fact that the person 'felt better'. IOW, they didn't feel good, they just suddenly had the energy to do something about their negative feelings. Suicide is not exactly about grief or despair, it's actually a kind of mechanical reaction, a fail-safe protector to the intolerable feeling "I can't cope with this feeling anymore." If you're experiencing an energy surge from being higher up on the scale, but still in the negative zone neighborhood, it can feel endless and like it is truly beyond the scope of your being to endure any more of it. The good news is that that itself is just a feeling, and feelings---all feelings---can be tolerated, and seen through, despite what a thought might indicate. Look how far you've climbed...don't you want to come just a little further? Because it gets so much easier just a little higher up. Yes!

This isn't about manifesting. It's never really about manifesting...because every single being is always manifesting. Every single being is a blend of vibrations that is constantly being translated into thoughts, feelings, and forms, literally all that can be experienced. If there is experience, there is manifestation. Every moment that you are aware, you are experiencing your true vibrational self as you are right now. Via what you are experiencing. If you look and see stuck, or lack (like me and my friends with whom I want to reconnect), or unhappy job, or whatever you don't like, whatever doesn't' feel good...that is only there because vibrationally, you were a match for it first. The mirror cannot reflect something that isn't there already. 

You're really aware of the vibrational part of you that is producing the unhappy job, and whatever else you don't like. The hard part perhaps is this: You truly do not want the unhappy job to change in order to bring you your relief. You do not want this. This will further anchor any belief that 'out there' is the cause, and not the effect.  What you want, truly, is to find relief without your job needing to be any different. This sets you up with power you will not believe! The whole idea of manifesting as something to do or learn will begin to disappear, you won't need it, it happens naturally, because you already are manifesting. Everyone is. It's not magic, even though it can feel magical, especially at first, and it's not anything you need to get good at. You already are the most masterful of master manifestor, because you exist, and your vibrational existence is transformed into experience, so you can know yourself. All you have to do is expand. Right now you feel stuck. Expand into the stuckness.

If you look on the EGS, you'll see that contentment is the first of the non negative feelings. Look around your life for things that you correlate with contentment. Maybe a favorite show, or pizza on Friday nights, your tennis shoes, whatever. Look for those things and then feel contentment. Whatever negative feelings that arise for you, lean into those. But keep reaching for contentment, by that I mean, keep looking for the symbols that are already manifest physically, and let those start to become equal in focus to the stickiness. What you focus on increases, meaning, the more you notice something, the more of it there is to notice. So consciously select contentment to focus on.

Understanding and being extremely familiar with the Vortex/peace of God/Zero point/the shimmering darkness/the self is super important. Not because it produces doesn't. It can't. It never changes. That's what makes it so great! I used to say "being in the Vortex makes you happy." I would not say that anymore. The feeling of happiness is a byproduct of being aware of it, but what the Vortex really does is make you aware of space. This is your connection with the infinite. If you think of negative feelings or blocks as a volcano, the Vortex provides you with the space to let the volcano do it's thing, to spend itself and transform. Without space, the heat and pressure of the volcano (negative feelings) is overwhelming and you feel as though you will be destroyed. With space, the volcano happens from a distance, in a manner of speaking, and you can even see the great beauty in the fiery destruction. 

When you become aware of the infinite, you become the space in which everything arises. And if you let it, your blocks will arise, and with space, you have the ability to move through those blocks, because you know you're actually very safe. You are part of infinity...what is more safe than that? :)

Get really personal. More than you can imagine possible. Get to know yourself. Play games with yourself, for no other reason than just to feel better. When you're at your work with difficult situations and people, imagine yourself as a traveling anthropologist observing an undiscovered tribe. Pretend you're super rich and were totally bored with a life of luxury and wanted to know what it was like to have to work and be a 'regular person'. Pretend this is the greatest experiment in human nature. Because it is. It's your experiment. Play with it and see how it evolves!

I hope this helps, and I wish you joy! You're doing great, and everything in your life is running right on time. :)

Edited to add:

Becoming the Phoenix Egyptian Book of the Dead

“I flew straight out of heaven, a mad bird full of secrets. I came into being as I came into being. I grew as I grew. I changed as I change. My mind is fire, my soul fire. The cobra wakes and spits fire in my eyes. I rise through ochre smoke into black air enclosed in a shower of stars. I am what I have made. I am the seed of every god, beautiful as evening, hard as light. I am the last four days of yesterday, four screams from the edges of earth – beauty, terror, truth, madness – the Phoenix on his pyre.

In a willow I make my nest of flowers and snakes, sandalwood and myrrh. I am waiting for eternity. I’m waiting for four hundred years to pass before I dance on flame, turn this desert to ash, before I rise, waking from gold and purple dreams into the season of god. I will live forever in the fire spun from my own wings. I’ll suffer burns that burn to heal. I destroy and create myself like the sun that rises burning from the east and dies burning in the west. To know the fire, I become the fire. I am power. I am light. I am forever. On earth and in heaven I am. This is my body, my work. This is my deliverance.

The heat of transformation is unbearable, yet change is necessary. It burns up the useless, the diseased. Time is a cool liquid; it flows away like a river. We shall see no end of it. Generation after generation, I create myself. It is never easy. Long nights I waited, lost in myself, considering the stars. I wage a battle against darkness, against my own ignorance, my resistance to change, my sentimental love for my own folly. Perfection is a difficult task. I lose and find my way over again. One task done gives rise to others. There is no end to the work left to do. That is harsh eternity. There is no end to becoming. I live forever striving for perfection. I praise the moment I die in fire for the veils of illusion burn with me. I see how hard we strive for Truth, and once attained how easily we forget it. I hold that fire as long as I can. My nose fills with the smell of seared flesh, the acrid smoke of death, so that years from now I might look on that scar and remember how it was to hold the light, how it was to die and come again radiant as light walking on sand.

I change and change again, generation after generation. I find anguish than peace. I am satisfied with my birth and the faith to which it led me. I do not regret the discomforts and terrors of my mortality any more than I regret the company of angels. I have entered fire. I become invisible; yet I breathe in the flow of sun, in the eyes of children, in the light that animates the white cliffs at dawn. I am the God in the world in everything, even in darkness. If you have not seen me there, you have not looked. I am the fire that burns you, that burns in you. To live is to die a thousand deaths, but there is only one fire, one eternity.”

– The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day


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hey @JMA! Thank you for your post, I resonate with your story, as I'm in a similar situation. May I ask how you clean stuff up Jung-style like you said? I'm also interested in how you managed to get out of the matrix too, and not work for money!

(05 Sep '17, 21:56) Surfgrass

@JMA "because it is very counterintuitive to how life seems to work" maybe it is not that way. I don't know the details of your life journey, but regarding your "hustling" in the past - maybe you just didn't know how to enjoy the process of creating something, maybe you were overly focused on the end result or maybe you just didn't like what you were doing. I don't know, I think I'm in the phase of my life where I'd like to get my hands dirty to fully experience life

(08 Sep '17, 05:21) Marin

@Marin, it sounds like you're following your highest excitement that's available to you, that's awesome!

@Surfgrass, I will think over your question so I can answer the best I can! I'll be back...

(10 Sep '17, 12:28) JMA

@JMA Ok! :)

(10 Sep '17, 18:41) Surfgrass

@Surfgrass, I added to my original post, scroll to end of first post, it was too long to put into comments! Thank you for the opportunity to share what has been working for me! I wish you great joy in your journey!

(11 Sep '17, 14:51) JMA

JMA - Wow! This is awesome, I love your answer. Thank you for sharing part of your journey. I've been on a similar path, but the details about how you approach things are important, and I really resonate with what you wrote. I too had always "hustled" or "worked hard" for what I wanted, then suddenly that way was not an option anymore and I had to change. I'm familiar with Carl Jung and can't wait to have a look at how I'd like to work your ways into my ways, so to speak. Thanks again! :D

(13 Sep '17, 11:25) Grace

@JMA, thank you so much. Incredible answer. I have been doing my best to work with the shadow and have bumped up against my defense mechanisms over and over. This is a way I haven't tried and I am keen to do so now. Thank you!

(14 Sep '17, 09:30) Antheia

@Grace and @Antheia, I'm very glad that my experience could be of help in your journeys! Another resource besides Jung that may assist you in shadow exploration is the Tibetan Book of the Dead (I used the translation by Robert Thurman). It teaches that one can transcend limits upon recognition of one's self/nature in the forms/manifestations that are feared, loved, craved, lusted, detested, etc). May your journeys be overflowing with the best and most profound insights!

(14 Sep '17, 19:05) JMA

@JMA! Thank you again! Your insights are much valued and appreciated :)) I like this idea of seeing reality as dream and the forms as projections. You gave me lots to ponder over. Many blessings to you and may your dream become ever more loving and, well, "dreamy"!

(15 Sep '17, 09:49) Surfgrass

@JMA, thank you, and if you ever feel inspired to write more I would be very interested. I have been working with going into things rather than trying to change them or push them away, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of advice out there. Most of it is about how to change, how to 'be happy' rather than how to really sit with what is and just allow the resistance to bubble up - and then what to do when it does. Really interesting work. Uncomfortable, but interesting.

(15 Sep '17, 09:58) Antheia

Thank you @Surfgrass!

@Antheia, I agree that there is less information about shadow then about increasing positivity! For learning to sit with discomfort, I really like and found very useful "Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by Dr. David Hawkins.

(15 Sep '17, 12:10) JMA

It's all about coming into your own wholeness. If someone has been imbalanced towards their shadow, fear of life, fear of action, etc, then swinging into positivity and creativity will be right for them . If (this is the case with me) one has been imbalanced towards positivity, action, and 'success', then the correction has to come through the shadow work. The more imbalanced one has been, the harder the pendulum swings in the opposite direction. :)

(15 Sep '17, 12:11) JMA

@JMA, interesting concept. I don't think I have been imbalanced towards action, but rather I have been very dissociated and sitting with emotions now has been uncomfortable, but also has brought me back more and more in touch with myself. Emotions like anger have been very difficult and it is a process of becoming used to feeling and then allowing and then listening to the feelings, and letting the beliefs surface. I guess I have been imbalanced towards fear.

(15 Sep '17, 12:46) Antheia

@Antheia, I understand! Carl Jung's idea of the shadow was that it contains a lot of beneficial power, but until it's consciously integrated, the shadow is perceived as destructive. Anger feels so powerful but it can also feel so destructive, so it's very natural to fear it! When you integrate the anger (however that happens for you, it sounds like it's happening right now) then anger becomes constructive instead of destructive. But shadow work is not popular because it totally sucks. :)

(15 Sep '17, 12:58) JMA

Carl Jung himself said hardly anybody will choose it because it feels bad. It does. And there's no comfort from the outside world, because everyone just wants to tell you how to feel better...but if you are drawn to the shadow in you...then it feels like the only way to feel better is to go through feeling bad. Jed McKenna, a favorite writer, says it's like chopping of your head slowly with a pocketknife, or taking prolonged and frequent acid baths.

(15 Sep '17, 13:00) JMA

Commenting on the new addendum: so basically, one needs to imagine that a unwanted situation or anything that we want to be resolved is a dream; then become aware of the limiting beliefs regarding that sitaution, and what comes after that(if I got the first two steps correct)?

(20 Sep '17, 16:20) Marin

Hi @Marin, I responded more in my post :) These comment boxes are so little and restricting (although as I understand it, that is per design according to the site creator's preferences).

(20 Sep '17, 18:57) JMA

@JMA Thanks!

(21 Sep '17, 10:16) Marin

@JMA I started reading Jed McKenna - wow! Thanks for the referral.

(28 Sep '17, 06:57) Antheia

Hi @JMA, thank you so much for this answer. I randomly found IQ and your answer and it roused something deep in me! I have a few questions stirring. Let me start with these:

1) Can you unpack what you mean by "work FROM the dream"?

2) Can you detail the process of confronting your blocks? What do you do once you notice you want something impossible? It seems that most of my resistance is ultimately in this category.


(04 Oct '17, 11:39) monk

Hi @Antheia, you're so welcome, Jed McK is such a straight shooter! I'm really glad you're enjoying the writings!

(04 Oct '17, 22:01) JMA

Hi @monk, I'm going to think over your queries for a bit, I'll be back to answer!

(04 Oct '17, 22:02) JMA

@JMA and @monk, really great questions. I would like to add, what do you do if you work through the blocks and they don't 'clear'. Like you are in a hole, you keep climbing out and then just falling back in again?

And second question, how do you keep going to work and interacting with people when you are in the middle of jumping into the fire? I'm not sure I am ready to shave my head, wear robes and beg for food :)

(05 Oct '17, 04:47) Antheia

Wow, @JMA, brilliant explanations. I am going to re-read a few times to internalize. When you say "Further", I get that conceptually, but was wondering about the practical. You mention ranting, and I have done that! Focus blocks are great for some things, but not so much for other things. Some beliefs are intertwined with others so much that they become very difficult to separate. Some things are hidden and squirrely. How do you actually find and clear a belief? Just use Focus Blocks?

(16 Oct '17, 09:49) Antheia

@JMA, these boxes are so little :) I was also wondering about physical pain. I have a lot of that. I sit with it, ask it questions, go into it, and get no idea of what the belief is. Are there other ways to get to the belief?

You also mentioned specific examples, so I uncovered a belief recently - "I am not wanted". I can see how this is playing out in various areas of my life. It seems to underlie many areas. It felt like taking an acid bath when it came to the surface. I stayed with the ...

(17 Oct '17, 05:27) Antheia

@JMA - ...feeling as best as I could, ranted, cried. But it is not bringing relief, so I think it has not shifted. That was what I meant with beliefs not shifting. So you said 'further'. I am not sure how to take this further and then what to do with it.

Hope you don't mind all the questions. I really appreciate your input, it is so aligned with my process right now. Thank you for the time you are taking.

(17 Oct '17, 05:28) Antheia

@Antheia Sometimes, sometimes, an illness or pain can serve other purposes. Sometimes it is designed to spark on other people's involvements with you to serve them. One example was a gentleman who had arthritis in his hands. He also was timid of asking for help in his life in general. The arthritis served him because he needed to now ask for peoples help and ask for what he needed in life (beyond health)....I said to him had he not had the arthritis then he nevet would have asked for help.

(17 Oct '17, 09:58) Nikulas

This small hurdle for him turned out to be his friend. His arthritis is gone now and he still asks and call on people for help. He is much more sociable and confident in history of relating with him. So yes, one could say it was his belief systems that were funky, but I practically saw that he couldnt "hand-le" himself alone anymore so his mind played a beautiful game of arthritis to kick him in the ass to force him to ask for help. No more hiding! Hope it helps.

(17 Oct '17, 10:01) Nikulas

@Antheia, If you got to a core "I'm not wanted"....that is absolutely wonderful!! "I'm not worthy" "I'm not loveable" "I'm bad"...those are all genuine core beliefs and they truly run the show until you see them. When you say nothing has shifted, do you mean you still are feeling the "I'm not wanted" as intensely as you did when you first uncovered it? I know Dr Hawkins said one time a belief/agonizing feeling took 10 days to go away!

(17 Oct '17, 14:58) JMA

Are you familiar with the EGS--the Emotional Guidance Scale---of Abraham Hicks? When you first uncovered "I"m not wanted", did it feel way down on the scale, like grief, or absolute despair? How does "I'm not wanted" feel right now?" Here's a link to the EGS if you don't know it:

(17 Oct '17, 14:59) JMA

If absolutely nothing has shifted, as in, you still feel absolutely soul crushed, like what happens when you hit a genuine core negative belief, then here is a weird little process I made up just to make myself feel better: I pretend I am someone else that I don't want to be. I pretend I am them until I can find a way to improve their/my life, and then I always feel better than I did.

(17 Oct '17, 15:02) JMA

For example, I would watch Lockup, the prison documentary show, and then I would "Be" one of those prisoners on death row or life without parole. I have a room in my home with an unused walk-in closet about the size of a prison cell, and I would go sit in it, with the door shut. Fear and panic and anxiety would arise, and I would just sit there and be with everything that came up, just as if I was the prisoner on the show.

(17 Oct '17, 15:04) JMA

Eventually, when I suddenly felt the urge to write to the prisoner and help them deal with their situation from an emotional facet (I don't do that, it's just when I have that urge I know I'm done with the process), then I almost always feel different about my own situation, where I feel "stuck". None of us are stuck. Because if I'm stuck, then a lifer or death row inmate is "stuck", or a person who weighs 600 pounds is stuck, and that is unacceptable to me, per my belief system.

(17 Oct '17, 15:06) JMA

Or a quadriplegic is stuck, or a person paralyzed with Locked-In-Syndrome is stuck...I cannot believe that. No matter our situation, none of us are stuck...we are individual patters of consciousness always expanding and we can make everything better by learning about our own limits, no matter what they are! We alway start from right where we are! It's the perfect place, because it's always available. Here's a favorite poem for you:

(17 Oct '17, 15:08) JMA

Everything changes. You can make A fresh start with your final breath. But what has happened has happened. And the water You once poured into the wine cannot be Drained off again.

What has happened has happened. The water You once poured into the wine cannot be Drained off again, but Everything changes. You can make A fresh start with your final breath.

(17 Oct '17, 15:09) JMA

I think you are doing extremely well! You are just "in the middle", in a manner of speaking, and that can feel like nowhere, I understand. :)

(17 Oct '17, 15:10) JMA

I forgot to credit the poem! I cannot edit comments. On the same line, I apologize for typos. The writer is Bertolt Brecht: "Everything Changes"

(17 Oct '17, 15:14) JMA

@Nikulas, thank you so much. That is a great reminder. I'll sit with that. Thank you!

(18 Oct '17, 08:31) Antheia

@JMA, how can I thank you! Wonderful stuff as always. I would love to take you out for dinner and chat more. Thank you!!

In answer to your questions: when the belief first popped up it felt like taking a slow acid bath! Then I had to go to work and I had to stuff it down a bit. I tried working with it more later, but the intensity was never the same. It has shifted a little, but I fear I interrupted the process and still need to move it up the scale. Just not sure what the opposite is...

(18 Oct '17, 08:38) Antheia

@JMA, ...Logic would say "I am wanted", but that is actually just needing validation from others, rather than truly standing in my power. So I have been a little fudgey on working through this one. It is uncomfortable, not sure where to go with it, not sure how. So I kinda left it. But your question made me think and I do think it has shifted a little. I still see it in my life though. I get the "being in the middle of it", it just feels frustrating, I guess.

Thank you again so much!!!

(18 Oct '17, 08:41) Antheia

@Antheia, you are so very welcome and I think you are doing super. Dr Hawkins said it was three years before he got through all the releasing, and that is about how long it has taken me (OK more like 5 total), but the last 3 months have been exponential. It goes faster the further you get. :)

(18 Oct '17, 19:26) JMA

Imagine how many lifetimes perhaps you've been battling that same core belief...and this is the lifetime you're transcending it. Imagine if everyone had the awareness to face and transcend those negative core beliefs, how the whole world could change so quickly! What a wonderful thing you're doing for the world.

(18 Oct '17, 19:27) JMA

@JMA, that is such a beautiful way to look at it. Thank you!

(19 Oct '17, 04:35) Antheia

Thanks very much @JMA! Let me see if I understand.

You dig into the desire for attractiveness and find a slew of beliefs (why I'm unattractive, why it would be better to be attractive, etc.). You sit with the answers and experience them as blocks. You then question (or possibly just sit with) them until the underlying assumptions fall apart. This leads to unblocking.

The dream aspect is to help dig and find blocks instead of taking desires at face value, and also to dissolve assumptions.

(23 Oct '17, 12:03) monk

The key point is to find the blocks and then deeply question the reality of the supporting assumptions until there's an experience of genuine release and freedom. Is that about right?

(23 Oct '17, 12:21) monk

@monk...damn. Exactly. You have said in two little comment blocks what it took me a million words to say---or try to say. The difference between a huge hot mess of a buffet and the sushi bite with the perfect balance of fish, rice, and sauce. I am in awe at your succinctness. Respect!

(23 Oct '17, 15:25) JMA

@JMA kind of you, but your million words are critical!

Despite knowing all this, I still have trouble putting it into practice. I do feel like the whole world has gone mad and I'm only very slowly extricating myself from a crazy system. When I sit with that feeling, it's just sort of... there. Life mostly feels mundane. I'm still caught up in filling my bank account so I can retire and... something.

I have so many questions, and this format kind of sucks. Wish there were an easier way to chat!

(24 Oct '17, 11:29) monk

@monk, if you have more specific queries, why not make a new post about any of your queries? Let yourself access the answers you will find in other's responses...that is a wonderful gift to give yourself, your own thread that you create! I put an addendum above for you, I hope it helps! :)

(24 Oct '17, 17:27) JMA

@JMA, Oh wow, thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You answered @monk, but really spoke to me. "OMG...Life itself is hell" - I was thinking this just this morning. And then read this. I know I am in the middle and for some reason I seem to have been stuck in the middle for a very long time and it is wearing me down. I don't know if I can make it. Is the archetype 'despair and meaninglessness' or is that not the essence of it yet and that is why I am not getting to the bottom of it?

(25 Oct '17, 04:44) Antheia

@Atheia, I'll think about your query and I'll be back with an answer. In the meantime, do exactly what Abraham Hicks beats the drum so hard for: Feel better! Forget about getting anywhere for the moment...just feel better. Even if it's for only 1 minute!

(25 Oct '17, 15:32) JMA

@Atheia, if you look at the AH EGS, in what neighborhood are you hovering? Are you around despair and grief, or are you more in frustration and irritation and pessimism?

(25 Oct '17, 16:22) JMA

@Antheia, I just realized I misspelled your name, sorry, I can't delete the comments and rewrite. See my above comment about letting me know where you are in the neighborhood of Abraham Hick's EGS and that will help me with my response to you. I hope you had a great day!

(25 Oct '17, 22:32) JMA

1/4 @JMA, thank you so much again for the time taken. I have lately been very resistant to 'just feeling good' even though I know it is a good thing. Crazy, I know!! I am mostly hovering around irritation/frustration and dipping into despair frequently (right down to suicidal). I also have the difficulty that I dissociate totally and find that working with limiting beliefs is made harder because I can't stay present. I do my best, but struggle with this. The different 'personalities' are at

(26 Oct '17, 06:06) Antheia

2/4 @JMA, slightly different places on the scale at different times. One is very angry, for example, and one is pretty helpless. Makes things, um, interesting. I've recently uncovered some big beliefs, and realised that there is a lot I just 'believe' because I made choices somewhere in the past and now I am questioning everything. E.g. is there really a bigger plan; is there really a higher self; is there really any point to anything at all? Answer: I don't actually know any of those things

(26 Oct '17, 06:07) Antheia

3/4 @JMA, for sure and that has left me feeling pretty un-anchored right now. In the meantime I am holding down a very demanding (and unhappy) full-time job, trying to do as much of this as I can at night, mostly being too tired to even stop the thought-storms and just 'get happy', ending up distracting instead and then feeling guilty about that (I know, not helpful!). I feel I am being pushed hard from somewhere inside to keep going forward and almost equal resistance is pushing back.

(26 Oct '17, 06:07) Antheia

4/4 @JMA, My inner vibration has shifted a lot in the past year, but my external has not shifted at all and it is very frustrating - clearly 'stuck' is a big archetype for me. I just don't feel that the beliefs are actually shifting even though I am questioning them and even when I am identifying their 'falseness'.

Further? How does one do this without just getting despondent and giving up?

Sorry, this got very long. You have been so incredibly kind with your interest and replies! Thank you.

(26 Oct '17, 06:08) Antheia

@Antheia, I posted an addendum for you! And you're always, very welcome :)

(26 Oct '17, 11:58) JMA

@JMA, oh wow! Thank you for the wisdom and the excellent explanation. I will do just what you suggested and lean into the feeling, but look for things that feel contented. Favourite TV shows or foods are easy to begin with. Love it.

Thank you again for the time you have taken! I appreciate it so much.

(26 Oct '17, 12:16) Antheia

@Antheia, absolutely! Also I added to the addendum (what would that be called??) something that I find deeply inspirational when I need a boost. It connects me with the humanity a thousand years ago: the expansion is eternal!

(26 Oct '17, 12:55) JMA

@JMA, goosebumps! That is so beautiful, and so apt. A few months ago I saw the phoenix as a symbol in meditation. I saw me as the phoenix. Beautiful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! From the bottom of my heart.

(27 Oct '17, 04:16) Antheia

@JMA: Thank you! I would add a question, but (a) I don't know what to ask, (b) I'm learning a lot here!, and (c) a lot of answers on IQ don't vibe with me.

I feel there's more to learn from you, and each bit you add brings me closer to the cusp.

The absurdity of my life is clearly pointing at something, and no matter how much I sit with it (my moniker should be an indication) it continues to grow. My life is ridiculously awesome in so many ways, but there's an itch that remains unscratched.

(27 Oct '17, 10:57) monk
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Hi :)

From the bottom of my heart, I say: ACT!

But there's this one little thing, this one little detail:

Act because you want to act;

Act because you love what you want to do;

Act because if you do it you will feel better, even if you don't get all the stuff you wanted;

Do it because you love action above all things;

And never, never, take score of what you have, because that is a "killer".

Know thyself and make your choice, and take the responsability for your actions - or lack of action, if that is your choice.

More and more I have the impression that these entities are talking about something they "believe in", not something they have "experienced" in the physical world. Get the difference?

After studying this material for a while, comes the time to follow our own Inner Being and our own Inner Guidance - after all, what is general, for the general public, cannot serve all people, different individuals, unique souls.

At some point, we've got to go back in the world, like the hero from the legend, and face the consequences of our own choices.

These entities can teach, but they cannot choose for us - and, anyway, we should not allow anyone to choose for us. How can we take responsability for what we choose when we only choose based on what they say we should choose? If it doesn't work, it's not their fault, it's ours! We lack the courage to do what is in our heart to do because we are afraid of not manifesting stuff.

Is manifesting stuff more important than living, than playing the game, as everybody else is doing? Playing the game is what Life is about - at least for some -, and if we do not play, we may be dead and not even know it. :) Great post, my friend.


answered 04 Sep '17, 22:34

VitoriaRegia's gravatar image


@VitoriaRegia "Act because you want to act" true, we must not forget about that. I'd say it's a fairly big detail, not a small one :)

(08 Sep '17, 05:27) Marin

@Marin, this question has made me think so much during the last months! I was always thinking of this, and I have finally got my hands on (attracted) something that... Well, is changing my life! It's this book: The Values Factor, by Dr. John Demartini. Find this book and give it a try - act on your highest excitement taking into consideration your highest values... The perfect formula for me :)

(12 Dec '17, 18:25) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia has summed my similar answer up.

"Act because you want to act."

If you are coming from the position of uneasiness, of, "I don't have what I want yet, and this isn't good so I better act to get it."- this frazzled state of being will produce more unease, and will cause a resurrection to new action, but will then produce more frazzlement, and the cycle carries on.

I don't desire to argue at all. Because there are times where an explosion and infinite action process is the most fun process involved.

As a one dosage fix all approach to desires and life, this approach of "massive action no-matter what" does not agree with me.

There was a period of my life when I was attempting to come across a new job. The amount of action and effort I put into that approach was Herculean, day in and day out. It produced results. But the result produced were not to my satisafaction.

The "all out on action no matter what" approach to every single thing in life, no matter the subject of time of day, is a surest way to heart attack. What are you escaping from? What is so desperate to get and attain that it now becomes a thirsty necessity to hunt down and massacre with bold action? This is the way of the murdurer.

The enjoyer and spectator, the master of Wu Wei, will sometimes appear to work like a slave, and sometimes appear to be a passive victim. Their state of being of peace and harmony and trust in life is what makes the subtle difference as is that which cannot be conveyed to outsiders.

In my experience, the all out dose on action is always designed to prove to others what a worthy soul I am. It is belief loyalty. This old belief of no pain no gain will either kill you, or otherwise, you ought to kill that specific belief. Drop all the suitcases that are too heavy.


answered 15 Oct '17, 00:05

Nikulas's gravatar image


@Nikulas "Act because you want to act." Ah, of course, but the tricky part is how to know if one really wants to act or he's just fooling himself. And I think you didn't fully understand my position on the subject or I didn't word it properly. What I was suggesting was the blending of physical action with LOA techniques/trusting the universe/vibration.. for the purpose of manifesting desires. I think that this approach is more believable for ones who are struggling with manifestation,...

(15 Oct '17, 06:08) Marin

...for obvious reasons, and therefore provides quicker and better results.

Reading posts on IQ it seems to me that people are totally discarding physical action and effort like it's the worst and last thing you could and should do. But I think it's very important in this physical world we are living in, and necessary for some things. Let's take scientists and the subject of knowledge for an example. Scientist's whole life is centered around knowledge and facts. Professors at my university,...

(15 Oct '17, 06:10) Marin

...they're constantly reading new scientific articles and books and writing their own, attending conferences, trying to keep up with the latest research, etc. Constantly. There's no way around it. The amount of effort is astounding. But if you can tell me how can I, or anyone else, just wake up one morning with the knowledge of hundreds of books without lifting a finger, that would be great :) (I even asked that question here on IQ some time ago)

(15 Oct '17, 06:11) Marin

Try Photoreading.

(15 Oct '17, 06:26) Nikulas

It's not applicable for my studies

(15 Oct '17, 06:48) Marin

Limiting belief spotted?

(15 Oct '17, 06:51) Nikulas

No, it really isn't, because my studies(deep philosophical concepts, languages, etc) and the level of expertise I strive for require going into great detail. Unless you're suggesting I can develop photographic memory just like that, only with the change of beliefs? That's like saying one can develop teleportation, ability of flying and other „superpowers". - possible, but not probable in our reality. That's why I think physical action in many cases is the path of least resistance.

(15 Oct '17, 10:06) Marin

From how youve answered I have to guess youve never done Photoreading before. There is a free pdf of the tutorial book on Scribdt currently. If you invest 4 hours reading it you can save hundreds of thousands of hours in this lifetime when it comes to reading material that your beliefs say you must read (but find boring). Youre the ultimate authority and best you trust and listen to yourself above anyone.

(15 Oct '17, 17:09) Nikulas

For me so far, this has become the closest item in life that has replicated a super power to me. I dont believe I can fly or levitate in my reality, but as for reading, this has been a gift for me thus far and smashed conventional reading paradigms for me permanently.

(15 Oct '17, 17:13) Nikulas

I read the book and the whole course some time ago and as I recall it was about covering great amounts of matter. The thing that repelled me from pursuing it further was the impression that it was maybe promising too much. The program was basically saying that Photoreading=speedreading x10 + photographic memory. And that for me is like promising I can fly if I eat bananas. It was just too risky to waste my valuable learning time hoping I will somehow remember the whole book with Photoreading.

(16 Oct '17, 14:58) Marin

But I do think it can help one to browse through the text and acquire very superficial information from it, and that does not help me.

I don't know, maybe I should give it a try. After all, it's the time of expansion. Maybe I will acquire photographic memory. Or maybe I'll learn to fly. Wish me luck in passing my studies

(16 Oct '17, 15:10) Marin

@Marin, wishing you a joyful and magnificent finale to your ending studies! I deeply appreciate scientists and academics and those who are passionate about the details of how things work, and how that translates and creates into so much more for all of us to experience, you expand the whole universe with your passion for your studies. Thank you!

(17 Oct '17, 15:44) JMA

@JMA Thanks JMA, you seem like a really nice person. All the best to you

(18 Oct '17, 04:50) Marin

@Nikulas, I love your answer, I think it sums up the desperate action we sometimes feel we need to take and why that is not useful. Thank you.

(19 Oct '17, 04:36) Antheia
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